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Animal Crossing New Horizon

Guess what? I got merch now!

Touching up on commissions

Regarding art trades

Commissions and adoptables

Happy new year

It's December

Pokémon live-stream coming soon

Commissions are always open

October updates

Art raffle!

Some updates if anyone cares

Still trying to survive

Some new exciting projects!

Regarding Pokémon Sword & Shield

Lowered prices

June updates

An apology

Comics and support [Please read!!!]

Happy birthday to me!

Soon this one will get old

April updates

March updates

Away to Nordic Fuzzcon

February updates

New Discord server

The new year is here

Holiday greeting

D&December sale 2018 and other stuffs

Taking a break from fetish art

Super Smash Fighters (and commissions)

More of, less of

Commissions are open

October, the spooky month

It's September

It's August

Moved over from E-Junkie to Gumroad

Discount coupons for my comic

Commissions are still open

June, the month of E3 and some other stuff

Commissions are open

Am I doing something wrong?

Today is the day

Birthday coming up and some reminders

My comic is actually NOW finished!

My comic is soon finished!

Some more progress report

Progress report

A small update

Open for commissions

Happy 2018!

Commissions are open

About the future (please read)

Commissions are open

It's soon that time of the year

Accepting commissions to buy a new scanner

I guess this is a journal entry

Only a few days left

Halloween commission sale reminder

It's October and you know what that means?

Well then

Three days left of my Summer Sale

Doing fine and an announcement

My scanner has expired

Art trades

Help, emergency!

E3 thoughts and something else

Future plans?

The end is near

Past the midway point

Just one week left

I'm 28!

Fire Emblem Month is as good as go!

Update FE edition

Easter commission sale (official)

I can't think of a good title

I miss my cat

It's about time I get a new computer

Straight to the point

A fair warning

Just a week until Switch

Switch is coming soon so...

A regular update


Really the last journal of the year

Probably the last journal of the year

Something I need to tell you

Holiday times!

Now also on Inkbunny

Another journal

TMI Tuesday

Some reminders and another thing

Pokémonth is a go!

Happy Halloween!

Nintendo Switch

Why I haven't done any tributes

Sun and Moon updates

Halloween sale is here! Boooo!

What now?

Today's apparently TMI Tuesday

Has it really been a month since the last journal?

Commissions would be nice

I'm back!

Convention time is coming

Steam commissions

Gaben is upon us!


Wanting to fix myself


A short announcement

A little bit of help, please

Pokémon news

Working, just working

A small May update

Live streaming soon

Happy birthday to me!

A big announcement!

Birthday incoming!

Current progress and a sale

About the free requests


It's over

A few days left

Pokken Stream

Fan art contest

A possible idea?

Random Ramblings

Kind of surprised by my spirit animal

An apology

Some more updates

Ask my characters

Some random things

I miss using Vegas Pro

Look, an update video

It's February

A new Patreon Feature? Good or Bad?

Want to say some things to you all

Working on something

Some things about the Patreon exclusive comic

Character auction

It's here!

If you want to make a point

Regarding the exclusive comic

Patreon exclusive comic?

Not sure why I never checked it earlier

The end!

A reminder and other things

Changed a bit on my Patreon

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

A reminder

It's 2016 now

My last journal entry

Merry Christmas!

Only two days left

Star Wars episode VII. No spoilers

Super Smash Bros and fan arts

An intensive week

Stream today

I don't usually go around and call people waifu...

It's sunny for a December

A one off let's play by me

Ah, December

From 7 to 10

Ok, but seriously

I will get my computer back!

Worst movie of 2015?

Any good artists who accepts requests?

Just wondering

I don't get it

I just like to remind you guys

Donation drives?


It's Halloween soon

The college test

For those who reads journals

I got no fans

Accepting donations now

The Tree's Apprentice

The words of a douche

My computer! part 2

My computer!

The sale ends soon

Looks like I have been lazy about my Patreon

They must announce DLC for Super Mario Maker soon!

Some of my Super Mario Maker stages

Commissioner and trades list

Stop being negative

Almost made a rant

Is it just me?

Pokemon Go?

Preparing for the studies

Another new Let's Play

September Commission Sale

My new Let's Play is here!

Should I really do commissions?

Taking a break

Good news

A poll and in need of commissions

Will you see the new Fantastic 4 movie?

Art Challenge

I don't know how, but they found me

I have a new goal on Patreon

That feeling...

Made another Tumblr blog

Out of curiosity

I don't want to sound whiny but...

Been at the doctor

An announcement of a new project

E3 might not be over yet, but here's my thoughts

Roy and Ryu

Not a good day (real talk)

I have no idea what to draw


Some news

Commissioner list

About my Patreon

I will stop doing fetish art

Things I want to get to work with

What to do?

Thank you


Just for fun

Huh, it's soon my birthday

Who will be the next Marvel Villain?

What's up?

Rules about commissions

There's something I always forget to do.

Missing something

About art-trades...

If you don't know, so am I open for Art-trades

Just another journal update

Anything you'd like to see me make?

Reminder about the New Years commossion sales

The last week is here!!!

This journal needs to be updated.

I'm sorry


Happy New Year!

New years commission sale

That feeling...

The winner is... NO ONE!

The holidays are coming!

Closing requests

I know it sounds crazy but...

So... after that latest direct

Super Smash Bros Direct and commissions

On the Patreon bandwagon

Accepting commissions [EMERGENCY]

Pokken Fighters Tournament

Not sure what to call this journal entry