If you want to make a point by Cyborg-Lucario

Then compare the topic you're talking about with food or restaurants.

For example: Complaining that it's unfair to people who don't support an artist on Patreon is like saying it's unfair that people who don't pay at a restaurant get unequal service to those that pay.

Another example is this one: Playing as a human in a game that let's you play as several exotic races is like going to a China restaurant and order a Big Mac.

Sadly so didn't I come up with any of those comparisions. But I do like the idea of comparing things to food or restaurants as a way to make it simpler for people to understand. And it should make things easier when dealing with strawmen, since they will most certainly only use psuedo intellectual verbs or some other dumb crap to justify that you're unfair or how you're stupid for doing some certain thing.
But what if the strawman uses the restaurant comparisions? Well, if a strawman do try to make any comparisions like that, then at least they sound less pretentious.

So I wanna end this journal with a shout out.
I know there are games that let's you play as a dragon already. But here's a game that builds on the ground of playing as a dragon in an open world game.
The game is called Dragon: The Game.
I think the creator team said it best, but I will try my best to explain it. In this game you're playing as a dragon from a baby to fullgrown adult, who can either pillage, protect, breed with other dragons to create hybrids, just being a jerk, and more. They have worked on the prototype since 2014, which means that they might finish their goal of making this game and releasing it this year.
But only if they succeed on Kickstarter.
Dragon: The Game on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1Zq25B8

If you want to make a point


16 January 2016 at 09:24:19 MST

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    I think that has to be the most elaborate work-a-round to talk about an interesting concept of a video game! It is honestly very entertaining really.

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      It sure is.

      Sorry for replying so late. I somehow doen't see if I get any new notifications on Weasyl sometimes.

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        Aha! That makes a lot of sense. That indeed has been quite sometime!