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Sun and Moon updates by Cyborg-Lucario

Well after months of Pokémon news so have probably a lot of you thought of their Pokémon teams for the new game, and I have also thought about it.
My starter will be Litten, and the others will be Alola Raichu and Alola Sandslash or Ninetails. Not sure if I will go with Pikpek and Yungoos. Other than that so do I have no idea.
Rockruff is pretty cute, so maybe I could have it in my team.

"But C-L! How can you not have a proper team in mind when a lot of Pokémon have been announced?"

That's because I have been avoiding any spoilers regarding Sun and Moon. Which means new Pokémon too!
I even left twitter and tumblr temporarily just so I wouldn't have to fight to not see spoilers. Why can't people tag their spoilers?
I also removes new artwork that features new Pokémon from my notifications and not give them any proper look (it's easier on da because you don't see any previews of others uploaded pictures in your notifications).

Yup that means that I have no idea about what the recently revealed starter evolutions looks like (or I forcibly forgot them).

Though I know two friends who have their avatars dressed as Rockruffs because of the Halloween month, even though one of them is red and a bit different looking. What do you mean they're evolutions? No don't show any proof! F**k you!

I guess I look petty now, it's just that with the information era we live in so is it kind of hard to be surprised by anything now. So yes I am petty, but don't let this rant of mine stop you from enjoying and draw any new Pokémon you may like.

Before I see you off for now, you do know that my Halloween sale is still ongoing?

Sun and Moon updates


8 October 2016 at 02:28:40 MDT

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    Ahah! Nice! Yeah, I don't know what my starters is going to be, but I'm going with my classic theme! Pretend that trainers don't exist and have the classic Eevee crew! Jotie the Vaporeon, Krystal the Glaceon, Foxtrot the Flareon, Zuki the Umbreon, Ari the Espeon, and Marigold the Leafeon!~ <3

    But if I was going to go with a team of my friends, it will most likely be Jotie the Vaporeon (Because I gotta be there!), Krystal the Glaceon, Foxtrot the Flareon, and probably ask if my friends would be in my roster, so I may end up having a Lucario, a Raichu, a Lapres, or a Lopunny. I just gotta ask and see really, hehe!

    And oh? I didn't even know you had a Halloween sale going! I should check that out!

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      Haha, sounds like a plan. :)
      I hope your friends are ok with being in your team.

      You didn't know? I must be really bad at advertising myself if that's the case. ;_;

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        Hehe, I really do think they wouldn't mind!~ I mean, I do it in a 'roleplay' kind of deal, which is pretty fun really!~

        I blame myself for not paying too much attention sadly. ;-; I blame myself! Don't blame yourself! Bad Vaporeon is bad.

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          Don't feel too bad about yourself. But you're right, I shouldn't be blaming myself.

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            ^^ Thanks. <3 Though I will have to commish you this thursday if you want, vah?