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The secret testing version of Weasyl

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12 March 2021 at 23:41:23 MST

March 19th update: Thank you for testing, everyone! The main website has now been upgraded.

We’ve been working on some wide-reaching changes to Weasyl and could use your help with one last round of testing! If you have a moment to log in, please try using over the next week in place of the normal As is traditional, the changes are supposed to be invisible, so with any luck you’ll find that it’s exactly the same as the website you’re used to. If you find otherwise, we’d appreciate any bug reports or improvement suggestions sent to :)

Also, for those curious about the specific technical details of the change: we’re moving from Python 2 to Python 3! And for the even more curious, Weasyl is open-source, so feel free to see the code behind all this at

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