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The ErAmHotep by gluttonousGoddess

The ErAmHotep


Miyu Amai, the Hedonistic Food Witch, is a hedonistic goddess whose goal is to enjoy life to its fullest. Her magic revolves around making food, though she also understands the joy of other sins. In some circles, she is called the gluttonous goddess.

Her worshippers range from the poor, who use her food to survive, to the sinful, who fill up for personal pleasure. She sometimes joins in when it's safe to, indulging in her own fantasies.

As she is working her way up the ranks, she can only be in one place at any one time, though she plans to fix this with fridge constructs. Though, when she does come, it's always a fun time, usually ending with full bellies and…well, lust is pleasurable, though sometimes it's as simple as warm cuddles before succumbing to sloth.

Sometimes she appears as a Cheshire cat girl, her purple fur soft to the touch. Her disposition in this form is far more unpredictable, though not necessarily malevolent.

Rumors say she has other forms…a motherly goat lady…a drider…a naga…some even say she has a more adult form of her main form…though they usually all have something that ties them back to her main form.

On her sacred days, a ceremonial feast should be held. Fridays are for eating, stuffing yourself full of good food, while Saturday is for whatever pleasure you want. Relaxation, sex, it's all fair game. She understands it's difficult to perform a feast every week so if it's better to only do it on specific dates, her birthdate is October 26th.

Her favorite color is purple, though pink is also a nice color. The color of royalty, as well as the weakest ultraviolet lights, they are often associated with divinity and power. Though, they're also just pretty colors!

Foods associated with her revolve around sweets, like candy, or peanut butter, or honey. However, if you're making a sacred anointing oil, a dash of plum juice is best. It represents chubbiness, not too big but not too small.

Animals granted her blessing tend to be chimerical in nature, or are some sort of cute, fluffy creature. Despite this, she does not claim them as her own animals. Because of this, some deities can get her blessings too! Though, she really likes
petting them…

As an example of this, she has a Sphinx cat girl as her guardian, as well as an Anubis dog girl as a treasurer. Both fluffy and chimerical, a mix of animal and human. They wear strange gothic ornaments, silver with amethysts.

She has a Shoggoth maid working for her, who can split herself and act as a maid for her worshippers. Doing this drains her and splits up her skills, so she prefers to be asked ahead of time. Though, her jello tentacle massages are to die for!

She employs shikigami, spirits made out of magic, to help her with her sacred tasks. So, sometimes you might not summon Miyu, but a ghostly fridge, or a golem made of cookies and cream ice cream. She has a sarcophagus as a bed, though they are a phantom, and can get a bit feely!

Though not inherently tied to her domain, Miyu loves fire, oftentimes burning enemies away using spiritual purple flames. She can control all of the elements of the Wu-Xing and Godai, but she enjoys the destructive power of fire. Plus, she can make physical shadows!

She wields a vorpal scimitar made of meteoric iron, making it both a great weapon and a conduit for magic. It's great for rituals, like an athame! She also has various other magic tools, like mana bottles and potions.

One of her tools is a set of ofuda that have danmaku patterns bound to them. Each one is uniquely named, and acts as a contract between Miyu and her magic to guarantee a specific pattern will be activated.

Clerics of her can learn how to cast spell relating to creating food, producing roaring fires, bending shadows to make them physical, as well as basic divine spells like performing a ceremony and hallowing ground. They can also learn to summon familiars, usually ones they choose to bond to.

Her sigil might seem weird, but it makes some sense. It's a lazy fairy being nailed on the top and bottom. The shape even has her name in it, though it's stylized so it's hard to tell.

They say if you pray to her, she'll try to make you look as she desires. For some it's a blessing, making them cuter and more huggable. For others, it's a curse, slowing them down. Which is ironic, because she herself is pretty fast…

What if you desire more raunchy, sexual pleasure? Miyu is a goddess of fertility and lust as well, since all pleasure is welcome under her domain. She could make you more fertile, or make orgasms stronger. Or perhaps you’re lonely? She’s down for making demigods. Or just providing pleasure, regardless of gender.

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