Community Guidelines

I. General Upload Rules

A. Right to Submit

Weasyl respects the rights of artists with regard to the distribution of their original works; as such, there are two types of artwork that you may upload: artwork that you have created, and artwork that has been created by others for you.

  1. Original Content Submissions: If you are a creator of a particular work, whether you created it individually or in collaboration with others, you automatically hold the rights to its distribution. Content of this type belongs in your submissions gallery.
  2. Original Content Collections: If a particular work has been uploaded to the site and was created for you or features you, your character(s), or your intellectual property, then the original uploader may offer it to you as a collection. If you have permission from the artist, you may upload it to your gallery, but the use of the collections feature is strongly encouraged.
  3. Tracing and Plagiarism: You may incorporate the work of others into new works; however, the use of borrowed content must either abide by fair use or you must obtain permission from the copyright holder. The submission will be removed if it meets neither of these requirements. In either case, you must cite the content's source in the submission description.

B. Accurately Describing Content

  1. Ratings

    Content ratings should be made based on the context of your submission and its intended audience. We ask that you please rate your content appropriately, as outlined below.  For more information on rating your content, please see our Ratings Guideline.

    • General

      Content categorized as General is appropriate for all audiences of all ages. It may contain at most very mild themes.

    • Moderate (13+)

      Content categorized as Moderate may contain themes and imagery that are more suggestive than General, but which still remain suitable for minors 13 years of age or older. Overt and/or blatant depictions of situations or themes inappropriate for children may not be categorized under Moderate.

    • Mature (18+)

      Content categorized as Mature may contain imagery, themes, or material that is not suitable for minors. However, such content must not contain graphic depictions of sexual content or sexual acts.

    • Explicit (18+ with sexually explicit content)

      An extension of the Mature rating for content containing graphic depictions of sexual content or sexual acts. This may contain dramatized sex acts or overt sexual situations.

  2. Tagging

    Because the search system relies on tags, it is important that users tag their works. Before submitting, make sure to apply at least two relevant tags and to avoid omitting any essential ones.

    In case a user forgets to include any essential tags, other users will also be able to add them. If someone is found to be abusing this system by adding irrelevant or harassing tags, they will have their right to tag others' works revoked. If a relevant tag added to another user's work is removed by the uploader without good reason, users may report the submission to have the situation rectified.

  3. Custom Thumbnails

    Thumbnails that do not contain imagery that is a portion of the actual artwork are acceptable; however, tricking users into viewing sexually explicit or otherwise unanticipated content by applying a misleading thumbnail is prohibited.

  4. Streaming
    • Videos and streams that utilize the Streaming Now feature must represent a creative effort from the user streaming.
    • Streams should only be advertised with the streaming feature by the host of the stream.
    • Streams featuring movies, television shows, or other copyrighted content are prohibited from use of the Streaming Now feature.
  5. Critique

    Users may utilize the Critique feature only for content created in part or in whole by them. Furthermore the critique feature should only be used for content which the creator is actively seeking critique and improvement on the piece. Items flagged for critique in which the uploader did not create will have the flag removed.

    Abuse of this feature (e.g. using it for advertising purposes, on items made for you, or to otherwise keep items on the front page) will result in the removal of certain site privileges.

C. Prohibited Upload Material

  1. Offensive Content: Uploading content that may be construed as racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, or ableist should be done with extreme discretion. If a staff member feels as though an image is too offensive to be allowed on the site, it may be deleted at their discretion.
  2. Minors in Sexual Situations: Submissions and other uploaded content must not contain characters who are, or are depicted as being, under the age of eighteen engaged in sexual or sexually suggestive situations. Links directing to material of minors engaged in sexual situations are also prohibited on the site. "Depicted as being under the age of eighteen" can mean one of two things:
    • The character is referred to or implied as being under 18, whether in a visual or written piece, or;
    • The character in question has small child- or infant-like proportions.

    Unacceptable nudity for the purposes of this article entails both of the following:
    • Genitals and/or female nipples are viewable.
    • Not depicted using non-detailed nudity or cartoon nudity.

    Furthermore, photographs must not contain any improperly clothed minors regardless of the situation depicted.
  3. Stolen Work: Whether the work is traced, incorporates others' work, or outright plagiarizes, stealing others' work and either making it a part of your own submission without their permission or claiming it as your own is strictly forbidden.
  4. Seizure-Inducing Images: Do not upload any avatars, banners, profile images, or submissions that feature rapidly flashing colors, as this may induce seizures in some users.
  5. Avatars, Banners, and Profile Pictures: Do not upload an avatar, banner, or profile picture that is not suitable for all audiences, as such content is accessible to everyone.
  6. Spamming, Flooding and Redundant Submissions: It is prohibited to upload any exact duplicates or over three (3) submissions of considerable similarity, with no discernable or apparent difference between them. Should a user wish to do so, a single collage, slideshow or other aggregated format displaying the series is acceptable so as not to use unnecessary bandwidth, flood the front page or users' galleries.

II. Category Specific Rules

A. Visual Art

  1. Must not be improperly rotated, blurry, or show a portion of the scanner bed.
  2. Using pre-existing images and sprites for the purposes of a comic is allowed only with the use of stock images or with permission from the image creator.
  3. Art memes (such as questionnaires or "draw in the blank" submissions) are acceptable as long as the user completing them does so using original content that they created. Image macros (existing images to which a textual caption has been added) and (de)motivational posters are not permitted as submission uploads unless they contain imagery that was created by the user submitting them.
  4. Submissions that have been heavily referenced or contain material that does not belong to the submission's author (e.g free-to-use items such as stock images, or material for which permission has been granted for use) are permitted so long as the original sources are cited.
  5. Submissions comprised primarily of words written in an image file are prohibited from visual art submissions, unless the arrangement of the text is important to the artistry of the piece. These items should be composed as literary submissions or journal entries.

B. Photography

  1. Must not be excessively blurry, grainy, under- or overexposed (too dark or bright to discern anything), or rotated improperly, unless important to the artistry of the piece.
  2. Must not depict the use of illegal drugs, child abuse, animal abuse, human or animal injury or gore, bodily waste or fluids, or illegal acts or items.
    • Stage makeup depicting blood and gore is permitted as long as it is stated as thus in the submission's description.
  3. Must not contain pornographic depictions of any sex acts.
  4. Must not feature exposed or clearly defined genitalia, or exposed female nipples or areola, even if the image has been altered so as to obscure them.
  5. Must not feature sex paraphernalia such as sex toys or gear.
  6. Must not be for the purpose of simply showing yourself, something that you own, or something you have stumbled across unless effort has been taken to render the subject in an artistic or educational manner.
  7. Must not focus on an electronic display in which the content could otherwise be captured with a screenshot.

C. 3D Modeling

  1. The focus of the submission must be something you created, and may not employ pre-made elements unless the copyright on them has been waived (such as structures made in Minecraft).
  2. Submissions featuring 3D models must not contain external elements unrelated to the models, such as the interface of a modeling application.
    • With regard to Minecraft, only user-generated builds are allowed; screenshots must not showcase in-game items, animals, or enemies.
  3. If a submission contains pre-existing 3D models or objects, at least one of the following conditions must be met:
    • The user must obtain permission from the original creator(s), unless the copyright has been waived.
    • The user must have altered the model in some way as to be significantly different from the original, such as through reskinning or modelling the mesh further.
    Regardless, the source of those items must be cited somewhere in the submission itself or its description, including stating which pre-existing materials have been added or modified.
  4. As with 2D art, using pre-existing models or images for the purpose of a comic is allowed only if the copyright on the material has been waived or if the comic creator has permission from the original creator, and all material used must be cited.

D. Screenshots

Screenshots can be uploaded for a number of purposes:

  1. Showing off a user interface for a shell, website, or program that you created.
  2. Displaying a 3D model or scene that you created or modified.
  3. Showcasing a drawn-on screenshot from a creation of your own or another website, so long as the illustrations are for the purpose of criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research, and so long as they meet the visual art standard.

Screenshots uploaded for the purpose of view-acquiring contests are not permitted.

E. Writing

  1. Writing must not contain excessive typographical or formatting errors, and submissions should be reviewed for spelling and grammatical errors before they are posted. Any submission where technical errors impede the work as a whole will be removed.
  2. Quotations from poetry, song lyrics, or other works are permitted only if the user has obtained permission from the original creator(s), unless copyright has been waived.
  3. The Literature section is exclusively for creative works.  Announcements and journal entries should be posted using the Journal feature.

F. Audio

  1. Sound files must not be incredibly distorted, be of low quality, or suffer from enough static so as to impede the work as a whole. Submissions in the lo-fi, noise, or similar genres will be considered with the intent of the genre in mind.
  2. Must not sample clips longer than 30 seconds. The full length of the clip is considered, rather than the length of time it is looped for.
  3. Audio clips may not focus on the sounds of sexual activity or bodily waste as the main component of the submission.

G. Video

  1. Video submissions must not be incredibly blurry, misaligned, overexposed, or so unsteady so as to impede the work as a whole.
  2. Videos should not be used to display items that are owned or casually encountered by the user.
  3. Video game walkthroughs are not allowed. "Let's Plays" and other similar videos must show creative effort on the part of the user submitting or on the part of the subjects of the video.

III. Behavior Guidelines

Here at Weasyl, it is important that all our users behave in a courteous manner when interacting with one another. As such, do not engage in the following practices or encourage others to do so:

A. General Conduct

  1. Slandering any users, whether verbally, through a submission, a journal, or by impersonating them.
  2. Threatening or harassing another user (remember to use the block tool if necessary).
  3. Spamming a user's private messages, shouts, submissions, or journals.
  4. Linking illegal content or things that can harm one's computer.
  5. Exploiting site bugs (if you find a bug, report it; don't abuse it).

B. Illegal Activity

  1. Using the website to distribute pirated works.
  2. Selling works that contain plagiarized, traced, or copyrighted content.
  3. Admittance of illegal activity, unless previously convicted or acquitted.
  4. Using the site to coordinate an illegal act (murder, abuse, theft, etc.).

IV. Consequences

A. Punishment

When it comes to breaking the rules, every case is unique. Some instances will result in a warning or a suspension depending on the severity of the offense and prior violations. Permanent bans, or bans longer than a month, will only ever be handed out if the majority of staff agrees to do so. The exceptions to this are users found to be bots and those who are caught ban evading.

B. Appeal

If a user feels that any submission removal by staff is in error, or they feel they have been unfairly punished, they may submit an appeal to, fully explaining the situation and reasons why they feel the actions of the staff were in error. We ask that users be selective in the use of the appeal process and to read the site rules carefully before submitting an appeal. Third parties may not appeal on behalf of another user.