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from $ 20.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Fullbody

I'm most skilled at character design
I can do male and female characters
Some ferals
I not so good at backgrounds

I can't do animations yet
I won't do political statements
I won't do gore
I won't do diapers

from $ 2.49 to $ 70.00
Types Available: Drawing, Media

I mostly draw Sonic art and OCs, but can't resist drawing some milking machine art, mostly male milking.

I also accept crypto.

BTC: 1JLP2MDgM7TT7K2NfdteJ79bpiFoeazW34
LTC: LRCwBwbnZwNPQBrb8i9eAnabmVRM2pfnog
DOGE: D7A1fRFHpKqFCdKAVyxW73m6tqzVrT7gaN
DASH: XvHv9bR7fimYRfrNwo3h6H6wGnkZYq8ufr
ETH: 0x45FC0Bb9Ca1a2DA39b127745924B961E831de2b1
BCH: bitcoincash:qpuywm48d9e3u98cgtyhmzrnwtnkpnc4p5dc0wkg6u
BTG: AJcWz4jBCdCgtudTyRA43gXPw7pweJhuqo
GUSD: 0x45FC0Bb9Ca1a2DA39b127745924B961E831de2b1

from $ 60.00
Types Available: Handmade Drawings!

This is a description and information for an A4 size drawing full color with scnary without character limit! You can get more information about this and other kind of commissions through Inbox Message.
Commisioning me you'll be able to seet he whole execution process and will receive the original drawing by mail! ;)

from $ 5.00 to $ 115.00
Types Available: BACKGROUNDS for ALL COMMISSIONS (save for comics), Comic Commissions (priced per page, INCLUDES backgrounds, and +$30.00 USD if NSFW), Icon, NSFW Full Body +$25.00 USD per add. character, SFW Full Body +$20.00 USD per additional character, Waist-Up +$15.00 USD per additional character------+$10.00 USD for NSFW

---Commission Info/Guidelines-----

1.) You ask/submit for a commission either on this site via PM or you can email me at: squarerootofdestiny[at]

This is also my paypal account^ which I only accept USD currency. If you want to pay me using another method contact me and we'll figure it out.

2.) If you decide that you want to commission me provide the following information before sending your money:

a.) The type of commission
--- (ie: headshot or full body nsfw? color? black and white?)

b.) How many characters?
--(prices vary if there's more than one. see above)

c.) What is the mood of the picture?
----(do you want it to be happy? sexy? sad? scary? ect.)

d.)List any other relevant info/pictures that you think might help me give you the best picture I can!

3.) Be respectful and polite. I usually get my commissions done within one or two days you submit it (unless i message you otherwise), but I will not hesitate to refund you without any art and end our business if you harass, curse, or slander me.

4). Only two free redos are allowed once we're in the inking stage, any more than that and I will be forced charge you extra about $5.00 MINIMUM depending on how much work is needed.

5.) I have the right to say no to your commission so please ask me about what you want drawn beforehand. Once I approve of your picture, you may tell me your paypal email address where I will be able to send you an invoice for payment. Note, you may either pay for your commission in full or HALF in the beginning and the latter half when your picture is complete. Only when at least half of your drawing has been paid for will I begin sketching your commission. Within seven days you will receive the sketch via email to look over for approval, then the inks, ect.

6.) I love drawing OCs/Sonas. However should you have NO actual reference images of your OCs/Sonas, then you will be charged an additional $30.00 USD design fee. This price would be added on top of whatever type of commission you're looking for. Inspirational/Aesthetic images don't count as 'reference'. Unless you have an ACTUAL picture of how 'exactly' your OC/Sona should look like, you will be charged extra. Note, SMALL changes to existing drawings of your character (ie: out of date character charts, simple changes to the colors or hair, ect.) are not eligible for a design fee. Again, SMALL changes are the only exceptions.

If you have multiple characters without a solid design, then the $30.00 USD is charged PER character on top of the commission price.

You may of course provide as many images of the type of clothing/armor your character will wear. No fee is charged for that, unless you need me to design the ENTIRE ensemble from a bunch of different reference photos.

Do not hesitate to ask if you character/Sona is eligible for this design fee!!! There are exceptions here and there!

7.) If you are interested in Sona/Self commissions note that there aren't any 'special' prices for them. What you see below is what you get, and they are limited to 10 slots per month. Any other type of commission does not require slots. (PM/email me for more info on Sona/Self images)

8.) My paypal account/email again is squarerootofdestiny[at]

from $ 7.00
Types Available: Fullbody

Ask with confidence
and I answer quickly
I do everything a little
All kinds of fetishes
minus diapers

mi tabla de precios

from $ 15.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Flat Colored, Linework, Shaded Color, Sketch


Contact me on the Discord server or at

This is basic pricing for estimation, final prices may vary.
1 character detail levels
-Sketch $15
-Linework $30
-Flat Colored $40
-Shaded Color $50

-Additional characters add 1/2 of detail price. Characters who are unobscured may be considered full price.
-Detailed Backgrounds are 1/2 of detail price (Sketch is $7, Linework $15, etc). After $100 backgrounds are free.
-Comic Pages are Detail Price x4. Comic Page prices can vary based on complexity.
-I don't do scat, guro, or underage. I may decline a commission regardless of content, but ask away.
-I take payments through Paypal.

from € 5.00 to € 10.00
Types Available: Pixel Art

By Commissioning me, you are accepting these terms of service.

Commission process

Slots are secured, once we agree on an idea and I agree to do the work. Slots can only be hold for up to 2 weeks at most.
Payment has to be done, after a sketch got received, at latest and in full.
Primary payment method will be via PayPal invoices.
Primary payment currency will be EUR.

If, at any point, I see I can't complete your commission, I will contact you with options to resolve this issue.
If things can't be resolved, you will receive a complete refund.
If things can be resolved by downgrading (16-bit to 8-bit), I will offer a partial refund.

Usage rights and reserved rights by the artist

Reserved rights

  • refuse commissions
  • refuse to work for people, out of personal reasons
  • refund payments and halt a commission, without further notice

Usage rights:

All commissions are for personal use only, by default.
Commercial use can be granted, but must communicated with the artist first.
Commercial use also includes minting. You may never use my art for NFTs or with other, blockchain related, technologies!
Not complying to these usage rights, will result in revoking all of them.

What I won't draw:

  • gore/blood/violence
  • underage characters in adult/kink themes


Extras (like animations) can be ordered on later, without special fees. Excluded from this is the "Strict NES Style", as that requires a full redraw.

from $ 15.00 to $ 500.00
Types Available: Advance Color Character, Advance Color Comic, Background, Fine Color Character, Finest Color Character, Flat Color Character, Flat Color Comic, Line Art/Sketch Character, Reference Sheet, Simple Color Character, Simple Color Comic, Sketch Comic

All price for one character fullbody without background.
Extra price for extra character and background.

If you looking for something that not in the list, you can PM me.

from $ 2.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Busts, Bust sketch, Full bodies, Full body sketch, Half bodies, Half body sketch, Headshot or icon, Headshot sketch

For all commission info, examples, pricing, and my order form, please visit my website:

from € 16.99 to € 59.99
Types Available: NSFW Pokémorph Full Color, NSFW Pokémorph Sketch, NSFW Pokémorph Sketch+Color+Background

These are the Commission Terms of Service:

Legal Age

You have to be at least of the legal age of 18 to order a commission.

Pricing and Payment

Please note that the listed prices are in Euros, so please make sure you are transferring Euros and not in a different currency.

After I confirm your payment as received, I will then work on your commission. The person who first commissioned something will also have their commission made first.

Exceptions of Subjects

There are some things I will not draw, and there is a list on the bottom of this page.


When ordering a fully colored image, I will show the sketch first and then work on coloring it after your approval.
Approval on any other step of the process requires an additional payment because of the resulting longer production time.

Post-production Changes

Please specify what you want as much as possible. For the things not specified or shown in reference sheets, I will improvise.
When I show the sketch, you may make up to three (3) changes, and unable to make changes once the colored artwork is in production.
However, I will still make changes if I made mistakes in case I missed a detail in a reference sheet for example.
Any further changes will require an additional payment because of the resulting longer production time.

Caveat of Character Ownership

I do not design characters for commissions. You may not make the commissioned work into a character. I only draw established characters of which visual artwork already exists of. Unless the commissioned work is of your already visually established character, you may not use the subject of the commission for any other reason than to display. In this case, I keep full rights to the subject of the commissioned work and may reuse the design at any time of my choosing, without limit.

If you own visually established elements of a design, you will still retain ownership of those elements only. I will retain full ownership of the rest of the design. I will not use the visually established elements you own without permission.

In short, the designs I create are mine, I will be able to use the design for any purpose at any time without limit and you will not be able to use the character design for anything other than the purpose of displaying the commissioned work, unless you have full referential artwork of your established character. I will never claim ownership of established characters of other people.

Spreading Payment

If you order a sketch and later on decide to want it colored, the cost of the sketch will be subtracted from the price of the colored work. However, there will be a fee of an additional €0.50 to cover transfer fees.

Discount Policy & Changes to Commission Offers

Commission items may be added at any time, and discounts may also occur at any time. I will not issue a refund if an item gets added or a discount occurs shortly after your purchase.


I also retain the right to turn down or cancel any commission for any reason including no reason. Furthermore I do not have to specify a reason. In any case of a cancellation I will issue a refund for any and all incomplete work.
If the sketch has already been completed, I will also not refund the cost of the sketch.

Posting a Commissioned Work

I retain the right to publish your commissioned artwork for public viewing, portfolios and/or as promotional material on any given site.
Furthermore your commissioned artwork will not be removed upon request.
I also retain the right to remove your commissioned artwork from public view if I desire to do so.

When you post your commissioned artwork, please provide proper credit to me (Lunaris Parukia), as well as providing a link to the original image I posted.

You may not upload or display your commission artwork anywhere before I uploaded it myself to Furaffinity, Inkbunny, SoFurry, Weasyl, FurryNetwork, and Twitter, unless given express permission.
To make sure you’ve read everything in here, please message me the sentence “Through fire, justice is served” when ordering a commission.

Loss of Commissioned Files

I will not be held responsible in the event you lose access in any way, shape or form to your commissioned artwork.
You may request for me to resend your commissioned artwork in case of its loss. However, I cannot promise that I will keep your commissioned artwork in storage. Please make sure to store your commissioned artwork in a safe location, and create backups.

Usage of Commission

You may not post a commissioned artwork for the purpose of spreading hate, defamation, slander, ridicule, trolling, claiming as having it made yourself, damage, promotion of illegal activities and/or other problematic behavior.

Quality of Commission

The artwork in my galleries are a good indication of what to expect.
You are also expected to know what to expect and not to set unrealistic standards based on the artwork in my galleries. I may also not offer refunds for costumer dissatisfaction if your commissioned artwork is similar in terms of quality of my artwork in my galleries.

Emote Commission

For emote commissions, I will not offer a refund if the message service displays the commissioned emote as too small for your liking. Please be aware that the details of the emote might be lost when shrunk. In order to preserve as much detail as possible, I recommend cropping the emote. You will also have to crop it yourself.

General Commission Terms

Please note that these terms are subject to change without warning, but changes will not be effective for ongoing commissions.

By making a purchase, you will automatically accept the Commission Terms of Service by default.

You are expected to know and fully understand the Commission Terms of Service.

Things I Don't Draw

  • Abuse

  • Association with extreme beliefs

  • Association with hate groups and/or terrorists

  • Babies

  • C&B Torture

  • Certain Pokémorph species

  • Death/Snuff (Not the same as undead characters)

  • Diaper

  • Fat (Including chubby)

  • Feral

  • Gassing

  • Gore

  • Hyper

  • Inflation

  • Pain (Light BDSM and spanking is fine)

  • Rape/noncon

  • Scat

  • Self-harm

  • Substance Abuse

  • Suffering

  • Unbirthing

  • Vore

  • Watersports

  • Your OCs having sex with mine
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    from $ 15.00
    Types Available: Full Slate
    from $ 5.00 to $ 35.00
    Types Available: B&W, Flat Colors, Full Color, Sketch


    *Head shot = $5
    *Bust shot = $10
    *Thigh shot = $15
    *Full shot = $20


    *Head shot = $10
    *Bust shot = $15
    *Thigh shot = $20
    *Full shot = $25

    --Flat Colors

    *Head shot = $15
    *Bust shot = $20
    *Thigh shot = $25
    *Full shot = $30

    --Full Colors

    *Head shot = $20
    *Bust shot = $25
    *Thigh shot = $30
    *Full shot = $35

    from $ 30.00 to $ 70.00
    Types Available: Fullbody, Reference


    • fullbody flat color: $30
    • fullbody shaded: +$10
    • fullbody with detailed background: +20
    • ref sheet (clothed front view, nude front view, nude back view): $70

    *i'm down to do other things that aren't listed, like if you need drawings for a VN, comic pages, character designs, additional ref drawings, icons, etc., we can discuss the price

    1. send me the info on what you want drawn (the more detailed the better!)
    2. i do a quick sketch, which i then send you, and you can either back out at this point, ask for changes, or choose to go ahead with it
    3. once satisfied with the sketch, you send the payment through paypal*
    4. i finish the piece and give you a link to the full-size image
    *if you want to split the payment - half before i start, half when i'm finished - that's fine, i don't mind doing that (all images after the sketch will be watermarked until payment is received in full)


    • i'm willing to send WIPs, but after the sketch phase they'll be watermarked
    • if you want to add me on discord for faster communication i'm down, just message me to get my discord name
    • turnaround should be between 3-7 days, from start to finish (for one drawing of one character)
    • paypal only

    Subjects I won't draw:

    • extreme gore
    • inflation
    • scat
    • unbirthing/birthing

    *i'm open to drawing a lot of things, feel free to ask me

    from $ 1.00 to $ 15.00
    Types Available: Anime, Anthro, Chibi, Couple Icons, Flat Color, Fullbody, Gumroad, Headshot, Humans, Pokemon, Reference, Stickers

    What I will Do.
    Fan Art
    Transformation sometimes Slime/Goo
    Kawaii Art
    Any Rating from G to PG-13
    Kawaii Things

    What i do NOT Draw.
    Body Horror
    Explicit Adult Content/Porn
    Back Side Nudity
    Edgy/Scary Art
    Nausea Fuel/Disgusting Art
    R and NC-17

    from £ 12.00 to £ 40.00
    Types Available: Fullbody, Halfbody, Headshot/Bust, Scenes, Sketch Sheet

    Find more info and examples here

    Will draw:
    Fantasy Creatures

    Won't draw:

    from C$ 8.00 to C$ 30.00
    Types Available: Conbadges, Digital Drawings, Reference sheets

    For full terms, please visit My commissions page.

    from $ 10.00 to $ 30.00
    Types Available: Color, Lines, Shaded

    Lines only: $10
    Lines & shading: $20
    Colored: $30

    I'll draw anything that's not too extreme. Macro, hyper, muscle, etc. are fine. Basically, anything similar to what's already in my gallery.

    from $ 30.00 to $ 35.00
    Types Available: Livestream Digital Sketches

    Livestream Sketch Prices:

    Rough Sketch : $10 - $20.00

    Portrait : $10 - $20.00

    Simple Fullbody : $20. - $25.00

    Backgrounds are extra : $5 - $10.

    Please note these prices are ONLY for livestream sessions and are black and white inked drawings on 300 dpi 8.5 x 11 inch sized files. The files are e-mailed.

    Please note I reserve the right to charge more or less depending upon the commission in question. I will draw animals, people, fanart, violence to a certain degree but no porn. Sorry! Sketches are paid up front, one at a time during the stream via paypal only.

    Price not declared
    Types Available: Additional Charges, Cell - Mecha, Cell - Pinup, Paint - Mecha, Paint - Pinup

    Commission payment is through Paypal, I will send an invoice after the sketching stage is done and the sketch is approved, buyers will have one chance for a refund during the line art stage.

    Commercial use charges are negotiable.

    I will draw:
    Furries, Humans, Affection, Mild Violence, Risque Imagery, Mecha.

    I will NOT draw:
    Quadrupeds, Excessive Violence/Gore, Sex and Nudity, Copyrighted Material [Exceptions allowed for the end results of transformation art and for fan characters.], Discrimination and Hate Art, Underaged content.

    You are NOT allowed to redistribute any commissions through blockchain (ie, you are forbidden from minting the artwork as an NFT), and you are forbidden from reselling the artwork in exchange for cryptocurrency.

    from $ 80.00 to $ 120.00
    Types Available: Fullbody

    Full body, will be transparent bg to make turn-around time shorter. If you want your commission to be a chatlands avatar, let me know and I will size and flip it appropriately.

    from $ 25.00 to $ 250.00
    Types Available: Badge, Character Illustration, Ref Sheet, Telegram Sticker


    Subscribe to emails from me             20% off

    Subscribe to my Patreon                    up to 20% off

    Commissions are open!

    Terms of service and full info can be found here!

    Please see my queue for an idea of current wait time

    Emailing me at is probably fastest, but I try to check DMs too!

    from £ 5.00
    Types Available: Chibi
    from $ 5.00 to $ 20.00
    Types Available: Full Color
    from $ 10.00 to $ 75.00
    Types Available: Flatcolor Large Art, Icon, Illustrations, Sketches

    I do not do NSFW/porn/fetish art so please do not request it. You will be blocked and blacklisted!

    from $ 46.50
    Types Available: Stories

    Stories are currently at a standard rate of
    0,0465$ /word.
    Minimum word count lies at 1000 words. (Listed in the price as the minimum amount).
    The only maximum limit for stories is temporal availability.

    Stories are made to have a lot of "meat" and little exposition and explaining, unless otherwise requested.

    from $ 3.00 to $ 6.00
    Types Available: Chibi

    EXAMPLES: Link
    GALLERY (for more examples): Link

    from $ 70.00 to $ 200.00
    Types Available: Icon


    • How to contact me If you're interested in a commission:
      write me a direct message/note (preferably on Twitter DA or FA as i will notice them right away) with your commission idea.

    • Do not write me huge texts with the description of the art. Do it short, clearly and stylish.(pls, don’t write all bio or something like that).

    • I accept only picture\photo references and any arts with your character(s). You can write some main information.
      -Please send a non shaded digital reference of your character. I will not accept traditional references. Another thing, please make sure the reference isn't heavily shaded.

    • Please, don't message me for commissions if you don't intend to pay.

    • Anon commissions are ok.

    • Full prepayment.

    • I can choose to not host an image publicly and I wont post artwork that is requested to stay private (but I'll ask additional payment for that).

    • Please, DO NOT RUSH ME, I won't delay your commission for years or months. The reminder will not speed up the process, but only slow it down.
      -The characters and ideas belong to you but the art belongs to me.

    By purchasing a commission you are claiming you have read and agreed with my terms and conditions.

    -I have the right to cancel your commission if I wait for the description/payment too long (5-7 days max) AND/OR the commission you want is unsettling/creepy or similar for me.
    -You can post your commission on your own profile, BUT If you want to upload MY art to your Patreon, please ask for permission! I do not advertise your Patreon! Don't forget to credit me in the description (links to the original picture are appreciated as well)
    -Tell me which kind of commission you would like and provide me with a picture/reference/small description of your character(s) + some additional information about pose(s), expression(s), etc.
    -If you repost my art (that you’ve purchased), you need to credit me, either by linking any of my social media.
    -Don’t alter or remove my watermark.
    -Characters created and/or designed by me must be credited appropriately. The characters belong to you and you may do to them as you wish.
    -Don’t use any form of art from me (art and designs) for targeted/hateful content.
    -People that have been blacklisted by me are not allowed to be publicly associated with my art.


    • I take 100% prepayment via PayPal (BOOSTY!)
    • USD only
    • I expect your payment within 24 hours. Don’t take the slot if you cannot pay within this time, please.

    Extra ammount may apply for:
    -Additional character
    -Additional elements of the composition such as weapons, armor, etc.
    -In case of serious discrepancies between the edits made and the original order description
    -Big edits made at the final stage of the work (except for cosmetic edits like color correction or fixing small details)
    -I CANNOT make a refund. NOT BECAUSE I'm greedy, but because boosty doesn't have that option. AND ALSO I CAN'T USE PAYPAL BECAUSE IT LEFT MY COUNTRY. Please keep this in mind when paying commission.

    • If you do a PayPal refund any reasons when your commisson was finished you'll be blocked and I will refuse to work with you again.


    • First step after your payment: I'll send you a sketch to check if everything is alright
    • If you have any corrects, I fix it and send you sketch again. And again, if needs. BUT! If you are asking to change something more than 3 times, you must pay 10$, if you want to continue the correction process. *Revisions will not be made after the sketch stage unless a mistake was made on my part in which case I will correct it. Please be sure you are confident in the sketch before further work process. -If you would like to make additional corrections that do not regard color AFTER a previously approved sketch - there will be an additional fee.
    • After I have finished your commission and get your approval (in any form), our deal is considered complete. This means that you can't ask for additional work corrections and/or refunds.
    • I give you link to dropmefiles where you can download art in perfect quality. After I have finished your commission and get your approval (in any form), our deal is considered complete. This means that you can't ask for additional work corrections and/or refunds.

    WILL DO:

    -Furries Anthro, Feral, Human (Fanart, OC's and FC's)
    -Cats/big cats/any felines
    -Dragons/any type of dragon
    -SFW ship art
    -Fan Art

    • Artistic nudity, general NSFW and Intercourse
    • Slight Gore in General (blood)
    • Characters based on a short description -Very easy backrounds, Props (+5 $ and up, depending on the complexity) Fetishes: -Can do: Baby Fur, Hypnotization, Paws, Slight Bondage, Chubs, Size Play, Cum, Teeth/Sharp Teeth, Rubber/Latex/Leather, Crossdressing, Fruit/Jelly/Candy Gore, Plushies,........ -Might do: Tentacles, Food Play, Master & Pet, BDSM, , Muscle, Water Sports, Milf, Dilf,.........

    (ask if yours is not on the list!)

    WON'T DO:

    -Very detailed characters (very long descriptions of characters)
    -Very detailed large backrounds

    • Mechas -Hyperrealism -Hate speech
    • Fetishes: Scat, Vore, Rape/Violence, Pedophilia, Wet/Dirty Diapers, Farting, Necrophilia, Vomit, Giant Chubs, Amputation, Crushing
    from $ 10.00 to $ 60.00
    Types Available: Fullbody
    No description provided
    from $ 25.00 to $ 100.00
    Types Available: Comic Page, Illustration, Sketch
    No description provided
    from $ 5.00 to $ 40.00
    Types Available: 1) Single Image, 2) Image/Comic Sequence, 3) Reference Sheet, Extras

    Some prices are negotiable on a case by case basis, especially comics and image sequences. If you have any questions about commissions, feel free to contact me.

    Please note, I will usually only charge for extra characters if there are more than THREE characters in the image. So you should only worry about the extra characters fee if you want four or more characters in an image or sequence.