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from $ 20.00 to $ 80.00
Types Available: Standard Pricing, "Why" Epileptic Gunfire GIF
No description provided
from $ 20.00 to $ 240.00
Types Available: [a] Still Render, [b] Simple Loop, [c] Narrative Animation, [d] Voxel Object, [e] Voxel Diorama
from $ 10.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Pinup, Sketch

Please keep in mind I'm not really a furry artist, but I want to improve. That being said, I cannot draw complicated critters like dragons or exotic sea life.
Also, I draw primarily females. I will draw guys, but they will be distinctively feminine.

Things I will draw:
Humans, Humanoids, Males, Females, Transgender characters, anthro (species pending)

Things I won't draw:
Scat (or any other bodily fluids...), gore, micro/macro, vore, inflation, diapers, hyper, muscles, underage characters, rape/non-consensual situations, herms (this is a hard one to leave out, but I just find them odd), feral

I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

Monochrome Sketch

-Single character only, No background.
-Color can be specified but will otherwise default to grey
-Prices start from $10 to $15. I may charge more based on complexity.

Rendered Pinup

-Single character only, No backgrounds for now, may change that later. Background will be a solid color with a simple design (gradient, depth of field, etc.)
-Thigh Up. No full-bodies for now.
-Prices start from $20 to $30. I may charge more based on complexity.

I only accept paypal:

Please contact me via PM or by e-mail if you're interested. If you email me, please include your Weasyl username.

from $ 15.00 to $ 288.00
Types Available: Character Sheet, Illustrations, Music, Pixel
No description provided
from $ 10.00
Types Available: See my page for more information!
from $ 60.00 to $ 150.00

The PRICING seen here is merely a guideline so that the prospective commissioner can know what to expect depending on their idea - more complex themes, characters or backgrounds will add to the base cost of the selected tier (while scenarios containing 3 or more characters may get substantial discounts per character). I'm a very accessible, communication-oriented artist. If you have an idea please DROP ME A NOTE and we can discuss it further, as well as prospective pricing and necessary adjustments.

As far as my PROCESS goes, you'll be as much part of it as you wish to be, meaning I can either offer you multiple updates on the work in progress or just shut up and draw it 'til the end. If you choose to take part in the creative process, then, you'll be constantly informed of updates, and I will not deem the work finished until you are completely satisfied with it.

That being said, if even after trying over and over I cannot reach the desired result then you, the commissioner, are free to pay me half the agreed price upwards, depending on what you feel like the finished product's worth. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is my number one priority - making sure you feel like part of the creative process by bouncing back ideas, keeping you informed and showing you updates is my second priority.

Commissioning art shouldn't be a mere service - it should be a fun experience shared by both the commissioner and the artist! I don't believe in it being a one-sided process.

PAYMENT should be made through PAYPAL, and in American Dollars (USD) - I will rarely accept any other form of compensation. I prefer being paid only after the work is done. I know that's not how it usually goes, but that's just to show my commitment to your satisfaction and my respect for you as a commissioner, both reasons why I'm a part of Trusted Artists.

from € 10.00 to € 50.00 (Approx. $ 11.42 to $ 57.10)
Types Available: Icon, Illustration, Telegram Sticker min. 5 pack

Telegram Sticker Pack:
) 10€\Sticker
) At least 5 Sticker/Pack
) Every Pack includes a thematic 'made by Rivvil' Sticker

) 100x100px 10€
) 300x300px 15€
) Kombi pack 20€

) Starting price 40€
) Prices rise with complexity of the picture

Rivvils Terms of Service

How to get a Comission:

) Check my Profile if Comissions are currently open
) Send me a note with what you'd like to have. Preferably as detailed as possible, including references so I can tell if it's in my range or not.
) I remain the right to refuse a prompt for any reasons.
) You'll get a Thumbnail free of charge, based on your prompt. The price of the finished piece will also be specified with this thumb.
) At this point full payment is necessary to move forward. Payment plans may be agreed upon.
) You'll get a detailed Sketch and semiregular updates during the shading process.


Mostly through my galleries or email (


You may request a refund at any time. Full refunds are only available till the detailed Sketch has been finished and approved. Once the shading stage has begun, refunds will be partial based on the amount of time far spent on the artwork. The more time invested in the piece, the smaller the refund will be.
Once a refund is requested, I will send back the current state of the work on the commission, and inform you of the portion of payment that will be refunded.
I reserve the right to cancel a commission for any reason, at any given time. A refund will be given, at an amount which reflects the time spent thus far.

Rights of Use:

You retain all rights to the characters of your own creation used within the commissioned work. By requesting a commission, you are allowing me the right to draw your character for the purposes of the requested work. As the artist, I retain full rights to the artwork produced.
You are not permitted to make any modifications to the artwork except for the following:

) Crops to much smaller forms such as icons for use on online sites or services
) small personal banners for non-commercial signature art
) Personal, non-commercial prints

You may post the completed work to your personal gallery as long as the work is unedited and full, clear credit is given to me with a link back to my work.

Misc. Info:

) I have a full time job, so progress might be slow.
) I retain the right to post the finished piece to my Galleries and use them as examples in future Pricesheets.
) It's possible to keep a comission private, though you'll need to specify this during the prompt.

I probably forgot something so changes might happen at any time!


from $ 5.00 to $ 30.00
Types Available: Cell Shading, Flat colors, Inks, Sketch, Soft Shading

I currently have a waiting list of 4(I will usually have updates as to the current state of my list posted so people can be aware).
As for any clarification on add-ons.
+$10.00 for any extra character in any range/piece.
At the moment I currently do not do very complicated backgrounds( but they will be available in the future). If you have any questions.
Please email me at

from $ 3.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Digital, Traditional

Traditional work are aimed to be more abstractive, be aware they cannot be mailed.

Digital work are considered fully done OC aimed pieces that include color and background.

Leave a message if interested.

from $ 7.00 to $ 75.00
Types Available: Cellshaded, Chibis (Check Sheet for more info), Couple Commissions (Look at commission sheet for more prices), FLatcolored, Full Detail CG Digital art, Icons, Linearts, References (Check Commission sheet for full prices), Shaded Lineart


MY TOS, read that before commissioning me:

PAYPAL EMAIL: Lildottiejr[at]


Better look at Digital port/icon examples:

Better look at Linearts

Better look at flatcolored

Better look at Cellshadedd

Better look at Lineart shaded art

Better Look at full CGs:

Better look at references

Better look at the couple pic references: (SOME ARE MATURE):
and more than 2

from $ 40.00
Types Available: WGs

A extra with my job, but this barely get anywhere

from $ 10.00 to $ 40.00
Types Available: Full body pictures

For each additional character you add the base price. (eg. 10$+ for sketches, 20$+ for lineart, etc.)

Backgrounds are 10$ for Flat colour and Full colour drawings!

I will do NSFW but please be considerate if I decline. (this depends a lot on the fetish)

You may contact me via PM or e-mail
Feel free to ask any questions, if anything isn't clear!

from $ 10.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Finished Drawings, Paintings, Sketch, Toned Sketch

Currently I have three work slots open for commissions. Sketches, toned sketches, finished drawings and paintings are all open. There's a choice of media with paintings between watercolors or acrylics, and a choice of canvas types between stretched cotton canvases, stiff illustration board, and stiff textured board.

Let me know via note if you are interested! :D

from $ 5.00 to $ 30.00

Colored comics can have 3/4 discount if they are 20+ pages

Use this form if you can't use

from $ 5.00 to $ 32.00
Types Available: Flat color, Inks, Shaded, Sketches

+$2 - additional characters

from $ 15.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: Busts, Fullbody, Headshot

I am currently open for back to school commissions! I'm taking unlimited slots and drawing headshots, busts and fullbodies! Please read my Terms of Service and prices before requesting a commission!

Terms of Service

  1. Payment. AnxotheDragon currently accepts payments via PayPal only. AnxotheDragon requires that a valid email be presented at the time of purchase, to which an invoice will be sent via PayPal. AnxotheDragon does not, under any circumstances, accept payment via PayPal’s “Friends and Family” service, nor does she accept payment through direct paypal payment.

  1. General Process. After slots have been selected, and email will be sent to first choice or first come slotholders, depending on the nature of the opening. Each slotholder will then have between 48 and 72 hours to state that they would like to claim the slot. For orders over the complete value of $35 USD, a down-payment must be made in order to hold the slot. If the slot is not claimed, it will be offered to the next person in line instead. Once the slotholder has payed their invoice in full, work on their project will begin. AnxotheDragon will provide updates at regular intervals, and clients may additionally request updates as well.

  2. Refunds. Commissioned works can be canceled any time before work on the project begins. Below is a list of percentages of completion of a piece relative to the refund issued.

20% complete or less, up to sketch completion: 50% refund, AnxotheDragon retains full ownership of the work completed.

40% complete or less, up to lineart completion: 25% refund, the client attains ownership of work completed as per normal terms.

50% complete or more, after completion of flat colors: No refund can be issued. However, the client attains ownership of work completed as per normal terms.

  1. Down-Payments. All commission orders under the complete value of $35 must be paid in full prior to work on the project beginning. All orders over the complete value of $35 require a 50% down-payment, rounded up to the nearest US dollar, for reservation of the commission slot, and must be paid in full before work can begin.

  1. Payment Plans and Deadlines. At this time, AnxotheDragon does not accept payment plans.This is, however, subject to change at a later date. AnxotheDragon does not work on deadlines for any reason. However, on request, a rough estimate of time needed to complete a project can be given.

  1. Termination of Services. AnxotheDragon reserves the right to terminate their obligations at any time for a full refund to clients. Upon termination of services, the commissioner will be notified and the price paid will be refunded in full, including down payments that would normally be considered non-refundable.

  2. Ownership and Distribution of Final Works. All final works are owned by either the commissioner in the case of commission work or the buyer in the case of premade work for all purposes except to alter the piece in such a way that the artist’s signature is not visible, or to redistribute for commercial purposes. AnxotheDragon retains the right to distribute finished works for any purpose except commercial sale, with the exception of duplicates of certain premade goods such as buttons and stickers.

  1. Mature Content. AnxotheDragon's policy on mature content as of now is that she will not accept any commissions, nor create any premade goods, which are sexually explicit or created for the sole purpose of sexual gratification. This includes, but is not limited to, pornographic content, "safe for work fetish" art, or artwork with explicit realistic nudity. AnxotheDragon will create and publish media with explicit violence, realistic gore and blood, and certain suggestive themes when used in conjunction with horror themes. Similarly, AnxotheDragon will produce media with realistic anatomy where the subject is properly clothed or in some way censored, and where the context is clearly nonsexual.

from $ 8.00 to $ 30.00
Types Available: Plush

Terms of Service


*must be through paypal only

*payment is expected before I start working.

*You may shipping with payment or when I am finished making the product.

*Absolutely no refunds. There is a reason why I give examples of my work.


*I am not to be held responsible for anything that is shipped out. Once the package is with the post office, it is in their hands and not mine.

*If you wish to have extra insurance put onto your package, you will be charged extra.

*If you would like faster shipping, you will be charged extra.

*I will automatically get a tracking number for the package. I would like to keep tabs to make sure it gets to you.

*I do not ship outside the U.S. sorry. Shipping charges go through the roof then and it can be a little bit of a hassle. Maybe in the future I will open up for worldwide.

Other Important Notes

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for a commission to be finished unless I tell otherwise. It does take me a while to get supplies since I do need a ride to my supplier store/ shop online (only for certain colors of fur o fleece that I cannot find in my store). If you have a specific deadline, it must be discussed and I will work around things in order to get it done sooner.

*I have the right to deny any commission if I find that it is not within my ability.

*For sewn commissions, I hand sew everything. I do not like sewing machines at all and quite frankly with the pieces that I work on, a machine can't do them.

*For sewn commissions on fursonas/oc characters, I would prefer having a clean ref. If you only have unclean refs that's perfectly fine too.

*Feel free to ask for WIP pictures

*More examples of items that I am selling are in my gallery so feel free to look if you so choose.

from $ 12.00 to $ 58.00
Types Available: Taala's Commission Prices 2014

These prices are in USD for single character with no background. CLICK HERE for more information.

from $ 25.00 to $ 125.00
Types Available: Badges, Icon, Paintings, Reference, Tattoo Design, Watercolor Painting of an animal

Tattoo Design starts at $60. If it is very generic I can sometimes offer discounts in exchange for being allowed to add the design to my "donation designs" and other uses--this knocks up to $20 off.

For now I mostly do tribal style but you are welcome to ask!

The parlor may not keep the design to re-use and the rights of the commissioner are limited to getting it as a tattoo (ie no sticking it on buttons, T Shirts etc). I will give the commissioner a low-resolution file with watermark if they wish to show it to friends or post on their account as well.

from $ 25.00 to $ 70.00
Types Available: Color, Line Drawing

Base price includes only one character with a simple background. Categories with a price range denote flexible prices for character and/or background detail complexity.

I have characters of my own that can be included within a picture, upon request. Using one of my characters will spot you a $5 discount off of the total price of the commission on the grounds that I am more familiar with my own characters.

Simple backgrounds are free (and are usually only one color).

I am by no means the fastest artist when it comes to completion times. I put a lot of time into my work so it take time for a product to emerge. Keep in mind that I may get sick or have a life beyond what I upload here. I'm not always able to work around the clock as I would like to.

I will draw most things and am open to a variety of things. However, I do not do most extreme fetishes (like micro/macro, water sports and scat to name a few). If you have questions, ask please.

I currently only accept Paypal.

Price not declared
Types Available: Commissions by Mordu
from A$ 5.00 (Approx. $ 3.65)
Types Available: Headshot

Commissions open to art of feral characters!

from $ 60.00
Types Available: Fully Rendered Headshot

I will give you the right to change the beginning sketch as much as you want, but after that I reserve the rest to myself.

I will send you one update shot during the process after the sketch phase (towards the half way point) and then the fully rendered file once completed.

I have the right to up the price on complexity (feathers, weird clothes, etc). I have the right to refuse your commission. My turn around time is final.

I look forward to working with you!

from A$ 15.00 to A$ 135.00 (Approx. $ 10.96 to $ 98.63)
Types Available: Celshade, Chibi, Flat Colour, Lines

For the full page on my commission info along with examples, please go to the linked page here on my tumblr.

from $ 25.00 to $ 70.00
Types Available: Animated icon, Animation picture, Character, Character reference

What am I drawing:

  • Sfw
  • Nsfw
  • Yuri/yaoi
  • Futanari
  • Fetishes(everything except blacklist)
  • Toilet fetishes (except clean diapers) only in private format

Private commision - +50% price

Blacklist (what I don't draw):

  • Nsfw with underage characters
  • Violence fetishes (rape, dismemberment, necrophilia)
from $ 80.00 to $ 150.00
Types Available: Standard

All Commissions are full color and shading

from $ 10.00 to $ 30.00
Types Available: Regular, Special


Prices: <---- For Examples accompanied by images.

Join my Patreon and you can get exclusive stuff, and discounted stuff!: Check out my Twitter too!


Extra Characters: +75% per
BG Charge: +20%
Complexity Charge: +50%

from $ 30.00 to $ 100.00
Types Available: Badges, Digitally Colored, Inked Pieces, Sketches, Traditionally Colored Pieces

Ink: 50$ for a single character on 9"x12" paper.

Additional characters cost 20$ per character (three characters max unless you're ordering a larger image)

Detailed backgrounds: 10$ to start. This may go up depending on how much you want in the background of the piece.

Larger image: +10$ to upgrade to 11"x14" or 10"x15". If you want anything larger, email or note me for details.


Additional characters are +30$ per character (three characters max unless you're ordering a larger image)

Detailed backgrounds: 20$ to start. This may go up depending on how much you want in the background of the piece.

Larger image: +20$ to upgrade to 11"x14" or 10"x15". If you want anything larger, email or note me for details.