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Types Available: Commissions

For commissions informations, see here:

from $ 5.00 to $ 100.00
Types Available: Check my Commission Chart!

Rules/ToS and Examples

Any additional character is 2x the base price, or if they are not the same type as the base price (ex theyre a headshot in an originally fullybody image), then add that price of that tier.

from $ 5.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Fullbody, Half-body, Headshot, Multiple character scene, Transfomation Comic

the type of commission I offer range from single character to multiple character illustrations. I can do pin-ups of your fursona, SFW or NSFW, or just a standard illustration of your fursona. I can do full body pics, of half-body pics from the waist up or just headshot pics. if you want a pic with multiple characters in a scene, it cost extra for every character and how detailed the scene will be.

I can do your pic in a variety of styles too, just a pencil sketch, inked linework, inked linework with flat colors, linked linework with cell shading, lnked linework with simple shading or a detailed painterly style.

I can also transformation comics, a series of comic pages of you transforming into your fursona or whatever other animal you want. you can have these pages either in just line work, flat colored or colored with cell shading.

I can do NSFW pics in a sexual matter, but nothing too extreme (like characters with oversized genitalia or breasts.) and I still have limits of things I will not draw. I will not draw vore, bestiality, badyfur, cub, scat or inflation. also I will not draw anything to gory or graphic in nature. I also will not draw any form of hate or discriminatory art to any certain group of people.

if you have any questions or interest in a commission, please contact me by my email: I only take payment through paypal and ask for the money upfront

from $ 45.00
Types Available: Illustrations

Hi everyone, offering little fantasy commissions. If ever you're interested there's a bit more details over at the commissions page ~

from $ 20.00
Types Available: Sketch
No description provided
from $ 0.02
Types Available: Short Story

i write a short story based on your character(s) and description. you choose the length $0.02 per word (equivalent to $5 per 250 words)

PM me or fill out form.


from $ 25.00 to $ 65.00
Types Available: Color per Character, Inked per Character, Shaded Color per Character, Sketch
No description provided
from $ 15.00
Types Available: Story

Price of all story commissions is $2.50 per 100 words. I write a wide variety of topics, including weight-gain, vore, inflation, micro/macro, transformation, and gore! The full Terms of Service can be found here.

from $ 3.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Flat Colors, Full color, Ink, Mystery doodle, Sketch

I am a Professional Artist from an Indy Comic company known as BadCog Studios I am the colorist of that company Working on their Comic Outlaw Epic and couple others. I have been doing art for years and well I wish to make a more steady income. So I am offering my art skills

from $ 6.00 to $ 17.00
Types Available: Colours with shading, Flat colours, not shading, Line arts

Click this link to find out:

I promise you all that my prices are worth it.

from $ 5.00 to $ 280.00
Types Available:

To get a commission, you can note me on FA.
Contact me on Twitter @wolfymewmew
Or email me at

from $ 10.00 to $ 47.00
Types Available: Custom Illustration, Reference

Full Price Sheet Here:

I do SFW and NSFW pieces!
Commissions work on a first come, first serve basis
When commissions open, contact me through email ( or telegram (@Khaoti) to claim a spot!


from $ 60.00
Types Available: Handmade Drawings!

This is a description and information for an A4 size drawing full color with scnary without character limit! You can get more information about this and other kind of commissions through Inbox Message.
Commisioning me you'll be able to seet he whole execution process and will receive the original drawing by mail! ;)

from € 1.00 to € 6.00 (Approx. $ 1.13 to $ 6.78)
Types Available: Fullbody, Headshot, Reference
No description provided
from $ 7.00 to $ 75.00
Types Available: Cellshaded, Chibis (Check Sheet for more info), Couple Commissions (Look at commission sheet for more prices), FLatcolored, Full Detail CG Digital art, Icons, Linearts, References (Check Commission sheet for full prices), Shaded Lineart


MY TOS, read that before commissioning me:

PAYPAL EMAIL: Lildottiejr[at]


Better look at Digital port/icon examples:

Better look at Linearts

Better look at flatcolored

Better look at Cellshadedd

Better look at Lineart shaded art

Better Look at full CGs:

Better look at references

Better look at the couple pic references: (SOME ARE MATURE):
and more than 2

from $ 20.00 to $ 40.00
Types Available: Fullbody

We create orders for both SFW / NSFW
We specialize in drawing paws :)

from € 48.00 (Approx. $ 54.25)
Types Available: Full Color
No description provided
from $ 6.00 to $ 20.00
Types Available: Badge, Fullbody, Headshot, Reference

Please check for more information and my TOS.

Thank you for your interest!

from $ 5.00 to $ 115.00
Types Available: BACKGROUNDS for ALL COMMISSIONS (save for comics), Comic Commissions (priced per page, INCLUDES backgrounds, and +$30.00 USD if NSFW), Icon, NSFW Full Body +$25.00 USD per add. character, SFW Full Body +$20.00 USD per additional character, Waist-Up +$15.00 USD per additional character------+$10.00 USD for NSFW

---Commission Info/Guidelines-----

1.) You ask/submit for a commission either on this site via PM or you can email me at: squarerootofdestiny[at]

This is also my paypal account^ which I only accept USD currency. If you want to pay me using another method contact me and we'll figure it out.

2.) If you decide that you want to commission me provide the following information before sending your money:

a.) The type of commission
--- (ie: headshot or full body nsfw? color? black and white?)

b.) How many characters?
--(prices vary if there's more than one. see above)

c.) What is the mood of the picture?
----(do you want it to be happy? sexy? sad? scary? ect.)

d.)List any other relevant info/pictures that you think might help me give you the best picture I can!

3.) Be respectful and polite. I usually get my commissions done within one or two days you submit it (unless i message you otherwise), but I will not hesitate to refund you without any art and end our business if you harass, curse, or slander me.

4). Only two free redos are allowed once we're in the inking stage, any more than that and I will be forced charge you extra about $5.00 MINIMUM depending on how much work is needed.

5.) I have the right to say no to your commission so please ask me about what you want drawn beforehand. Once I approve of your picture, you may tell me your paypal email address where I will be able to send you an invoice for payment. Note, you may either pay for your commission in full or HALF in the beginning and the latter half when your picture is complete. Only when at least half of your drawing has been paid for will I begin sketching your commission. Within seven days you will receive the sketch via email to look over for approval, then the inks, ect.

6.) I love drawing OCs/Sonas. However should you have NO actual reference images of your OCs/Sonas, then you will be charged an additional $30.00 USD design fee. This price would be added on top of whatever type of commission you're looking for. Inspirational/Aesthetic images don't count as 'reference'. Unless you have an ACTUAL picture of how 'exactly' your OC/Sona should look like, you will be charged extra. Note, SMALL changes to existing drawings of your character (ie: out of date character charts, simple changes to the colors or hair, ect.) are not eligible for a design fee. Again, SMALL changes are the only exceptions.

If you have multiple characters without a solid design, then the $30.00 USD is charged PER character on top of the commission price.

You may of course provide as many images of the type of clothing/armor your character will wear. No fee is charged for that, unless you need me to design the ENTIRE ensemble from a bunch of different reference photos.

Do not hesitate to ask if you character/Sona is eligible for this design fee!!! There are exceptions here and there!

7.) If you are interested in Sona/Self commissions note that there aren't any 'special' prices for them. What you see below is what you get, and they are limited to 10 slots per month. Any other type of commission does not require slots. (PM/email me for more info on Sona/Self images)

8.) My paypal account/email again is squarerootofdestiny[at]

from $ 15.00
Types Available: Short Stories

-No payment required until story is finished.
-You get a preview when the story is halfway finished. Edits and changes can be made at this point
-Payment is expected when the first draft is done; then you will receive the file. More edits can be requested at that time.
-If you see the subject matter in my gallery, I'll definitely write it. But if you aren't sure feel free to ask.

from $ 10.00 to $ 90.00
Types Available: Inked Style, Painterly, Reference Sheet, Sketch Style
No description provided
from $ 20.00 to $ 80.00
Types Available: Standard Pricing, "Why" Epileptic Gunfire GIF
No description provided
from $ 35.00 to $ 65.00
Types Available: Digital Art

Prices given are for moderate to high levels of detail. If you want something really extravagant, and time consuming, let me know and I can work out better prices with you. I could go lower for especially simple characters, or partial views.

Add 50% to the price for every additional character, assuming they're interacting in some way.

Backgrounds start at $5 for simple nature backgrounds but can go up the more complicated and time intensive the background is.

If I'm not currently open for commissions, you can claim a slot for double the normal price. Otherwise, I must ask that you wait until I post a journal announcing that commissions are open.

from $ 20.00 to $ 60.00
Types Available: Fullbody, Sketch


  • payment means you accept TOS;
  • ignorance of rules is no excuse;
  • I reserve the full right of using artworks as prints or part of portfolio and post it anywhere;
  • all copyright for artworks to me and characters owners.


  • full prepayment after scetch for non-dnimation artwork;
  • full prepayment after takings a slot for gif-artwork;
  • payment is required within 24 hours after you choose a character;
  • payment via PayPal;
  • once you pay you can’t refuse the commission and make a refund.

You CAN:

  • repost your comission/adopt/YCH anywhere you want with credit to me;
  • redraw it as you wish with credits to me;
  • print it for private use.

You CAN'T:

  • all ordered works are not intended for commercial use;
  • say that its YOUR artwork.

I draw:

  • furry, pony, feral and fantasy characters;
  • NSFW and SFW arts;
  • porn, nudity;
  • BDSM, bondage;
  • rape/pet play;
  • hypnosis;
  • size difference;
  • erotic asphyxiation;
  • belly bulges.Feel free to ask about fetishes that are not listed.

I DONT draw:

  • male preg;
  • cub porn;
  • hard gore;
  • extreme fetishes;
  • humanoids or humans;
  • mecha and architecture.

PRICE may be increased for:

  • detailed clothing;
  • extra heads;
  • complex desing of character.

Thank you for reading that! If you have any questions - just ask.

from $ 5.00 to $ 90.00
Types Available: $5 Therian Icons, Cell Shaded, Detailed Color, Digital Painting, Flat Color, Icons, Lineart, Sketch


All Commissions will be paid through Paypal before I begin work on the project. I will split payments if anyone needs to, for anything $51 and over - $50 and under must be paid in one lump sum before work begins. In payment plan situations, the last payment will still be made before you receive the final product.

My paypal address is Tigerwolf.2 at gmail dot com.

Please add an extra $12 to price if you want the original sent to you. (Print if work is Digital, original if work is Traditional.) If work is digital, please add $20 to cover both printing and shipping cost.

All prices negotiable and on a case-by-case basis.

What I WILL draw:

Clean Pics

General Porn

Fetish Porn (exceptions below)

Tickle Porn (specialty)





Dinosaur King



What I WON'T draw:






Humans (though this one is negotiable - I just don't have much practice with them)

from $ 30.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Digital Painting, Toony Drawing

See my Commissions gallery folder for examples of what I’ve done. Each one has the commission type shown in the description.

If I don’t have prices listed for a format you’re interested in, feel free to ask for a quote and I’ll let you know if that option is available. This includes things like badges, icons, headshots, etc.

Commission Process:

If you’re interested, send me a private message. Once I’ve confirmed that I’m available and you’ve decided that you would like a commission, I handle all official communications about commissions over E-mail. If you would like me to send you a PM every time I E-mail you so that you know to check it, let me know.

I send PayPal invoices by E-mail. Payment is due after we finalize details, before I begin the drawing.

I don’t send Work In Progress (WIP) updates for review or offer major revisions, so please make sure you give me all relevant information and reference images before payment is sent. Anything left unspecified will be considered open to artistic license and won’t be modifiable once work has begun. Sorry if this is inconvenient, but I often finish projects in one sitting, and my workflow just doesn’t lend itself well to alterations.

I’ll post the finished work to my galleries at the same time I send you the full-resolution file by E-mail. However, minor edits like marking corrections can still be made, so don’t be shy about sending me a response E-mail letting me know if I missed something on your character ref.

Complexity charges might be added for images with time-consuming features.

Content Notes:

Characters that take up a very small portion of the image (like the gecko in this drawing) or are mostly not visible (like the prey here) won’t result in the full Extra Character fee. I’ll need to determine the exact price on a case-by-case basis, though.

I currently don’t offer commissions with visible genitals or nipples. All drawings should be suitable for a General rating.

Non-kink commissions are welcome.

Kinks other than the ones I usually draw are often welcome, but there are a few topics I’ll turn down (such as body waste, rape, and underage characters). If you would like to know what my policy is on a specific topic, feel free to ask.


from $ 15.00 to $ 100.00
Types Available: Fullbody, Icon

I only accept payment through paypal.

If you wish to commision me, please read my TOS:

"By commisioning me the client agrees to these terms:

The client may suggest changes to the piece, but major changes will be considered on a piece-by-piece basis. If the change is too drastic I may request additional payment to be made.

Once the piece is completed I will not issue refunds.

I reserve the right to, at anytime, cease working on the piece and will offer a full refund if I make this decision.

The client may use the piece as an icon, post the piece on their social media and alter the size or crop the piece as long as they give me credit."

from $ 15.00 to $ 50.00
Types Available: Digital, Traditional

Traditional work are aimed to be more abstractive, be aware they cannot be mailed.

Digital work are considered fully done OC aimed pieces that include color and background.

Leave a message if interested.

from $ 5.00 to $ 45.00
Types Available: Flat digital, Full Color Digital, sketches
No description provided
from $ 5.00 to $ 35.00
Types Available: Fullbody, Half Body, Headshot

When you commission me, you agree to all of the following terms;

I reserve the right to refuse any commission request, for any reason.
Prices listed are subject to change based on complexity of the character/kink in question.
Clear visual references and/or descriptions of the commission idea must be provided, and then a quote will be given to you by me.
Payments $100 and under must be paid upfront and in full before work is to begin. Payments over $100 can be set up as a payment plan.
Unlimited small changes are allowed in the sketch phase. Only a max of 2 pose changes are allowed. After the line work has been done, only changed to the colors are allowed.
Private commissions are available, but they have a 20% fee.

List of Do's and Don't's;

I will draw females, males, and herms.
C-boys and herms with 'hyper' assets will be refused.
I will draw gay, straight, or lesbian couples, but I will not draw lesbian anthro/human couples.
Most any species is acceptable for me to draw, except insect species and MLP.
I will not draw futuristic things. This includes, but is not limited to mechs, space ships, and advanced technology.
I will not draw any kind of firearm.
I will draw natural pregnancy, NOT sexualized or hyper pregnancy.
I will draw natural gore, NOT sexualized gore. This includes kinks like candy gore.
I will draw light inflation. Large, unnatural bulges will be declined.
I will not draw prehensile clitoris'. This means I will not draw female sergals or any other female species that have these if they are having sex.
I will not draw watersports/scat/diaper.
I will draw baby furs/cubs, but NOT in sexual situations, or implied sexual situations.
I will not draw unbirth/any kind of vore.

When buying an Adopt from me, you agree to all of the following terms;

You may not resell the adopt for more than you purchased it for.
If you plan to resell the adopt, please let me know so that I may know who owns it.
When reselling the adopt, you must link the new owner to these rules.
Small design changes can be made, but nothing too drastic, like changing the species.
Refunds will not be offered for Adopts.

Payment, Refunds, and Other

Payment is made only through PayPal. I can either send you an invoice, or send you my link.

If you would like a refund, the amount you get back is determined by how much work is done;

If I have not started on your commission, you will get a full refund.
If I have finished the sketch of your commission, but that is all, you will get a partial refund. I will keep however much a sketch commission costs. For example, if you requested a single character image, and I only finished the sketch and you wanted a refund, I will keep $10 of that commission, as that's the amount of work I put into the image. You will get the rest of the refund.
If I have finished the flat colors of your commission, but that is all, you will get a partial refund. I will keep however much a flat color commission costs.
If I have finished the shading of the image, then you cannot get a refund.
If you issue a refund, then you will lose the rights to the image, and will not be able to post it anywhere. I will reuse the image for either personal art, or a YCH commission, changing the details to either match my characters, or make them into 'base' dragons so no characters are recognizable.

I also exhibit the right to refuse any commission, should I be uncomfortable with it.
Reposting and Editing
Images can be reposted so long as proper credit is given to me as the artist, and the owner of the characters is credited. Either the commissioner, or I can request you take down an image.
Art (c) Icy-Marth, characters (c) ***** is an acceptable method of credit.
Images I draw cannot be used for role playing by other people other than the commissioner.

Under no circumstance is an image I draw to be edited or altered by anyone other than the commissioner.
The commissioner is allowed to make avatars and/or banners out of the image, so long as credit is given.