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Help Weasyl FAQ

FAQ Contents:

General Questions:

What makes your site different from others?

There are a few things that makes us different:

  • Our Staff Code of Conduct, which is publicly available, and has procedures in place to deal with issues involving mods and admins.
  • Our Collections system, an optional feature where users who create things for someone can offer that submission to that person’s Collections. Collections can also feature photographs of that person.
  • Streaming Notifications. There is a separate type of notification to let users know that you’re streaming content. Not only that, but any visitor to Weasyl can see ALL streams in progress by going to
  • Tagging, which is the way search is used to find submissions you create. Our search system can be used to filter and find any content that’s tagged properly, making it a powerful tool to find and discover artwork.
  • High file size limits. Our current size limits on content are: 10MB for images (including gifs), 15MB for mp3 and swf. Cover artwork is limited to 2MB for jpeg, 5MB for gif or png.

How do I make other users' icons appear in my profile, in a description, in a comment, etc.?

Typing either <~Wesley>, <!Wesley> or <!~Wesley>, will appear as Wesley, Wesley or Wesley.

Please see the "Referencing users" section of the Weasyl Markdown formatting help page for more information.

I submitted some artwork and it hasn't appeared on the front page yet. What's going on?

The content on the front page is updated every few minutes, so it may take a short while for your submission to appear. Also, if you upload more than three submissions, only the most recent three will be visible on the front page.

How do I edit or remove submissions and journals?

While on the submission or journal screen, there will be a category titled "Submission Management" or "Journal Management" directly underneath the Information bar. Here you will be able to edit details and remove your submissions or journals. You are also able to edit your thumbnails here.

How do I report something?

Under all submissions and journals, you will find an exclamation point with the word "report" next to it. Click the button, select what kind of violation the submission or journal is from the drop down box and write any necessary information in the text field. When finished, click the "Send Report" button and your report will be delivered to Administration.

You can view your submitted reports by clicking on My Reports, which can be found in at the bottom of the site in the footer, under Support.

Can users have multiple accounts?

Users are allowed to have more than one account, as long as it's not for the purpose of separating between art mediums or level of completeness (as that's what folders are for), for changing your username (as we have a function for that), or impersonating another individual.

Help! I can't get back into my account!

If the password to your account has been changed, or you've forgotten your password, click Log In, and then click "Forgot Your Password?" to enter the relevant information.

If you’ve been locked out of the email account associated with your Weasyl handle, contact for additional assistance.

I found something that's not working correctly on the site. What should I do?

Please email us at

Is there any way I can volunteer to help the site?

We'll let the public know when openings become available along with information on how to apply, so keep an ear out!

What’s the difference between friend and follow?

Following someone allows you to keep up to date on their site activity depending on your follower settings. By default, you receive notifications whenever they post or collect new art and characters, post journals, and if they are streaming.

Friending a user will not give you any site notifications, instead, you can view any content that the user has set to “friends-only”. Users additionally can set their shouts and notes to only be allowed from friends.

Does Weasyl have an ad service?

Currently Weasyl does not have an advertising service, though we plan to allow community ads in the future.

How do I contact someone on staff?

Our staff list can be found by navigating to the bottom of our site to our footer. Under About, click on Staff to access the page. We recommend users report content through our site features, or send an email to instead of contacting a staff member directly for assistance.

Staff members will always have a tag beside their name designating their staff rank on their comments, notes and profile. Weasyl staff will NEVER ask a user for their password.


How do I hide comments on my page?

Users can hide comments they have made, or comments others have made on their profile, artwork or journals. On the top right of a comment there is a ‘Hide’ link to remove it.

If you have received comments that violate our Community Guidelines, email with any information you have.

How do I hide my profile from guests?

Navigate to “Settings” in the top right corner of the site. Under Preferences, click on Site Preferences. Under Custom Profile Settings you can click the check mark beside “Hide my profile from users who aren’t signed in”.

Can I hide my user statistics?

Navigate to “Settings” in the top right corner of the site. Under Preferences, click on Site Preferences. Under Custom Profile Settings you can click the check mark beside “Don’t show my user statistics on my profile”.

Can I hide my favorites?

Navigate to “Settings” in the top right corner of the site. Under Preferences, click on Site Preferences. Under Custom Profile Settings you can change your settings for favorites.

“Don’t show my favorites on my profile” will only remove them from being displayed underneath your content bar on your profile.

"Hide my favorites from other users” will hide them from everyone.

How do I ignore a user?

To block another user, navigate to Settings on the top right corner of the site. Under People, click on Ignored Users. You can add users to your ignore list here, or remove them from it.

If someone is harassing you or breaking our Community Guidelines, please submit a report to and provide as much information as possible.


Can I browse content by categories?

We do not and will not have any way to browse content by global categories, since our search system is tag based. That being said, Weasyl has a powerful tag search system. If you frequently browse for one or more tags, you can search for them, and then bookmark the search page returned to you in your browser. You can return to your bookmark at any time to browse the custom set of tags you are interested in.

What types of content can you upload to Weasyl?

Weasyl supports visual art, photography, writing of all kinds, music, podcasts, dramatic readings, flash uploads, and embedded videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Is adult content allowed?

Submissions of all content ratings are allowed (excluding adult photography, due to legal reasons). Users can also rate journals Mature (18+) or Explicit (18+) if they contain content not suitable for all audiences.

How do I upload to the site?

Next to the Weasyl logo in the top left corner of the screen, there's a button that reads "Submit." Click that, and follow the instructions for the upload type relevant to your submission.

How do I submit a journal?

To submit a journal, go under "Submit", and click Journal Entry on the far right side of the page.

What are “blacklist” tag filters?

“Blacklist” tag filters allow you to block submissions that have been assigned specific tags; these filters will hide content you don't want to see.

To change what content you are filtering, click on Settings in the top right of the site. Under Preferences click on Search Tag Filters.

What are Collections, and how do they work?

Please see this help guide for information on our Collections system.

How do I use the critique feature?

While on the submission screen, there is a category titled "Additional Options". Here you can tick the check box next to "Flag this submission for critique" to enable critique on your submission. This is only meant to be used by the creator(s) of the content. This will put your submission up on the front page under the "Critique Wanted" category.

How do I customize my follow settings for individual users?

To change your default follow settings, click "Settings" in the top right corner of the site, and under Preferences, click Site Preferences.

To change your follow settings for individual users, under People, click Followed Users.

If you set a folder as a “Featured Folder”, anything in the folder will be randomly displayed (if there is more than one submission in it) as your featured submission.

To do this, click “Settings” in the top right corner of the site, under Preferences, click on Submission Folders. At the bottom of this page under Edit Folder Options, click on the desired folder and click the checkbox for “This is a featured submissions folder”.


Can I change my username? How?

Yes! The username change form is in the Preferences column of your settings. If you need to change your username sooner than is normally allowed, please send an email to

How do I delete my account?

We are not able to fully delete Weasyl accounts at this time. If you no longer wish to use your account, we recommend that you remove any personal information and other content from your profile before signing out.

How do I change what content my profile displays?

Your profile can display either submissions, characters or collections. To change this, click on “Settings” in the top right corner of the site, under My Profile, click on Profile Information. Change the option underneath “Profile thumbnail bar displays…” to whichever setting you prefer.

How do I change what content ratings I can view?

Click “Settings” on the top right corner of the site, under Preferences click on Site Preferences. Underneath Maximum Viewable Content Rating choose the option desired and save your settings. Weasyl users under the age of 18 will only be able to see content with a General rating.

How do I set my streaming status?

On the top right corner, click on Settings located near your avatar. Under the My Profile category, click on Streaming Settings. On this page you will be able set your streaming status to online, offline, or going live soon, along with setting your stream’s URL. You can also add a description to your stream here. Do not use the streaming feature to advertise that you are streaming movies or TV shows.