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Help Tagging

How Do I Tag My Work?

Upon submission of a visual, literary or multimedia piece you are prompted with a text box in which you can input tags; as shown here:

Let's assume we're uploading a visual submission. We will use this picture of Wesley as an example:

As it is stated in the Community Guidelines; each submission requires a minimum of three tags. So let's start with a few basic tags:

It's important to keep your tags as accurate and relevant as possible. For the above picture we have described the category anthro, species weasel, medium cel_shading as well as some relevant tags such as wesley (being a picture of Wesley) and drawing (depiction of such activity).

How Do I Tag My Work?

Say we want to describe the picture containing a big pencil. As described in the above shot, a single tag is locked into a box after pressing space. Multiple-word tags are separated with an underscore ( _ ), like so:

So why can't you just type "big pencil"?

As described above; the system works such that by typing a word and then hitting space bar, it is locked to a box; treating it as a single tag. This would mean that typing big pencil would result in adding two tags: big and pencil.

This results in poor accuracy as well as a pile of redundant tags, especially when a tag contains more than two words. For example, if your tag was something like this is a tag, not including underscores results in four tags: this, is, a and tag. You don't want that!

Strong vs. Poor Tags

While you may add as many relevant tags as possible, there comes a point where too much detail can result in poor accuracy. Let's take apart every single detail in the picture above and attach it onto a tag:

This is an example of weak tags that do not aid our search engine, tag filter system or make it easier to discover your work. While tags such as nose and black are relevant in that they are present in small portions of the image, they are pointless and redundant unless they bear major prominence in the image.

Let's improve these tags:

Here I have kept brown since it's majorly pertinent to the image (i.e Wesley is a brown weasel). This means tags such as brown_weasel, brown and weasel are applicable tags. If you feel you should be more specific with certain colored body parts, such as his eyes: blue_eyes would be a much more accurate tag than blue eyes.