Help Content Ratings

How Do I Rate Content I Submit?

Content rating is determined on the existence and degree of five primary factors*: language, nudity, sexual situations, violence, and drug use. The following outlines the acceptable criteria for each content rating:

General Appropriate for all audiences of all ages.
Moderate Content categorized as Moderate contains themes and imagery that are more suggestive than General but still remain suitable for minors 13 years of age or older. Overt and/or blatant depictions of mature subjects may not be categorized under Moderate.
Mature Contains imagery, themes or material that is not suitable for minors. Excludes graphic depiction of sexual content or sexual acts, including depictions of sexual arousal.
Explicit An extension of the Mature rating for content containing graphic depictions of sexual content or sexual acts. This may contain dramatized sex acts or overt sexual situations. This may contain overt depictions of sexual acts or sexual arousal.

* Please note: ratings do not differentiate amongst different species or beings.

We ask that you use your best judgement when rating your content. Please consider the intended audience and context of the content you submit. When in doubt please use a higher rating. Below is a detailed guideline for content rating criteria:


All Audiences

Contains no mature content. Must be suitable for all audiences.

Language May contain light usage of mild expletives or profanity.
Nudity Contains no nudity. Must be free of nudity or partial nudity. Non-detailed drawings of nudity (e.g. cartoons, animals, aliens, characters, etc.) is permissible. However, no appearances of genitalia, implied or otherwise, or well-defined anatomy (i.e. curvaceous breasts) are permissible. Minimal clothing such as underwear or bathing suits are permissible provided they do not meet the criteria for “Moderate” below.
Sexual Situations Contains no sexual situations. Must be free of any sexual conduct or themes. Displays of platonic affection are accepted (e.g. hugs).
Violence May contain mild cartoon/stylized depictions of blood, injury, or violence.
Drug Use May contain mild use or implied use of alcohol or tobacco.


Audiences Over the Age of Thirteen

Contains mild mature content. Content must be suitable for audiences age 13+.

Language May contain mild use of strong expletives or profanity.
Nudity May contain individuals who are minimally clothed (e.g. low cut tops, lingerie, or revealing bathing suits) and/or use provocative imagery. May contain partial nudity (e.g. breast cleavage and exposed buttocks). May not include clearly defined genitalia, nor defined nipples or areola on developed and/or postpubescent mammaries, including prominent definition through clothing. For this item, “revealing bathing suits” means:
  • Suits which barely cover genitals/developed mammaries.
  • Suits which show visible bulges.
Sexual Situations May contain mild implications of sexual activity or themes. This includes implied sexual acts, references, behavior, or the presence of mild sexual situations or discussion. May not feature fetish material or sex paraphernalia such as sex toys or gear. May not contain explicit depictions of sexual acts or sexual arousal.
Violence May contain mild violence or fantasy violence. Violence depicted must not be gory, pervasive, or sexual in nature. May contain a small amount of imagery or situations that may be disturbing to sensitive viewers (e.g., depictions of disgusting or scary content in a horror or fantasy context).
Drug Use May contain mild drug use or implied use, including excessive consumption of alcohol or tobacco. May include incidental or comedic use of drugs such as marijuana, sativa, hallucinogens or prescription drugs.


Audiences Over the Age of Eighteen

Contains mature content of a non-sexual nature. Not suitable for minors. Will be restricted to viewers 18 and older.

Language May contain persistent use of expletives, profanity, and coarse or vulgar language.
Nudity Full nudity where context is appropriately educational, documentary or artistic is permissible. Any depictions of sexual arousal must be rated in the Explicit category.
Violence May contain intense violence. May also include imagery or situations that may be considered disturbing or repulsive to the average viewer such as serious injury, disembowelment, dismemberment, and excessive blood.
Drug Use May contain depictions of drug abuse and displays of drug paraphernalia.

NOTE: Photography cannot contain any nudity on Weasyl.


Audiences Over the Age of Eighteen

Contains explicit adult or sexual content. Not suitable for minors. Will be restricted to viewers 18 and older.

Language Equivalent to Mature
Nudity Equivalent to Mature
Sexual Situations May contain explicit or dramatized depictions of sexual arousal, fluids, situations, content, or acts.
Violence Equivalent to Mature
Drug Use Equivalent to Mature

NOTE: Any depictions of bodily waste must be rated as Explicit.

DISCLAIMER: Please note all decisions on appropriate content ratings are subject to moderator discretion in conjunction with these guidelines.