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Help Marketplace

What is the Marketplace?

The Marketplace is Weasyl’s commission search tool. You can use it to find artists who are open for commissions that match your search criteria.

Searching for Artists

Marketplace currently supports the following search criteria:

  • Type of commission (e.g. badge)
  • Content (e.g. wolf)
  • Price range and currency

Type of Commission

You can select from a list of the most common commission types or enter one to search for.


You can search for artists based on the content you wish to commission by entering tags in this field. Artists who have indicated that they prefer creating the content you’re searching for will appear higher in search results, and artists that do not wish to create that content will be excluded from them.


Marketplace searches can have a minimum and/or maximum price, and you can specify your preferred currency.

If you select a different currency to the one the artist uses it will be converted for you. We use rates from the European Central Bank, which are updated daily. Note that these rates do not include fees or charges such as those charged by your credit card issuer or the artist’s payment processor.

The prices shown in the search results are the minimum price set by the artist. Refer to the artist’s terms and conditions for information about additional charges.

Search Results

Marketplace search results contain the following information:

  • Artist username, price information, and a link to their gallery.
  • The type of commissions offered by the artist that your search matched.
  • Basic information supplied by the artist, such as links to their terms and queue state.
  • If you’ve specified content to search for, a link to a search for all submissions they’ve posted with those tags.

Results are sorted by how well the artist matches the content you’ve searched for (if applicable), then by most recent upload time.

How do I get included in the Marketplace?

If you wish to be included in Marketplace searches you will need to enter your commission information and change your profile settings to indicate you are currently accepting commissions.