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Hi I'm Roxy (also known as Link, Izuku, Yue, Skyler, and Nixie). Pronouns are he/him or they/them

I am a HUGE fan of AkuRoku (Axel and Roxas yaoi pairing from Kingdom Hearts). They are my OTP and they forever will be!

My favorite game series:Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Bros., Devil May Cry, the Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Final Fantasy X.

You may not use any of my characters for anything without my permission!

Commissions are open!

Latest Journal

Changes to Some Commission Things

For character/ Fursona pillows, for characters/fursonas that have a tail, they will no longer be included with the pillows. I find that it is too difficult for me to make a tail that goes with the face, plus to me they don't look right since the face is the main part and the tail rather small. If you do wish to have the tail added it will be part of the "added details" and will cost extra.

For characters that have a caucasian skin tone, those are all postponed (I currently dont have any commissions that require that color) until further notice. The store I go to does not carry that color in fleece and I cannot find it anywhere else. I will announce when I do find it however.

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Character Pillow Plush
$ 50.00
Stackable Tsum Plush - Medium
$ 25.00
Stackable Tsum Plush - Small
$ 15.00
Stacking Plush Large
$ 35.00
Stacking Plush - Smedium
$ 20.00

Terms of Service


*must be through paypal only

*payment is expected before I start working.

*You may shipping with payment or when I am finished making the product.

*Absolutely no refunds. There is a reason why I give examples of my work.


*I am not to be held responsible for anything that is shipped out. Once the package is with the post office, it is in their hands and not mine.

*If you wish to have extra insurance put onto your package, you will be charged extra.

*If you would like faster shipping, you will be charged extra.

*I will automatically get a tracking number for the package. I would like to keep tabs to make sure it gets to you.

*I do not ship outside the U.S. sorry. Shipping charges go through the roof then and it can be a little bit of a hassle. Maybe in the future I will open up for worldwide.

Other Important Notes

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for a commission to be finished unless I tell otherwise. It does take me a while to get supplies since I do need a ride to my supplier store/ shop online (only for certain colors of fur o fleece that I cannot find in my store). If you have a specific deadline, it must be discussed and I will work around things in order to get it done sooner.

*I have the right to deny any commission if I find that it is not within my ability.

*For sewn commissions, I hand sew everything. I do not like sewing machines at all and quite frankly with the pieces that I work on, a machine can't do them.

*For sewn commissions on fursonas/oc characters, I would prefer having a clean ref. If you only have unclean refs that's perfectly fine too.

*Feel free to ask for WIP pictures

*More examples of items that I am selling are in my gallery so feel free to look if you so choose.



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