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Weasly rant

on 1 October 2016 at 21:32:20 MDT

Some thoughts

IVe been rooting for this site since day one.
In an ideal world most of the furry user base would of have moved to ethire :

Weasly or furry network.

However FurAffinity remains king.

Its a damn shame because both sites ui's in my opinion are pretty amazing.
This site has barely any rapport or interaction, lol when you look at popular image section its a piece with 100 to 200 views and 2 comments.

Also a sites weight to me is the amount of buisness I recieve from it. Im a full time artist so comms are important. FurAffinity currently is my main source of commissions and thats fine however: Both Weasly and Furrynetwork have yet to net me a single commission.

Both sites seem to just be a dump for artists. They upload at their main site and when they can be bothered they dump the rest of their art here.

Not really a bad thing, and i know both sites are still relatively young.

I dont know what im going on about ;p

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    Thanks for the watch <3

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    Thank you for the watch + fave! (´・ω・`)

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    thanks for the counter follow <3

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    Wow, someone actually gave me a fav on Weasyl! :O I haven't had one in a month, lol. ^___^ Thank you kindly!

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      oh damn im sorry man! Shame not alot of people use this site. I think it has one of the best ui's out of the art/fur sites.

      oh well

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        Usually all my traffic comes in from FA or DA (thanks to DA's groups), but Weasyl and my other galleries almost never have any activity.

        I waited to post my latest piece on FA, hoping to catch the morning traffic on the front page, but it turned out some of my watchers finally started faving/commenting on here this morning. LOL! ^___^

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    Thanks for the fav! :3