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on 9 February 2019 at 00:57:30 MST

Hi everyone!!!

First journal of the year.
I'm so glad that many people read my journals, if this were not like this, long time ago I would have stopped writting journals, because usually are very long.

So thanks again for reading me and my adventures. And check out, because this first adventure of the year will be very long.

I just came back from a concert, also the first concert of the year. Not to play, many people think that I play in concerts when I tell them I'm going to concerts very often, hehe. I'm big fan of many artists and bands, and before furry conventions, my main addiction was going to concerts, now... I take more priority to furry events, because I turned super furry trash.

This is the index of my upcoming adventure, so if you want to skip something, or you want to read directly to a point of this journal, you can do it:

-Family trip
-Nordic FuzzCon
-NSFW Inktobers magazine
-Furnal Equinox
-Texas Furry Fiesta

--Family trip.--

This adventure will start with vacations. That, believe it or not, I haven't had a vacation since... past year when I went to Cancun with Majira, Fox Amoore and Kurtt.

But...Paco, you live in vacations. Many could think that, but nop, that's wrong, and who knows me better could agree this with me: I'm working all the time, I'm a terrible workaholic bear. If I'm at home, I'm working, day and night, Monday to Sunday, if I'm traveling, I'm working in the plane during the flight, if I'm at a furry convention, I'm working (you'll always see me at a booth or a table in the artists alley, at least one day). I can't stop, and if I'm stopping, I got anxious because I know I can be working more.

I'm happy, tho. I'm living on what I wanted to do in my life, creating my own art, giving a message to the world, my own message, and there is people who is appreciating what I do. There is a famous quote that says "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." Well, I need to disappoint you but I think that's fake. Of course I do what I love, but I'm very consious I need to work everyday in my life to get the rewards of this life. I can't be rich living from this, so if I want to be traveling, I need to extra work.
Now you know why you see almost a daily post on my galleries and social networks.

So no, I'm not rich, not even millionaire, I live in a very humble rented shared department, I try to save as much as possible, sometimes expenses hurt. But in the end, we don't need to have a lot of money to do what we want, because the money is not the meaning of the happiness.

So yeah... maybe I travel a lot, but non of them are considered real vacations. This time.. vacations mean to be with my family. Yeees, family vacations!! We are going out together :D
A really long time that we hadn't been out together, not sure how many years, probably more than 10. So I'm very sure I'll enjoy it. I promised myself to not work a single bit during this trip.

So I will completely disconnected from the world, won't submit anything, won't reply on Telegram / Facebook / Twitter. I want one week to feel completely free.

--Nordic FuzzCon--

But just after the vacations are done, it starts a new trip, this time, to a place I've never been, and it will be the farthest away from home: Stockholm, Sweden.

It was a dream from many years to be able to attend this convention, my problem was that I didn't know anyone who also were attending, but this year that situation changed.

I knew about NFC many years ago for watching their ads, which are always very creative and cool, and that's how I knew about Mausie.
Because yeah, my main reason to attend NFC was Mausie, probably many people know that. But now that I met Mausie at BLFC, and he's as adorable as I could imagine, I'm going because I made many friends who are staff from NFC or just attendees, and I want to meet them in person.

This year is gonna be great!! Because their theme is Christmas!! So it is like living another Christmas celebration, only two months later.

If you are attending, I'll be in the Dealers Den, only on Thursday and Saturday. And there, I'm planning to release my new publication:

---NSFW Inktobers magazine---

31 NSFW pictures (but clean. PG rated) that I did in October, for first time printed, with a very special price, won't be expensive.

If you want to check which pictures I'm talking about, take a look back to my gallery, and you'll understand why if... it says those are Not Safe For Work, are completely clean:

---Furnal Equinox---

My third year in this Canadian convention, because... I really love it. I love how cold it is, I love going to Tim Hortons, I love to see once again all my friends I've done there.
I applied for the Artists Alley, but they haven't shown results, so... if I'll be in the Artists Alley it is still a mystery.
But if I am, be sure that I'll sell the NSFW Inktober magazine there too.

And I submitted a video for the FE2ME contest, hopefully they will choose the one I made to show it at the closing ceremonies, so don't miss this last event.

---Texas Furry Fiesta---

The first year I attended TFF, it was kind an accident, more than an accident, it was spontaneous. And now, I can't stop attending. It is a fun convention.
As the same as FE, my presence in the artists alley is not sure yet, this year I wanted to apply for the Dealer's Den but I was not accepted cries, so I'm gonna try to be at the Artists Alley, but there is by lottery, so I don't know if I'm having a place, and if I do, I don't know when.

Raise your paw if you are seeing me at any of those 3 conventions.

At NFC, it is for sure that I'll have a place at Dealers Den, you can get from me, besides the NSFW magazine, my artbook, stickers, prints, and a commission if you are one of the first to arrive to my table.
Same at FE and TFF... if I get a slot on their respective artists alley.

If you are interested to see me there and you want to be updated about if I'm having a table or not, and if I do, where and when... I'll be updating this information in my Telegram Channel:

And please, if you see me anywhere during the convention, out or in fursuit, don't hesitate to say hi, if I'm in fursuit, you'll get a fluffy bear hug.

Panda loves you a lot!!
bear hugs to everyone

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    Me gusta muchísimo tu estilo de dibujo, los personajes, los fondos que realizas y todo¡¡ Gracias por compartir tu arte.

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    alo !

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    You do really good furry faces. And your style is very classically western and cartoony. It looks like you're really experienced in this field, so forgive me for asking, but I'd love some drawing advice. Even though I rarely do actual furry art. I figure, I'm on Weasyl, I might as well learn from these guys. When in Rome and all that. So yeah, for like, a conventional anthro fur-bearing mammal, where do you usually start? And what do I need to know?

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      Hi !! Thank you very much for your words n__n
      Where I start for a mammal in general, well, I'm very used to start from the head, except when I know on the drawing the pose is the most important, so I start from there, so it depends a lot of each drawing. What do you need to know? To know how to draw real animals so that way you can easily abstract forms and shapes to create new characters, and of course, to know how to abstract geometric figures and make them feel alive.

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        Yeah, thanks for taking your time out to help me. I mean I sort of get it, but every time I try to draw something really cute that's furry, I end up with creepy and uncanny. Maybe I'll go for less exaggerated features in the future and slowly work my way back to cartoon looks.

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    You really should have more shouts on your page, because ur great!