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Hi! I'm paco the panda bear :D

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Getting Better of my Wrist Problem

Sooooo..... I'm back!!! Kind of!! Well, I've never left, but there are great news.

As you may see, I'm drawing again with my right hand, I'm not at 100% yet, my arm/wrist keeps hurting a little bit from time to time, but not as intense as before, so all the therapies, medicine, visits to many specialists and exercises have worked very well. I still have the Teres Pronator Syndrome, I still can get Carpal Tunnel, I'm still visiting doctors and physiotherapist, but they were those who indeed recommended me to start drawing again, in very short amounts of times per day and in short lapses, resting a lot, and keep doing the exercises that it seems I will keep doing fro life. But definitely it has been a huge improvement, and I can notice it in my emotional mood.

If you didn't know about what was going with me, I apologize because I hadn't shared anything here on Weasyl, I had forgotten completely to share these journals here, I shared previously two updates of my health problem on previous months:
Part 1:
Part 2:

It was definitely a rough time, and a time to get a lot of knowledge about life, goals, purposes and especially patience. It's not over yet, like nothing in this life we'll always keep working, improving, having diseases, falling down, getting up, and fighting till the end of our times. What we need to fight the most is to live in metal peace, to accept many things in ourselves and our surroundings, helping ourselves and helping others to live peacefully in this world, and despite knowing there will be eventually bad times again, never stop searching for happiness, so that way bad times will last shorter and will affect us lesser and lesser.

I couldn't draw almost anything in the past 3 months, according how was my regular working schedule before this started. because indeed I kept drawing at least with my left hand, those left hand practices surprised me a really lot, since before every time I tried to draw anything with my non-dominant hand it ended up in disaster. I will keep practicing from time to time with my left hand, the idea of being ambidextrous catches very well my attention (I promise I won't use this new skill for double work, as many have already mentioned me, hehe).

I don't want to resume work yet, maybe a week more of small practices and keep getting used of my new slow drawing pace, but all the drawings I want to do these upcoming days are drawings for myself, I didn't want to go directly to Patreon rewards and commissions, of course I will do those because I need to resume my regular for living activity. But definitely I need to slow down absolutely everything.

I really wish nobody get to go through what I got to live, to stop doing what I love to do the most in my life for some months, I even got to think I was not going to draw ever again and that scared me a lot. So something important I want to let you know, especially if you are an artist, you paint, you draw, you play music, you write, or even you work a lot on your computer: Take many breaks, for more passion you get on what you do, give yourself as many breaks as you want; stretch your body, your hands, your fingers; go and do some exercise; get better eating habits; don't go out immediately you stopped working, you also need to take care for your eyes; if you start feeling pain, it's your body who is asking you to take a break, pay attention to it; if the pain continues for many days, stop working and check with a doctor.

Never stop sharing happiness with the world! Especially during these times most of us need it!


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    Thanks for watching @pandapaco.

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    Your art is super adorable! Love it

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      Aaaah thank you so much, really!! n__n

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    You Have Incredible Art. Keep It Up😺

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      Awrr thank you so much!!

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    I love your art and this Cat's Kingdom story has me eagerly anticipating each new page as it goes.

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    Hello, how's it going panda!