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on 24 June 2017 at 23:44:05 MDT

Hello again, everyone!!

First of all I need to tell you an useless comment that I want to share with the world, I'm just back from watching Cars 3 and I need to say I LOVED extremely much!! I'm sure most of you dislike that movie series, but personally I've loved those movies, but I think the third has been by far my favorite one.

Okay... now the main topic...


As you know, next week I'm heading again to Pittsburgh, PA for Anthrocon. So if you see me around there, you can say hi, hug me or take me a picture (if I'm in fursuit, if you take me a picture in my human disguise that'd be weird), but of course respectfully, don't be one of those cringe creepers that decide to follow all my path until they consider we can turn best friends D: because that'd make me fear you more than wanting to be your friend.
I really appreciate a lot when people closes to me very happily because they found a certain paco panda n__n but please be kind, to support this great positive attitude that we should have as furries with other furries.

--Art Show--

I have some spots for the Art show this year again, I'll be displaying 5 frames there: 4 of them are original, and a digital framed pic; which you can purchase any of them. I'll bring a really big one, which will be very cheap. I'll include an indeit piece that I did only for Anthrocon, after the convention, even if nobody purchased it, I'll post it on internet so all the world can see it, but the exclusive release of this pic will be for the Anthrocon's attendees eyes. If the person in charge of the conbook decided that pic is good enough for the conbook, it will be also printed there.

At least just visit the art show to appreciate furry pics and really good anthropomorphic art, I really enjoy a lot going even if I don't bid at any picture (I almost every year end up buying something, I'm addicted to have original art from other artists in my living room wall).

--Artists' Alley--

I'll be in the artist alley again. On Friday and Sunday, not on Saturday, that middle day of the weekend I'm planing to fursuit almost all day, so that day will be the easier to catch this panda walking around. Also because I want to participate on the fursuit parade, that in my personal opinion, Anthrocon has the best fursuit parade in the world.

I'll have 8 slots to work at the con, 8 for the two days, Friday and Sunday (maybe they'll be filled in the very first day), and when I fill the queue, I'll be receiving commissions only to take home (sketches with color, on traditional), so this is one of the few oportunities to get a commission from me (because I'll remain closed for the upcoming months for regular commissions, I'm really sorry, this panda is really busy u__u).

But there are some tips I want to give you if you are planning to get a commission from me at Anthrocon:

-Be thinking about a good idea that I can work for you, if you don't have one, you can leave it up to me n__n I don't have problem suggesting poses.

-Have prepared your reference sheet (any reference of your character works for me, no matter if is not properly a ref sheet), PREFERABLY PRINTED!! If you can't print it, you can have it ready saved on your phone and I'll take a picture to your screen. Do not trust the internet of the convention center, so don't try to find your reference on FA at the moment. That almost never works.

-If you want me to draw you on your own sketchbook, try to be one of the firsts to get to me ON FRIDAY, early times the artists alley is opened. (Last time at BLFC my queue of 8 was filled in 20 minutes, so quick!)

-I'll strictly work at the con only for 8 slots, don't make me work during the convention out of time the artists alley T_T So if you are not one of the 8 first slots, I'll take your commission home and mail it to you later.

--Telegram channel--

As you know, I almost never check internet during my trips, rarely I use twitter only to update something about the convention. But a easier media to be updating constantly and also it is really easy you can be checking, is Telegram. I have a Telegram Channel where you can follow my path, and I'll be updating with news, emergency announcements, spontaneous changes, the time I'll be in the artists alley, sometimes pictures, etc etc
You can follow my Telegram channel in:

(That's not a chat room, many people has asked me very concerned that they can't write there or that my telegram channel doesn't work because they can't chat back, hehe, that's the point of a channel, you only read and are informed, that's all)

I think that's all for the moment, I really hope to have a lot of fun in Pittsburgh again, I'm not sure if this will be my last Anthrocon, because for next year I'm planning for different conventions. So I'll try to enjoy it as if this will be really my last Anthrocon X3 I'm really excited!!

See you there!!! :D :D

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    My name is Miss Rita, I saw your profile and called my attention to write you. I would like you to communicate me through my email address



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    Me gusta muchísimo tu estilo de dibujo, los personajes, los fondos que realizas y todo¡¡ Gracias por compartir tu arte.

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    alo !

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    You do really good furry faces. And your style is very classically western and cartoony. It looks like you're really experienced in this field, so forgive me for asking, but I'd love some drawing advice. Even though I rarely do actual furry art. I figure, I'm on Weasyl, I might as well learn from these guys. When in Rome and all that. So yeah, for like, a conventional anthro fur-bearing mammal, where do you usually start? And what do I need to know?

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      Hi !! Thank you very much for your words n__n
      Where I start for a mammal in general, well, I'm very used to start from the head, except when I know on the drawing the pose is the most important, so I start from there, so it depends a lot of each drawing. What do you need to know? To know how to draw real animals so that way you can easily abstract forms and shapes to create new characters, and of course, to know how to abstract geometric figures and make them feel alive.

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        Yeah, thanks for taking your time out to help me. I mean I sort of get it, but every time I try to draw something really cute that's furry, I end up with creepy and uncanny. Maybe I'll go for less exaggerated features in the future and slowly work my way back to cartoon looks.