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Inktober commissions announcement.

on 24 September 2017 at 02:04:52 MDT

I'm not taking these commissions yet, this is only the announcement of when and how I'll take them, because last year I wrote a journal very spontaneous about the opening and was filled in two hours, so many guys claimed me that I didn't announce it before so they couldn't be pending of my opening of these commissions, so... here is the announcement!! And I'll change my way to take them, keep reading.

If you don't know what I'm talking about... each year I do the Inktober challange: 31 continuing days of doing traditional inked pictures.

Look at some examples I did in years past

This year will be even better because I've been practicing inks a lot during all this year

How and when will I start taking the 31 slots??

I'll start taking these commissions on Friday, September 29th, 2017 at 15:00 (CST), that date I'll tell how exactly you can have a slot, but on my Telegram channel (

Q: What?? Why on your Telegram channel and not by a journal on your galleries as you did each year?
A: Oh! Because last year I posted it on my galleries by journals and it was a big, HUGE mess!! I had to be checking all my galleries, all my PMs on Furaffinity, Deviantart, Inkbunny, Twitter and Facebook, and I missed some messages from people who was also interested and wrote me before other guys who actually took the slot for them. So to be completely fair, that date I'll give you all the instructions to get a slot for a commission for an Inktober day.

Be preparing your references and your idea of what you want me to draw you for Inktober.


  • 1 or 2 characters (don't force to make a scene with two characters only because you can ask for two, if your scene only needs one, consider it only one; it will be the same beautiful and I can do something better concentrating all the detail in only one)
  • It will be a traditional inked painting, it will look beautiful even if it doesn't have colors, I will consider if adding some colors to the pic or not. Check my Inktober submissions from past years:
  • Safe For Work!! Not even a fetish, remember this will be shared everywhere with the hashtag #Inktober
  • Try to not be very specific, give an idea (it could be an emotion, a feeling, a song, an action), but not a very specific scene, giving detail by detail how you imagine all the scenary. It's more awesome when you let some freedom to the artist.
  • Prepare all the references you need to give me (your characters, some objects, some inspirations, etc.)
  • The slot will cost $40 (USD). You'll get a slot when you pay, so prepare the fee if you are really interested on get a slot (payments only on paypal). Remember last year all the 31 slots were filled in 2 hours. (I'll announce when the slots are completely filled, so if you arrive late, and you haven't seen on my telegram channel the slots are closed, you can join)
  • Probably I won't announce this again on a journal, so join my telegram channel and keep an eye there.

My telegram channel:

See you on September 29th n___n

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    My name is Miss Rita, I saw your profile and called my attention to write you. I would like you to communicate me through my email address



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    Me gusta muchísimo tu estilo de dibujo, los personajes, los fondos que realizas y todo¡¡ Gracias por compartir tu arte.

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    alo !

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    You do really good furry faces. And your style is very classically western and cartoony. It looks like you're really experienced in this field, so forgive me for asking, but I'd love some drawing advice. Even though I rarely do actual furry art. I figure, I'm on Weasyl, I might as well learn from these guys. When in Rome and all that. So yeah, for like, a conventional anthro fur-bearing mammal, where do you usually start? And what do I need to know?

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      Hi !! Thank you very much for your words n__n
      Where I start for a mammal in general, well, I'm very used to start from the head, except when I know on the drawing the pose is the most important, so I start from there, so it depends a lot of each drawing. What do you need to know? To know how to draw real animals so that way you can easily abstract forms and shapes to create new characters, and of course, to know how to abstract geometric figures and make them feel alive.

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        Yeah, thanks for taking your time out to help me. I mean I sort of get it, but every time I try to draw something really cute that's furry, I end up with creepy and uncanny. Maybe I'll go for less exaggerated features in the future and slowly work my way back to cartoon looks.