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Commissions for charity + NordicFuzzCon at Home

on 16 March 2021 at 12:40:39 MDT

Hello, everyone!!

A really long ago I hadn't wrote a journal here. I usually wrote journals about my experiences at cons, you know I'm always trying to share positive messages and experiences and this time is not an exception.

First of all, I really hope you're having a good time regardless the crazy year we've lived, I've also had a really hard year, but overcoming every situation. I wish all of you the best.

I miss seeing friends, I miss conventions, I know virtual conventions are not the same experience that face-to-face ones, but we're trying our best, and I think NordicFuzzCon at home is doing so great. Maybe some of you know very well that NordicFuzzCon is my personal favorite furry convention, and I didn't want to miss the chance to participate on the virtual edition. Also I'm so grateful that they invited me on many things as well.

NordicFuzzCon at Home is not only one weekend event, it is happening during all the month of March 2021, especially during weekends but also there are many activities during weekdays, check out their schedule:

I'm doing an advertising of this convention here because I'm participating on many events during this. I already participated on the Doodles for Charity on the first weekend of March, we collected really lot of money which was awesome, I did a video about it:

Also I designed the stage for the Baxxter & Burr concert in collaboration with Koidel Coyote. I did some animations for the front view and designed the sketch, Koidel did all the other views and motion graphics of the stage, it was a really cool concert, I really hope they share the video sometime and I'm gladly will provide you the link of it. It was a great cheese party!!

And this is not all, I'm participating in two more events that are going to happen this week, first one is "Paco Streams for Charity", so I'll take 10 slots that will be donated completely to the "Odsherred Zoo Rescue", this will happen next Thursday, March 18th, at 16:00 CST (or 23:00 CET) on Picarto:

100% of funds will be donated to the Odsherred Zoo Rescue, a rescue center for exotic animals in Denmark, you can check more about this campaign here:

Tomorrow, March 17th, at 13:00 CST (20:00 CET) I will post the link on my Telegram channel of where you can submit for a slot.

You will need to donate to this charity $50usd or more to get a slot by me, but you can donate anything you want, the important here is to save animals!

Remember this will be first come first serve, and there will be only 10 slots, so get prepared your reference link (SFW)
This will be a sketch with color of single characters, if you want more than one character in your picture, you will need to donate twice. I'm keeping it simple because I want to finish 10 sketches in less than 6 hours as part of the event.

The other event is Fursuits Charades, this next Saturday, March 20th at 13:00 CST (or 20:00 CET), it is going to be really fun, definitely you can't miss it out, we'll be many fursuiters trying to do our best at performing some random phrases while the audience is trying to guess what the heck we are doing, there will be many modes of game so it will be really fun!!

And...that's not all, donating to charity at NordicFuzzCon is algo giving you chances to win some awesome prizes that they will giveaway in their closing ceremonies, and they have milestones to unlock so they can give more and more prizes, one of them is the chance to get a picture by me completely free, but this if they reach $8,200. I really hope they reach it because I really want to do this. So help them and get a chance to get one of the many awesome prizes they're going to raffle:

I really hope to see you there!! It will be very exciting, I can't wait for these upcoming events. I only told you the events where I'm being part of, but check their whole schedule:

Thanks so much for reading this journal, honk in the comments if you read it complete.
And I hope some day I will write journals about physical conventions again.

loves and bamboo for everyone


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    You Have Incredible Art. Keep It Up😺

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      Awrr thank you so much!!

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    I love your art and this Cat's Kingdom story has me eagerly anticipating each new page as it goes.

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    Hello, how's it going panda!

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      Hey hello! It is going really good!

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    Me gusta muchísimo tu estilo de dibujo, los personajes, los fondos que realizas y todo¡¡ Gracias por compartir tu arte.

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    alo !