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Hi! I'm paco the panda bear :D

Latest Journal

Europe, Kittens and Fursuits

When I write journals, I usually tell my experiences at furry conventions, but this time I didn’t go to a furry convention, I traveled to Berlin to visit a friend. Also I’m not so much of telling my vacations on public journals like this one, I indeed write personal journals, like diaries, just to keep track when exactly I did what, but I rarely share them on public, those are stories I want to keep for my own experience, for my friends, and, of course, for the people I got to share them with.

I remember how solitary I was some years ago, and how much I enjoyed being that solitary. I enjoyed a lot traveling completely alone and exploring by my own, I even got to visit theme parks by my own. I was that Single Rider on the queue. I’ve always enjoyed traveling and visiting new places, but at the same time I was pretty shy and introvert. I still travel alone most of times but now my goals are to visit people and hanging out with friends who are not local. (Also some local friends have been joining my journeys from time to time, which has been also awesome to travel with them, but it was not the case on this trip I’m going to tell on this journal)

Also, very weird for so many (also for me), that I was to Berlin in July and August, but I didn’t go to Eurofurence. Actually so many who knew I was in Berlin thought that I was there for Eurofurence (the biggest convention in Europe that takes place in Berlin, Germany), and of course would have made sense, but sadly I had to go back to Mexico before the dates of Eurofurence, so my main purpose of this trip was to visit friends and celebrate a birthday.

Of course I won’t tell everything I did there, but there are some unique experiences I want to tell that happened during that trip.

24 July
Kayaks in Fursuit
Lübbenau, Germany

After have arrived to Germany, being used very quickly to the time zone with just a small amount of jet lag, and spending one day doing touristy things in Berlin; the day after we took the car, our fursuits and drove to Lübbenau, a small town one hour away from Berlin, famous for their cucumbers and pickles (or at least that’s what I could notice). We were Jazzy, Trax, Ruff and me. We rented some kayaks, something I had done before on beaches, but not on a river, which was very calm and also incredibly beautiful. It was funny how Jazzy and Ruff, who were together in the same kayak, couldn’t control the direction or how to operate their paddles, and they were crashing on the edges of the river very often, and they even trying to ram at ours while playing the Pirates of the Caribean soundtrack.

We were around 4 hours doing kayak, I could feel in my arms the amount of time we had done this, but then it was the time we were waiting for, because… we were carrying with us, all time, our fursuit heads. We started kayaking with our fursuits on, and the reaction of the people who were crossing next to us was really funny. I couldn’t understand what exactly they were saying because sadly I don’t speak German (I should), but I could see their “OMG” expressions on their faces to suddenly see a bunch of giant animals paddling kayaks.

After we were done and we had dinner, Ruff was wanting to go to swim. For me that idea at that time of the day (it was later than 18:00) was kind of crazy, I was thinking “What place to swim could be open at this time? And if it is opened, for sure is about to close”, but then it comes one of the many things I envy from these countries against mine: They searched for a close lake where we could swim, we drove and parked there, and we were swimming in a natural lake (no entry fees, no time for closing, no contaminated, no dangerous). The water was terribly cold but it was very fun and very awesome to see the sunset while we were playing silly games in the water and telling jokes. One of the moments I will keep in my memory for the rest of my life, especially because it was almost the beginning of this trip, with so many adventures ahead to live. It was a challenge to get dry, put back our clothes and get in the car again, tho! But it was a really cool experience.

25 July
Baking in Fursuit
Berlin, Germany

At the very next day, at Trax’s place, we bought everything to bake some pies. But the idea was baking anything…. In fursuit. Yes, everything in fursuit, from the very beginning to the oven part. We were Trax, Jazzy and me in fursuit, Trax only supervising the process while Jazzy and I were doing everything else. Ruff was our adult supervisor taking care we didn’t kill ourselves with knives, blender and ovens. But also she was recording (video that I don’t know if I will get to see some day).

The pies were delicious, despite they really had some fursuit furs from here to there, hehe, so definitely not a pie that we could have sold in a bakery.

26 July
Crossing a border in Fursuit
Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany / Some little town, Poland

We took a train that took us to Frankfurt, but not THE Frankfurt that is in Heese, but a small town in the west of Germany which is on the border with Poland, that is known as Frankfurt (Oder). The intention of going to this town was to cross the border to Poland, just to say I was in another country, since I had mention to Trax before my trip about all the countries I can tell I’ve been to, and that this trip I was almost doubling my countries visited, so going to another one at least for one day could have exact doubling that number, so we went. He told me that crossing a border in most of Europe was like just walking and suddenly you were in another country, and that was going to be the case with Poland; so we had the great idea to do it while we were in fursuit. Because, ¿How many have crossed a border while being in fursuit?

When we were crossing from Germany to Poland, we were already in fursuit, and it was not 100% as calm as we thought it was going to be, we were stopped by the German border patrol. (Funny that we were stopped by German police, when we were going out their country and going to Poland) They asked us for our IDs, fortunately I was carrying with my passport. I’m very sure that it was the strangest thing those officers experienced that day, and I’m very sure we gave them a story to tell to their co-workers for long time: A big cat who is from Sweden and a big panda who is strangely from Mexico were crossing the German border to Poland. They were sure we were not a problem, they laughed for what we were doing, and let us keep moving, so we ended up really crossing the border in fursuit. Yay!

The adventure didn’t finish there. First of all, I can say that my first moments being in Poland were in fursuit. We were still walking like giant cat and panda. When suddenly a lady who were just parked in front of a building waved at us, telling us things in Polish that we were not understanding, but she was inviting us to get in the building with her: we saw each other and said “Why not?”, and we accepted!

We had no idea what that building was for, but as soon as we entered, we could hear a crowd of children, then we noticed what kind of place we were: it was a kindergarten! Suddenly an avalanche of around 20-30 kids were towards us. They were all high fiving, asking us questions that of course we couldn’t understand because they all were speaking Polish; then we were playing games, they were singing songs… I really don’t have a perception of how long we stayed there, all the time we were there was completely bizarre to me, it’s not like we had planned “Alright, we’ll go to Poland and then crash at a kindergarten!”. Our sign to go out from there was when the teacher let the kids say “Bye, bye” to us, I’m glad that at least that’s pretty universal to understand; but the teachers were who had to help us to get out from there because the kids didn’t want to let us go. While they were helping us to get out, they put some items in our hands that we couldn’t see, and of course we couldn’t reject nor accept, because everything was rushed. When we were out the building, we could see that they had given us a package of cookies with chocolate, some chips, and €20. That paid our coffee and desert for that day.

At our return to Germany, we decided to go in fursuit again for some pictures on the side of the river, very few people notice us, but it was a nice way to finish our trip in there. That then we had to take out our heads and walking back to the station almost running, because our train was departing in some minutes. But well, it was delayed (and for almost half an hour).

27 July
Horror Escape Room
Berlin, Germany

Back in Berlin, and with the same group who went to the kayaks, after spending some hours visiting museums and the remaining of the wall, we went to an Escape Room. I’ve solved very few Escape Rooms, most of them have been furry Escape Rooms, I can say are really fun and definitely an activity I like to do with friends. But it was the first time I ever went to a horror theme one. Originally, it was a secret surprise Ruff and Trax were planning to do with Jazzy, because the mouse is easily scared and he didn’t want to solve a horror escape room. I like horror movies and horror stories, I even listen horror podcasts while I draw cute animals. But something that I’ve always hated was haunted houses and live horror plays, so I was truly nervous about this plan. In my mind it was not only mean for Jazzy but also for me, but of course I was pretending to be brave and also teasing Jazzy about how scary it was going to be.

What I can say is: It was really fun, way more than I expected it was going to be. Of course it was scary: I didn’t know what to expect next, and I screamed a couple of times, especially with some loud noises that popped just in my back when I had just solved a puzzle, or when the performer appeared out of the blue. But it is always gratifying to solve such a puzzle with friends. I’ve been doing a drawing about that day in the escape room that I haven’t finished, I’ve been only working on it on my free times. (Something I haven’t had since the trip, that’s why I’m just writing this journal after many weeks later).

Day finished with a Chinese buffet and a nice walking through a trail while we were watching the sunset.

28 July
Miniatur Wunderland
Hamburg, Germany

Very short things I want to mention about this day when Jazzy, Trax and I went to Hamburg. The experience by traveling by train in Germany was really amazing for me, something I had noticed since the day 1 with public transit in general. I really wish I could travel by train in my country.

Our original plan in Hamburg was to visit the Miniatur Wunderland, a model exhibit representing many places of the world with a lot of incredible details. Well, when we arrived to the entrance… it was sold out all the day! So we thought that we had traveled that long for nothing, and we started checking what else we could do in Hamburg. We did many other activities in there, like visiting the Elbe Tunnel, the WWII memorial of a church which was bombarded and remained like that, walking on the pier, and even using the bathroom of a Swedish consulate (very unmissable thing to do, of course). But while we were walking, Trax was checking on internet from time to time if there were slots available for the miniature museum, that was the main reason why we were there. And suddenly, he found exact 3 spots available at a certain time, so we could go.

I honestly had no expectations at all about that place, Trax had told me about it and I just thought it was something cool to check out. But I’m very glad we could experience it, because it was truly amazing, so many details (many of them pretty funny) on each model, we could stare at every model for a long time, we realized that we had just checked around 5 models and we had been there for 2 hours.

If you ever are in Hamburg, it’s something that definitely you can’t miss!

At our way back to Berlin, we were in a high speed train (more than 220 km/h!!), and that was a perfect place where I could teach Trax how to draw cats. Now I have many original Trax in my sketchbook!

30 and 31 July
When in Rome
Rome, Italy

One of the many stops on this big trip was to Rome. It was the destination I was more excited for, I had never been to Italy before and that was one of the cities I was wanting to visit someday, of course as a tourist, so I was in a very touristy mood at exploring Rome, and I’m glad that all the group we were there had the same expectations.

So yeah, we visited many tourist landmarks, and I’m glad we had a local furry, Drachetto, who volunteered himself to be our tour guide, and he was a really great one. We visited many famous points, like the Fontana di Trevi, many Piazzas, the Coliseum, we went to the Vatican City (I really wanted to visit it, especially for their museums and to see the Sistine Chapel in person). Oh! And experiencing how to travel in metro in Rome (it’s very similar than the Mexico City experience, all full!)

But something I would like to tell in this journal about my experience there was: FOOD!

It’s very mainstream to hear someone saying they love Italian cuisine, and I’m not the exception, I’m very basic at that aspect but I can’t help it! Italian food is delicious! So I was really excited to try the authentic and original one.

The first night I tried Pasta Amatriciana, and that was the moment I knew I was trying the real stuff, it was delicious! I had never tried a more delicious pasta before! Also all desserts we tried were indescribably good, I was imagining myself like in that food anime at trying new things.

Also coffee, it’s not a secret and it’s very well-known I’m a coffee lover, but trying their espressos was another experience, they were incredibly good. Despite making angry to the Italians because I was drinking dessert with coffee. Sorry, that’s the way I enjoy having dessert!

Talking about annoyed Italians, that was also part of my experience, how we were making Italian waiters piss off. The first night I wanted to try something different, everyone was ordering wine, but I was more excited about coffee, and at the time we had no Drachetto to tell us and suggest us what to order, and I saw on the coffee menu something called “Marocchini”, I googled it very quickly and read it was a type of coffee created in Italy, so I thought “oh, something authentic, I want this!”, thankfully I was not the only one and Trax also followed my decision and he also ordered one. The waiter judged us for ordering such a gay drink, complaining that we were in Italy and we were ordering a marocchini, it was the first time a waiter was complaining directly at me for ordering something, so I had no idea if it was a joke or what, but he double asked if we were sure we really wanted that, we confirmed! Of course I want to try that, now I want to try that more than before! He kept judging us for have ordered that every time he could, he practically threw our coffees to the table. It was not the only time, we had many complains by waiters during our time in Italy: because some people from our group were not eating pasta correctly, that we were requesting the check very soon, joking about pineapple on pizza, or that some of our group ordered tea in a coffee shop. Honestly, all that was pretty funny, I was very used that waiters try their best to be the kindest as possible, and those experiences made the moment even more honest. I think this world would be a better place if everyone were more honest, and waiters don’t need to fake their mood just because they want to earn their tips. I was feeling more comfortable at no needing to feel pushed to leave tip at restaurants, and just leaving them when I thought they did a great service.

Pizza… authentic pizza… it was nice!

I think one of the nicest moments was the very last night in Rome, when all our group were having dinner together, and after it we went to a park in the middle of the street where many people were having beer, we all bought beer, sit down in a circle in the park, just talking and enjoying our last moments in Rome.

3 and 4 August
Cruise and more tourist time
Pompeii, Naples and Pisa, Italy

Main reason I traveled to Europe, besides visiting Trax, is was for the plan of celebrating a birthday in a cruise. This had been planned for more than a year ago, and it was finally happening. I’m not totally sure yet if a cruise is my type of vacation, I know many of my friends enjoy a lot because is convenient and they spoil you a lot, but the few opportunities I’ve been able to experience such a rich trip like that is mainly because friends, and I’ve enjoyed those times mainly for the company than the ship itself. It was also the case of this trip, I enjoyed it for having the right company aboard.

The times I enjoyed the most was when we anchored in a port, it was the perfect excuse to explore places that otherwise I didn’t know how I was going to visit. Like Pompeii, a place that I wanted to visit in person after watching so many documentaries about it. Naples, where we tried more pizza. And Pisa, where I had to take THE emblematic touristic picture, because is one of the things you MUST-do when you’re there despite the trashier you look.

5, 6 and 7 August
Fursuiting in the Cruise
Cannes, France / Palma and Barcelona, Spain

Every stop it was touristy time, also it was my first time in France ever. Something funny is one of my first experiences in France was a lady from a coffee shop flirting in Spanish to me “Hola, papi chulo!”, I guess she likes Mexicans, a shame I’m gay. We got to swim in Cannes, just like Mr Bean did at the end of the movie. We also went to Palma and Barcelona, my times that I thought I was going to use my Spanish, just to realize they speak Catalan mainly, and everything is in Catalan. But we got to eat churros, see la Sagrada Familia (a temple I really want to see in person), and more touristy things.

It was cool, but funny that the experience I want to tell from these days happened more in the ship than in land. We had brought our fursuits with us. We were a group of 16 furries, and 7 of us had brought fursuit, and those three days in a rough we decided to wear them in the cruise. We made a chaos every time with the guests and the crew, they all were very happy to see us, they wanted to say hi, many kids wanted to hug us (even those who were going out from the pool, oh no!), they wanted to take pictures with us. Every time we were in the upper deck, it was so difficult to go out from there because everyone was wanting to stop us for pictures, hugs or high fives. It was really fun every time, despite how unbearably hot the weather was. We couldn’t be more than 30 minutes each time we went out.

We walked out in fursuit three days in a row, and it was the third of those days when we were noticed by the security of the ship. I’m not sure if they hadn’t seen us on the two days before or what happened, but that third day they were confused because it was out of their protocol: “What to do when a bunch of giant animals show up in the ship”. They had to stop us and watching us not to move while the security chief talked with “our leader”, in this case was Trax, who was taken to a little room for asking him questions. After some minutes later, we could see the door opening, and the giant cat going out in front of the security guard, who told us “okay you’re all good, you can keep… doing whatever you’re doing!”. Despite we had the respective permission to keep walking in fursuit, we wanted to stop for that day, we had been in fursuit for long already.

Something I loved so much in our times fursuiting all together: we were all trying to keep the magic at every time!

Kamuniak took really amazing pictures!! There are some in the Dropbox folder I’m sharing at the end of this journal.

I really liked everyone on the group we were. From all of them, I only knew 4 people before, the rest of them were completely new people to me, and I really liked everyone. And it was that night after fursuiting that we were going to have dinner together in a very fancy restaurant in the ship, that we all were in the most furry-trash outfits we could go, some of them were even wearing tails. At first I was wearing a decent outfit, not super elegant but it was a buttons shirt (with some dinosaurs, hehe, but it was the fanciest shirt I had), but when I saw everyone was agreeing to go very furry, then I changed my outfit to a stamp t-shirt with a raccoon on it. That’s when I thought “yes, I really like this people!”

8 August
Cats in France
Agaccio, France

One of my favorite days from the cruise part. Some of my group were debating if go to Agaccio or not. For me it was for sure I wanted to go, because I really wanted to go out the ship and explore any stop we made, I never know when I’m returning to those places again. What is in Agaccio? I had no idea! I had to research very quickly on internet and I found that it was the island where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. I found we could take a bus ride to see the island and we took it.

It was at our return from the bus that the most interesting part happened. We walked to a cats shelther that we had tried to enter before the bus ride but at the time it was closed, but when we went back it was opened. The one who let us in was a lady who didn’t speak anything but French, which communication was difficult, but there was another one who could speak English. She was happy we decided to visit the shelter but at the same time a little bit confused why a bunch of tourists decided to stop by a shelter instead of exploring the place or doing touristy things. We could pet the cats, they all were very lovely (except the tuxedo cat, the one that looked like Trax, he was very aggressive). And after spending an amount of time with the cats, we decided to buy some of the few merch they had and make extra donations. That’s when they were even more surprised we were randomly donating money to the shelter, I’m sure is not something that many tourists do there. They were even wanting us to adopt a cat, wish we could!

A very lovely experience that made our day. Definitely cats are very therapeutic!

9 August
Mario Kart at the Airport
Civitavecchia and Rome International Airport, Italy

Our days in the cruise were done and we returned to the Rome International Airport to our respective destinations, I was going back to Berlin with Trax. Many of us had to take a taxi directly to the airport, some of them took a taxi to Rome instead. Problem is that we had to take the taxi at 8 in the morning, despite our flight was until 15:00, but what else we could do when carrying giant luggage with us.

Cool thing is that we were not the only ones in our group who were waiting for our airlines to open their desk to leave our luggage. Some of them had carried with their Nintendo Switch and had Mario Kart, so we paired them and we were playing like in the advertisings. Others were playing card games (Magic), so that’s when I thought again “Yes, this is the people I like to hang out!”

It was a long airport day, we had to take two flights with a layover in Frankfurt (THE Frankfurt), and when we landed in Berlin and we were waiting for our luggage, oh surprise, it was missed. I had never got lost my luggage before this trip, I had been in more than 100 flights in my life and I was lucky enough that my luggage always arrived. But the very first time it didn’t arrive was in my flight from Mexico to Berlin, that I waited forever in the baggage claim and I had to report it, and I got it back days later directly to my friend’s address. And the second time ever was some weeks later… exactly at the same airport!! Almost exactly at the same carousel and we had to go to the exact same desk I had been some weeks before, aaah!!

Fortunately, this time I had added an Air Tag to my bag and I could track it, we could see our luggage was at Frankfurt’s airport. So we reported them and go.
That night we ordered pizza, the non-Italian style one, and we ordered Hawaiian Pizza because pineapple :)

12 August
Was this real or did I dream it?
Berlin International Airport, Germany

Days after the cruise were more relaxing days, very enjoyable relaxing days. All time drinking coffees and latte macchiatos. But those were days that I had no clean clothes because all my clothes were in that missing bag that was not arriving. From the next day we arrived I could track it due the Air Tag that it was already at the Berlin’s airport, but they were supposed to bring them to Trax’s address like it happened last time, but simply was stuck there.

According the status on internet, only one bag had been found but the other one was still missing. But it was a point that I really needed my luggage back, and I knew it was at the Berlin’s airport. So we decided, after 4 days waiting for it, to go and grab it personally. We had no idea if that was something possible, because the more we called to the airport, the less they were answering. So this is our journey of that time, that I thought it was going to be less interesting than how actually it was:

We arrived to the airport not knowing where to ask or where to start, but in an information desk told us to search for the “Lost & Found” room, something that didn’t exist at all but we found the “Baggage claim” room. A little door with a doorbell like if it was a house apartment, they were some few people also waiting outside that door and they suggested us to ring the bell, they were also waiting it to open. When they opened, they asked us which airline we had traveled from, I just said “Lufthansa” and they let enter a group of people who were coming from a certain airline, but then 2 minutes later they opened the door again and they let us in without asking us again our airline, they just trusted.

When we entered to that place, we were in a small room full with luggage, I thought our luggage could be in that place, so I checked on my phone but according the Air Tag, my bag was not there. But no, they didn’t make us stop there, they made us enter to another door that was directly inside the airport. So, suddenly, we were already in the airport, we didn’t cross any type of security, we didn’t show our IDs, nor our luggage tags: nothing! But we were already there with the rest of passengers, just following the lady who let us in. She leaded us to another door that was directly to a huge hangar that was packed of luggage, I’m sure we were seeing more than 1,000 unclaimed and missed bags in that place, they were organized in streets so we could walk in long halls of luggage. The lady who leaded us to that place disappeared, so that’s when we thought we could start searching for our bags. Mine was really easy to spot due the Air Tag, the “Find My” app leaded me with an arrow where exactly my bag was, it is the first time I found really useful those tags. But Trax couldn’t find his. He had to ask to a lady with a laptop about his bag, she checked in her system and she told him that his bag was actually found and it was already in the way to his address. So…. It was my bag the one that was not found yet! But I could found it in seconds!

We left that place with my luggage, and we exited the airport like any other passenger. That’s when we started discussing how strange that experience had been, it was like one of those dreams that for more you analyze what during the dream was very logical to you, the more you’re finding it had no sense and it was very illogical. I wouldn’t have been surprised if at that moment I had woken up and realized all that was a dream. It made no sense! The little door that looked like an apartment door, ringing the bell, just saying the magic word “Lufthansa” and suddenly we were in the airport with no more questions and not crossing through security, my friend even had a backpack with him, being in that huge hangar place with lots of luggage, going out that place without even being checked if we were taking just our bags, if I were a not very honest citizen I could have taken two more bags with me and nobody would have said anything. Everything was really weird!

But we had our luggage back with us! Yay!

13 August
Bowling in Fursuit
Berlin, Germany

Bowling day!! I remember the time I didn’t like bowling, I considered something boring, but it was when I discovered the fursuit bowling that I started loving it, and then I also enjoy bowling without fursuit. But what a best thing in the world than being in a foreign country with local friends and going to play bowling in fursuit. We were 7 fursuits, including Jazzy, Trax, Lupe, and my friend Shorty who went to Berlin that weekend just to see me, and I was really happy to see him! He’s a really good friend who I always try to room with at NordicFuzzCon, and this was the first time I was seeing his newest fursuit in person, the one I helped him to design. (Also he’s a great fursuit performer, he’s one of my biggest inspirations at acting in fursuit, as the same with Steel, Barley and Karpour)

There were many highlights at that bowling day, surrounded by cute fursuits and at the same time great friends. One extra anecdote to tell while we were playing, when the waiter asked us what we wanted to drink, I requested some water, I was really thirsty, I didn’t want anything sugary nor with flavor, just water. Oh! They brought me a super fancy bottle of water, it looked more like a very fancy cognac bottle than water, and I just thought “Oh no, how much am I going to pay for this?”. I drank it and yes, it was… water! It costed me €6.

Before taking out our fursuit, we played some other games in the bowling place, like air hockey, and we were making smile many people in the place who were definitely not expecting to see a bunch of giant animals.

That day culminated with many cakes (I blame Jazzy for have bought so many cakes!) and watching movies with all of them.

A day later we went Ruff, Trax, Shorty, Jazzy and me to a park to one of those pedal boats, it was a very cute day. And then to have dinner in a very stereotypical German restaurant where I finally tried the Schnitzel and a jar of beer. It was the dinner to say goodbye to Germany, but for sure I’m coming back!

15 August
The Dutch Cute Magazine
Amsterdam International Airport, Netherlands

I’m a big boy and I went by my own to the Berlin’s airport by transit. Not before having a last breakfast together of the trip with Trax.

At this point I thought nothing interesting was going to happen, but in my first layover, that was at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, I had in mind to buy a magazine that I had seen on my outbound trip, which layover was also at that airport and I had seen a magazine which illustrations were made by my friend Henrieke, a magazine titled “Woezel & Pip” and I regretted at the time for not buying it when I saw it. I still regret it. Well, I had in mind to arrive to that airport again and going directly to the same book store where I had seen it and buy it, but I couldn’t see it again, it was gone, not a single spare copy. I had taken a photography of it when I saw it for first time, but in this photography there were visible two magazines, the other one which I was not looking for was also very cute, it had an absolutely cute blue bunny and it was titled “Bobo”. I asked the lady who was in charge of the book store if they had any of those magazines (yeah, at that time I was also looking for the other one, but I couldn’t see any of them), she said “Oh yes, I’ve seen them around, let me check”, she started checking and she realized the same I did, there were not there anymore, so she checked on her system and she confirmed me “Oh no, they are sold out, I’m sorry!”. She asked me if I was often to Netherlands, I told her I’m from Mexico and I’m rarely there, then she was even more sorry, I told her it was okay, it was not like the end of the world, I kept checking other magazines and books in the store, and I could see how she was still searching. Super nice! But after many minutes I decided to leave the place, I said goodbye to that lady who was helping me to search, and she told me “I was very sure I had seen a spare one somewhere else, such a shame, well, I hope you have a nice trip!”

I had to wait many more hours at that airport for my next flight, so I had lunch there. It was almost 19:00 and all the stores at the airport were closing, I walked again outside that book store that was already closing their curtains, and I could see how this lady saw me and run towards me with a copy of the “Bobo” magazine. Aaaaah, she had found one! Not the one I was looking forward the most, but it was really nice of her that she found one and she was looking if for some reason I was walking the place again! Of course I bought it, I wanted to give her some tip but she refuses, I was kind of embarrassed for that, I really don’t know which cultures accept tips in a good way and which ones not at all. But she had done a really amazing service, she made me feel very special, and wow, she even remembered me. I guess a Mexican in Netherlands is very easy to remember. But it was a really nice experience.

That day I was back to Mexico, all the rest of the trip was very smooth, but of course I arrived incredibly tired home.

Say “meow meow” if you are reading to this point, even if you’re not a cat.

I got to live even more experiences that the ones I told on this journal, but I think I would write a complete book about it, and I really wanted to tell only the interesting ones. When I told Roni (my boyfriend) my adventures and experiences from this trip, I was 4 hours just telling him what had happened in all those days, and in the upcoming days I keep telling him more and more things that I had missed to tell him before, even today I got to tell him more than I had forgotten to tell him. So yeah, it would be really long.

If you want to see some of the pictures I took, check out this link:

Such a shame I couldn’t stay longer for Eurofurence, I’m sure I would have lived even more adventures, and especially because many of my friends that I haven’t seen in a long and that I couldn’t see in this trip, attended the convention.

I’m very sure I’m coming back to Berlin, and for sure I want to go to Eurofurence!! Thank you so much for the few who got to listen this journal! And if you were part of this adventure and we got to hang out, I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you!! D: But it was truly an amazing time and I’m glad I could share time with you!


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    Your art is super adorable! Love it

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      Aaaah thank you so much, really!! n__n

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    You Have Incredible Art. Keep It Up😺

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      Awrr thank you so much!!

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    I love your art and this Cat's Kingdom story has me eagerly anticipating each new page as it goes.

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    Hello, how's it going panda!

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      Hey hello! It is going really good!

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    Me gusta muchísimo tu estilo de dibujo, los personajes, los fondos que realizas y todo¡¡ Gracias por compartir tu arte.