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Aventuras en Confuror (Español/English)

My Adventure at Megaplex and IndyFurCon 2019

Attending Megaplex & Indy FurCon

My adventure at Fur-Eh. Alberta, Canada.

Will be my first time at Fur-Eh

My BLFC 2019 adventure

Back to BLFC 2019

Paco Panda World Tour 2019

I’ll be at Texas Furry Fiesta

NFC / Furnal Equinox / TFF

From Anthro NortWest to Midwest FurFest

Confuror 2018 - The mexican convention.

The Megaplex adventure

FurCan review / Megaplex GoH / 10 years as furry

Reasons to attend Megaplex 2018

The great Paco Panda adventure

Panda at BLFC!!

I'm going to Furrnion

Cancun and Furnal Equinox: The whole adventure!

TFF / Mexico / Furnal Equinox

I'll be at Texas Furry Fiesta

FC 2018: A Californian adventure

2018, California and Further Confusion

My MFF 2017 experience

MFF 2017

Inktober commissions announcement.

Furmeet GDL + Megaplex GoH (ESP/ENG)

Anthrocon 2017 + trip around 3 countries



BLFC 2017

Viernes de Podcast!!

BLFC and Anthrocon badges commissions + Stream

Long trip experience: FE + TFF 2017

Furnal Equinox + Texas Furry Fiesta

Colorpencil tutorial + FurnalEquinox + Artists'Alley

Top 10 favorite movies 2016

MFF 2016 Recap

Anthrocon experience


BLFC / Art & Biro comic / Anthrocon (ENG / ESP)

Expectations of fans to their idols (ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL)

BLFC 2016

Artists and popularity (ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL)

Coldplay / Weekend / MFF / BLFC / many things I want to tell

Patreon: new chance to continue my comic.

Top 10 favorite 2015 films

La entrevista (The interview)

HOY: Entrevista en vivo a las 22 hrs CST

Entrevista en vivo: 23 de Octubre.

Me at Midwest Furfest.

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