Hi everyone!

I'll try to upload stuff here as frequently as possible.

Please don't despair and hope you can check again every now and then for new uploads :)

The idea for this gallery is to keep it updated only with what I believe are my best works up to date. I'll also try to keep it as clean as possible, but if you find an adult submission then I can promise you that it's also of a great quality and totally worth your time!

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About Commissions and Noting Here

on 9 May 2018 at 08:01:11 MDT

Hello everyone!

After getting quite a few notes here, I thought I’d go ahead and explain as to why I don’t respond to them right away. You see, I’m quite busy with the arts and tend to overlook them; however, to avoid this in the future, I thought it best to go ahead and explain the best way to contact me about COMMISSIONS.

If you want a commission, go to and fill out the requested information. BEFORE you do that, please read the following webpages:

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Bust Pinup

Single character with simple background
$ 48.00


Single character with no background
$ 80.00
add  Background
$ 30.00
add  Extra character (up to 5 characters)
$ 35.00

Knee-up pinup

Single character with no background
$ 64.00
add  Background
$ 16.00
add  Extra character (up to 5 characters)
$ 25.00


Single character, front and back views, color palette, written bio, two close ups
$ 80.00
add  Extra close up
$ 15.00
add  Extra full body shot
$ 25.00

Simple Character Design

Cheap reference for characters without previously created art
$ 50.00

Simple Colored Sketch

Includes single character with no background
$ 32.00
add  Background
$ 8.00
add  Extra character (up to 5 characters)
$ 16.00

If you wish to commission me, you can always request a spot on my personal website:

There you'll find all the types of commissions I offer and the respective prices. If you decide I'm the right artist for your idea, then you can apply for a spot here:

If for any reason I'm not available to accept commissions at a specific time, I can always put you on a waiting list for the following two months. If there's an even more pressing issue that won't allow me to accept commissions at a certain point, I'll update my status here. But never hesitate to ask!


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    Amazing art - followed

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    Found you! ♡

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    I love your work beyond words and I hope one day I can get a beautiful piece from you in the future. ♥

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      Wow, thanks!
      I'm really trying my best to do a good job and be a better artist. I'm glad that at the very least I'm not as lost as I thought, because people like you enjoy what I do :D

      I hope to be able to work with you in the future too! I plan on opening commissions here as soon as I can put together my personal commission website in the following months.

      Don't despair! If you can keep up with me in this account, I'll promise I'll come to it eventually :)
      In the meantime, feel free to browse the entire gallery for anything you like. I'll also try to upload more frequently :)

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    Seen some of your artwork around and it's great!

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    Hi! I'm going through a list of everybody I watch on FurAffinity and re-watching them here on Weasyl. Glad I was able to find your account here!

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      Thanks! Better to have our watches in more than one place these days :P

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    *poke poke* heya ^^