No Longer Updating Here. But You Can Catch Me At... by ABD

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No Longer Updating Here. But You Can Catch Me At...


24 July 2018 at 21:51:42 MDT

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    Bye then

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    Darn it, sorry to see you go. Hope you change your mind! (Or get a cross posting tool like postybirb)

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    Really sucks to see a good artist once again abandoning this site. Most will complain that its a lack of traffic....well sorry traffic would be better if artists would not be so damn cowardly and help boost this site up rather than POS sites like FA.

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      Well, for example, I came here from FA, I'll upload more my arts and I'll hold this page along with a page on FA :3 And I think there will be a lot of artists who will do the same, don't worry ^^

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    Funny enough I was talking with some friends about this site is under the radar because of FA but when FA goes wrong with something they all flock back here.