Figured I'd expand my horizons and get outta my comfort zone by starting an account here. Really only interested in sharing cool artstuffs.

I'm pretty shy and not good at writing so just know that I appreciate all favs and comments, even if I don't respond back.


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Letting the cat out of the bag

on 24 May 2017 at 17:00:11 MDT

Copy/pasting this from my other account with some changes to perspective. Deep breaths.

Alright, so let's get this out of the way first:
thecoastisnear thecoastisnear <---- that's me. That's my nsfw/"hard furry" account. ​If you're under 18 I hope you have your maturity filters on. There might be some relatively weird stuff there, mainly transformation stuff.

"Wait, what?" ​It probably won't come as a surprise to most of you that, whoops, I'm a furry. I've known I've been into furry stuff since probably my early middle school days. Stumbling into transformation stuff came around the same time. In fact, TF was probably my introduction into the furry community. Let's just say that when I was a youngster, I was fascinated by (i.e. probably had a crush on) various cartoon characters, and one Google image search led to another.

And because how the internet generally felt about furries many years ago, not to mention growing up with homophobic, super-conservative family and friends... I've had to suppress and hide this stuff for a very, very long time. To the point where I was a furry-in-denial ("I'm not a furry, I just like the character designs!") up until I started my Coast FA account.

So, why am I doing this now? Well, nowadays I'm seeing a lot more positivity about this stuff online. I'm an adult now, I've (hopefully) demonstrated how responsible I am so people would leave me alone. I've made friends and acquaintances with furries and just some generally positive people over the past year or two, on both my identities. I'm seeing professional artists in lucrative positions who are more or less openly furry and drawing, well, damn good porn. However, even after now that this is out there, I'm afraid. Afraid that my identity will be smeared by people trying to show how "problematic" or "autistic" I am.

One thing I've promised myself is that I would never delete any of my accounts out of embarrassment or depression or anything like that. I hate it when some of my favorite artists and people do that so I wouldn't want to subject any of you guys to that.

The thing is, I don't want me, as a whole person, to be well-known for this. I want creative freedom. I don't want this other side of me to be the main part of my identity. I'd be fine if I was "that cool dude who draws cute/cool things and maybe does some self-indulgent trash on the side". I just want to be an adult who does my own adult things on my own adult time.

What I do want to be known for is my creativity and skills. Well, actually, I'm not really that creative. Like at least 90% of my art across both accounts is pokemon related. But stuff like the design of my Werebass character is one of the most unique and creative things I've ever done. That's something I'm more than willing to share with everyone. As for my art skills, well, compared to where I was two or three years ago, I've improved so much and I'm really proud of myself. Learning to draw well enough to express my ideas was one of my lifelong dreams.

tl;dr, I'm furry garbage but i've suppressed that shiz for my entire life. Having two separate identites was fine, but keeping them separate was limiting my creative freedom.

If you have any questions, I'll try my best to answer them. Consider this an impromptu AMA.

For now on the "Unclear" side of things, I'm only sharing this on my FA and Weasyl accounts and may delete this very soon.

P.S. I'm also starting a Twitter account for my "Coast" identity: @thecoastisnear. It's gonna be NSFW so 18+ followers only, please. For general life updates and my SFW/"professional" art, I implore you also follow my longtime Twitter account @DoctorNuclear. I might follow back... if you don't post too much politics. :-P

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