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Major rework of my fursona Jin

After a long, long journey of searching for myself and reflecting on my own personal experiences (from what I went through up to now), years after years, I have finally decided :

Jin is now a full-force healer/tank.

He has always been my fursona, my reflection, of who I am and who I aspire myself to be. But a lot of times I still didn't quite know exactly what I want him to be.

But now, I've learned that :
I am a pacifist, a "gentle giant", only wanting to help others in their time of need, with my all and more.
I am too soft to ever want to pick a fight, and hold myself during one, with anyone else, be it physically or verbally. I only endure through the storm and wait to see the rainbow at the end.
I like drawing/designing weapons, but I don't exactly see myself as one that has what it takes to actually use them.
And I also feel that the healer/tank role in games so natural to me, like I was born for them and they were made for me. The damage-dealer role never quite appeals to me as much.

Jin is the same as me, and more.
He is also kind of a loner like me, too.
I usually imagine scenes in inns, taverns, bars, where everyone sits together sharing their epic moments of taking down dangerous monsters, fearsome beasts, notorious criminals, while Jin simply sits at a corner and keeps to himself, not getting the credit he deserves for being on the receiving end of all harm's way, while keeping his teammates in good shape.

Another thing is,
I have forgiven my ex, time and time again, despite all the harm he has done to me.
I still give him another chance, despite all the damage he has caused to me.
And I still wish him the best of luck with his new love life, despite all the hate he's thrown my way.
Because that is who I really am at heart, even though a lot of times I don't see it myself, doubt it, and have lost my way in the midst of chaotic, negative emotions clouding my own senses and judgement.
I am a lover. Not a killer, not an executioner.
I want to believe, put my trust, and have my faith, in the good of others, even if they cannot see it or outright deny it themselves.

And for that,
At the end of all things considered, I would like to shout out to this music video for rekindling the flame of the healer and tank in my heart, when I needed it the most.
Please always remember, you are not alone, and there is always someone out there wanting to help you out of your troubled times.
Please always remember,
This is not the end of me. This is the beginning.
This is not the end of you. This is the beginning.
This is not the end of us. This is the beginning.

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Weapon Design : Custom Designs and Colors
$ 15.00

WHAT I OFFER (including, but not limited to...)

  • Bladed weapons : long sword, short sword, katana, odachi/nodachi (whichever is the right term I guess), tanto, saber, machete, cutlass, dagger, knife, great sword, claymore
  • Blade/blunt weapons : axe, tomahawk, hatchet
  • Blunt weapons : hammer, mace, war club, maul, mallet, morning star
  • Polearms : bo staff, quarterstaff, pole-axe, pole-hammer, halberd, spear, trident, bardiche
  • Firearms : pistol, revolver, hand-cannon, assault-rifle, SMG, heavy machine gun, sniper rifle
  • Others (for now, may have more in the future) : magic scepter


  • For melee weapons, it usually takes me up to 2 days.
  • For firearms, it might be longer (or a lot longer), ranging from 3-6 days.
  • I'll try to keep my standard in both quality and speed, but please note and understand that I cannot give specific, exact deadlines. Also please don't rush me.

PRICE RANGE (may vary depending on the complexity of the design)

  • Small/simple weapons like dagger, knife and handgun : $15+
  • Medium-sized weapons like long sword, short sword, axe and mace : $20+
  • Large-sized, two-handed weapons like great sword, dane axe and most types of polearms : $25+
  • Other types of firearms : $30+ (trust me, they're not easy to do)


  • If you want the same weapon but in two (or more) variants, with different color schemes : $5 for each extra variant
  • If you change your mind and want your weapon recolored after it's finished : $5


  • A full-resolution pic of the design, with transparent background !




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    You're back! :D

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      Oh hey there dude :D
      Yes, yes I have. And better than ever !

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          Been a while, isn't it ?
          And with so many crazy things in life too.
          But here I am again. For more good old weapon stuffs.

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            That's good, life's been crazy for me too, but I'm glad you're back :3

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              Yep I do be back indeed :)
              And as you can see, with lots of changes too, from my sona to my weapon designs and everything in between ;)

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                I can definitely see! Is a good change of pace and I'm just happy to reconnect with ya again. :O