I'm a swedish Pokémon cyborg who likes to draw, play games, watch tv shows of different kinds and movies and also collecting Transformers and Lego.

I dream of becoming a game designer, or making tv shows.

Please don't ask for requests. It will just make you look like a fool.

Actually, I'm doing a lot of projects, some I don't want to tell yet due to reasons (it would probably help to get those published in some way if I don't upload them online, or it's just a bunch of horseplop).

But one of those projects is a comic series named Magical Guardian Magus Doe, which is a super hero series with a doe with magical powers that has to defend the world from invaders from another dimension. I hope I can make it big.
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April updates

on 9 April 2019 at 05:15:24 MDT

I would have done this earlier, but I didn't have time and not really much to say.
But now I can say that I finished the script for issue three of Magical Guardian Magus Doe and I'm currently working on all the pages.
Not sure if I will get it all finished this month or the month after, but in the meantime so can you buy the previous two issues of my comic at my Gumroad store:

Seriously, it would help me a lot if you bought them, but more importantly that you like them.

Then in two weeks so will Avengers End Game come to cinemas world wide, and I can't helo but be excited for it, and can't wait for Spider-man: Homecoming to come out later and build up to something new.
I haven't seen Captain Marvel yet, but I hope it will at least be watchable, and don't worry, if I would have any complaints for the movie so will it be reasonable.
I mean, people have no right saying a movie starring a female super hero is too political if they're ok with Captain America's movies which were all political thrillers in some ways.

Back to positive stuff. My birthday is on the 1st of May, just so you know.
I don't really wish for anything special, I still have to wait exactly one week after it for Detective Pikachu to come out on cinema (yes, the cinemas in Sweden decided to premiere the movie two days before the rest of the world).

That's all for now, how are you all doing?

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