I'm a swedish Pokémon cyborg who likes to draw, play games, watch tv shows of different kinds and movies and also collecting Transformers and Lego.

I dream of becoming a game designer, or making tv shows.

Please don't ask for requests. It will just make you look like a fool.

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About the future (please read)

on 13 December 2017 at 08:03:13 MST

Christmas, Hanukkah, and all other winter holidays are getting closer and closer, and I'm sitting here trying to work on stuff and waiting for people to commission me because I'm currently broke. X(

All I know about Christmas next week is that I'll be visiting the family (though I'm not sure of how long I will be there)m and that's it. I mean, I don't exactly wish for anything special for Christmas so I told everyone to just get me something I might find fun or useful.
When it comes to gift arts so have I been a bit too busy for that. Maybe I'll get to do at least one or two, but who knows?
I would certainly be surprised if anyone drew me something as a Christmas gift this year.

I will also try to get a video done this month. What will it be? You'll just have to wait and see. ;)

I hope you're not tired of this, but I do feel a need to remind people that I'm still doing commissions (and yes, I am aware it may be because people don't read journals, but let's not dwell on that):
(May update the pricelist next year to show of any improvements I may have made)

And there's also the thing with Patreon. I would still be thankful if you supported me there, but the folks at Patreon have decided to make it so that the Patrons may pay for any fees the creators would usually pay, which of course would make it so that Patrons pays more.
That's gonna be a lot if you support several creators there, and the haters who already hates the site and people using it to help their living will have more reason to hate on it.
But I'm still gonna put a link here and hope that Patreon won't do that crap:
UPDATE: Patreon listened to all the creators and supporters, and they will not roll out their fee change!

Another choice to support me is Ko-fi, because they don't force you to pay any fees for using it:

So I wish you all a happy holiday and hope you will have a good time! Also, be strong!

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