For those that don't know me, I'm just a guy that likes to draw boobs, bellies and butts, preferably of the big and cuddly variety; though I'm really a very complicated person. :)

Sometimes I draw muscle stuff, and even some inflation and macro too! X3

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on 17 February 2018 at 18:06:56 MST

Fairly recently, someone asked me a question over how I could be interested in the stuff that I draw; specifically the "huge boob" stuff.

"Why do you do this?", they'd ask. "What about it is so appealing to you?"

It's not a particularly new question mind you; I've been getting comments like this ever since I first started drawing fetish art back in 2007 (and in many cases, they asked that question in a... less than pleasant manner).

And well, to be honest, I have no idea why I'm interested in the things that I draw. ^_^;

I guess the best answer I can give is that I'm just fascinated with the idea of characters with massive breasts (and other parts too on occasion =p). It's actually kinda fun to figure out how a character like this would actually function in day-to-day life.

  1. How do they get dressed in the morning? Do they use a special apparatus/device, or can they do it by hand?
  2. How do they get to and from work? Is there a special taxi service dedicated to the enormously endowed, or do they have to pay for multiple seats on a public bus?
  3. How do they socialize with other people? Do people hate them for their figures or are they so common that people like them are just a part of everyday life?
  4. What kinds of medical issues do they face? Is it actually a serious medical and social problem or is there some evolutionary advance that mitigates the issue entirely?
  5. What kind of historical background would characters like this have? How would they have been treated in the ancient world? Would they have been seen as agents of a fertility goddess, or as aberrations of a much darker force?
  6. What about during modern day history? Would the colossally curvy even be allowed to serve in the military? Would they be able to apply for handicap benefits? Would they even be allowed to apply for certain jobs?

And that's only just a few of the questions that I ponder over; I haven't even gotten into how such unfathomable figures would potentially affect fashion, technology, modern religion, civil rights, and even burial rights (would you have to bury someone with astronomical assets into a massive casket or would cremation be more common in a circumstance like this)?

But I guess I've kinda gotten off-topic on that; the main question they wanted answered was "what about it is so appealing to me?"

And I guess a more concrete answer to such a question (besides just "the fascination" of it all) would have to be "because I find it challenging."

I like the challenge of taking characters that you'd typically see in a more "adult/fetish" setting and making them feel like actual people. I like the challenge of taking characters with monstrous mammaries or gigantic glutes, and putting them into real, everyday situations. I like the idea of taking something that could easily be seen as "dirty" or "salacious", and turning it into something that's more down-to-earth; maybe even "wholesome" (like having a prodigiously pregnant vixen babysitting her niece for the weekend, or a behemothly bosomed beaver filing her taxes for the year).

With that said though, I'll openly admit that I'm not above putting such characters into bikinis and lingerie, and then putting those characters into situations that are "less than wholesome". I am a living person after all, and just like every other human being out there, I have urges, and desires, and interests that go into a more sexual spectrum (and since this is the internet, things can get pretty weird, pretty quickly - especially if peanut butter is involved :3).

I don't expect everyone to be into what I'm into; that was never the point. The point of it all was to see if someone with breasts big enough to crush a Buick, or a butt that can fill up a whole couch, or even a belly that could fill up an entire living room, could ever be seen as "normal".

And although the obvious answer to that question would be "no" due to their ample assets (and due to them being anthropomorphic animals, of course), with a bit more thought, the "solution" ends up leading to other questions.

How are they "not normal"? Is there a meter to determine how big is "too big", or is it entirely subjective?
Do they "feel" like actual people; and if they don't, do their "assets" prevent them from feeling like "real" people?
Can anyone ever look beyond the titanic tits, the bulbous butt, the thunderous thighs, or the prominent belly, in order to see the person underneath? Or for characters like that, is that just all that there is to them?

Anyway, sorry ahead of time for such a long, semi-rambly diatribe of a response; especially when the typical answer to the "why do you like this?" question could easily be resolved with the phrase "because I do." =p

I guess I just felt inspired to write something more in-depth like this for a while. If nothing else, just to vent my thoughts on the subject, and maybe even give other people an idea of what goes on in my own head.

In any case though, thanks for reading and I hope that you're all doing well. =3

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