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I am a multimedia artist with the desire and passion to draw everything and anything. There are some things I'm really good at, and some things I'm really bad at. You should get to see both since I firmly believe that the only way to get better is to try and fail and learn from mistakes.

I'm not formally trained. I tend to take days to scour for tutorials or I just draw from life or whatever strikes my fancy. I can't remember a time when I didn't draw or at least write during my life. I'm always looking for more creative outlets.

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Ask my characters questions?

i kinda wanna get back into answering questions people ask of my characters. Do people still use Curiouscat? I still have ones to answer but if people wanted to add more feel free! It'll help me with my world building :3

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    Hello I like to say you have some very interesting works....

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    You got a Bunch of Awesome stuff here in your Gallery.! Cool.

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      Thank you for showing me! :D Those are great frames ^^
      Did you get those for minimum bid btw? I'm okay if you did the show just didn't write down how much my pieces sold for so I don't know how much I made XD

      • Link

        Yeah only minimum bids, I wish someone else challenged me, but I'll be throwing more money at you soon =D As for how much you made, it was at least 100+ unless other people picked stuff up after I picked up what I got then it'll be more. <3

        I also pointed a few people to you for Angel Dragon arts, I hope some of them come though.

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    I gotta tell you... I'm pretty indifferent to the angel dragons concept. But your series on them, especially after seeing the suits in person at Anthrocon... Absolutely fantastic work! Especially the expressions you've given each of them. Looking forward to seeing more!