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I'm taking three experimental commissions to help with a unexpected vet saved a kitty and if she gets along with his dog I now have a kitty!

I'm currently juggling my time with work life and helping my aunt recover so I'm not home every night of the week, so replying might be slow if ya need me during the week.

I want to play more with the crayon look, like these (kinda nsfw?)

So heres the offer $35 sketchy crayon, full shaded, full body, color lines +$10 for complex designs. Much like the first link there.
Nudes are fine but nothing to adult.

Offering it here since I might offer these regularly (I enjoy them) and I want to get my price sheet up and done before I post commissions on FA. :3 that and people should use this site more haha

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    For some reason I thought of you and your lovely, super fluffy art and dropped by FA to see what you'd done lately. I'm sad to see you've had to draw back for unknown reasons​. I really hope you're doing well out there, and at least finding small joys and keeping your head up if times are tough. I'd love to see your art on Weasyl again some day (and get a dream commission!), but totally understand if your life needs are otherwise.

    All the best. <3

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    Gosh ;w; thank you kindly for the follow.

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    Thanks for following! Your art is wonderful!

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    Welcome back hushybyebye!

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      I'm like a snowbird back for the winter XD or I just really need to get used to what is by far a better site then FA

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        Well glad to see you back here and I can help things if you want. Also wanna do stuff with you and still need to commission you again.

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    Miss you friend <3

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    thanku very much for the follow ♥