Hello I'm Beta Tyson

I am the Blue hybrid Dragonian Condor from FA, who is the muscular and the macro that has spread chaos and pleasure to others. I'm on Weasyl due to suspended and lousy, rude admins of FA. I found that Weasyl is the newest home to my artwork and mostly advance in every way. I'm an adult rated artist and loves doing artwork since childhood, drawing new ideas and characters to create a perfect race mythical creatures. I work on commissions, sometimes trades and free Dragonian characters for those who would love one. And of course I'm pretty hot to those who encounters me being mega massive looming over them with a huge bulge etc. I also crush and stomp with my Godzilla-like paws and soles doing destruction and playing with other macros on their own terms.

I do lots of drawings like my friends, masters and those I love, even I do vehicular designs and starships etc. I love Musculars and Obesity artists and the way they work so hard on their own arts. I like to say that thanks for all your follow and friend acceptations and how we all could do a joint commission together.

My Friends: GorixTheHipponian Rajara Animewolf08 AstroDyson MasterFurryX FarynxAdellus DELTA_X3 Dragoon AzzyFox Reilsss hmswarfox JaxRabbit DaveBlack NevixRaptor ElizabethTheNidoQueen Rapidsoftime jaxlecoon8909

Musculars: Tropicalpanda ModemLeolynx PanScolipede Cooner AgroAlba TheTigress wfa TheTriggs NecroDrone theBiZ Tendakumo

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Macro, Mega, Giga: DjRodney Artie Teaselbone RipRoarRex Robomax Synthro Person Nommz Ilkarin Ciraeon Durrn

Colouring Pros: notveryathletic

My Masters: Kalnareff

Best Ref Sheet Artists: TheTigress Kazecat Bangabear Megan

Starship Designers and Artists: Marcusstarkiller Horsesergal34 Thoth LaurenRivers


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Latest Journal

Commission Batch No.5 - 2019

on 1 January 2018 at 06:31:43 MST

Hello Followers, Fans, Friends and those from Fur Affinity. I'm now going to close this 5th batch of commissions late December with more slots per commission type. And I wanted to tell that this batch will be opened again when I have finished all commissions with my clients also with the artwork done by myself with new improvements.

You all know the routine, note or contact me on any sources of communications btw I'm no longer using Skype.

Below are two Commission Type Price Sheets

>>> SKETCHES <<<

>>> INKS <<<

>>> COLOUR <<<

Commission Type List and Slots:


(1) Neopuc DONE

(2) Draxi DONE

(3) OscarTheWise Waiting For Response

(4) EisenManfred Waiting For Response

(5) Open

(6) Open

(7) Open

(8) Open

(9) Open

(10) Open


(1) Delta_X3 DONE

(2) Killthesergal DONE

(3) Colossus580 DONE

(4) Draxi DONE

(5) Neopuc DONE

(6) NevixRaptor DONE

(7) Nandrattle WIP

(8) Wanny131

(9) electroavenue5

(10) Hera

(11) Draxi


(1) GregorytheGoat

(2) Draxi

(3) silverbrony97

(4) Delta_X3 (Joint Commission)

(5) gtsreviewer

(6) Neopuc DONE

(7) Open


(1) Open

(2) Open

(3) Open

(4) Open

(5) Open

Dragonian Character Designs

For those who are interest in my race and species of Dragonians I'm able to draw only Free sketches of the Described details from the form located on this submission link below also I can only do 1 character design per year.

Click Me To Get Your Own Dragonian! (Direct Link)
Click Me (Quick Link) Takes You Straight There!

Also I thank you for your patient and the fun I've been through and I hope to improve more. Since 2017 I had achieved many things in art.

>>> VEHICLES <<<

Finally the time of your dream vehicles and designs has arrived. Based for Fans of StarTrek or classic or future vehicles of Earth the slots below will highlight the commission type you have chosen.

(1) Open

(2) Open

(3) Open

(4) Open

(5) Open

Note: I only accept Payment after the commission is done. And currencies are only Great British Pounds and United States Dollars. Any questions please by all mean comment them!

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Additional Characters
£ 10.00
£ 5.00
Cell Shaded Sequence (With one or more Characters Full Background)
£ 150.00
Single Character (Cell Shades)
£ 35.00
Single Character (Flats)
£ 30.00

Federation, Starfleet, Starship Designs

£ 30.00
£ 20.00
Ship Detailed Pannels
£ 35.00
£ 15.00


Additional Character Ink
£ 5.00
£ 5.00
Double Windows (Panneled Pages)
£ 15.00
Multi-Window (Panneled Pages)
£ 25.00
Single Character Ink
£ 10.00


4 Window (Panneled Page)
£ 15.50
6-9 Window Pannels (Sequences)
£ 25.00
Additional Character
£ 20.00
£ 5.00
Single Character Sketch
£ 15.00
Single Full Pages (Sequences)
£ 10.50

Vehicles: Cars, Trucks, Boats + Aircraft Designs

Cell Shades
£ 35.00
£ 20.00
£ 15.00
Wrecked Vehicles
from £ 5.00
to £ 10.00

Type of Drawings

Can Draw?

Macro / Micro (Big and Small always fun)
Growth (You ain't growing in my house)
Muscular (You're such a stud)
Fat (You tub of lard)
Blobs (Run don't walk)
Slobs (They're God's most sexiest F***ed up creatures)
Bondage (Whoa put that away)
Vehicles (Beep Beep Zoooooom)
Stomping (It's GODZILLA)
Sex (I'm Bisexual I can go 2 ways baby)
Cock Vore (Down the slide into darkness)
Crushing (Car Compactor Mode)
Paws (Everyone loves pawsies)
Cock Designs (Mine's Big)

Can't Draw?

Blood & Gore (The Horror)
Tattoos or Characters with any sort of Markings (I ain't that skilled)
Diapers (Grow Up)
Scat (What's wrong with the Toilet)
Pregnancy (I Don't want that thing Busting near my ass)

Contact Info

Telegram: @SR71BETA

PayPal Acceptations

£ = GBP
$ = USD


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