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Hi, I am Uluri (You-Ler-ee). I'm a digital artist who loves to draw cute things, and gore. I use Paint Tool SAI as my main art program, and Photoshop and GIMP for gifs and text. I use a Cintiqu 13HD tablet. If you have more specific questions about me, please check out my FAQs Page. Donating allows me room for personal projects, so if you wanna see more art of Uluri and friends, you can Donate Here.. Feel Free to Add Tags to my art.

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I am a SFW and Gore Artist. Please read my TOS(terms of service) before Commissioning me. Coms and Trades are announced through Image Announcements. Here are my Prices, my Commission Form, and my To-Do List.

Character References

Here are references of my Main OCs, Sin, Kindling, Uluri and Trace. You may draw my characters. I love seeing art of them. Please Do NOT use them as part of a Commission, or draw NSFW art of them without my permission (except for Sin. He can have NSFW). Please also check out my Full list of Characters.

Friends and Fav Artists

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🌱 How does the Market Place Pull Artists?

on 6 September 2018 at 14:59:56 MDT

It obviously doesn't sort by Newest set. I just tested that by setting my Commissions to open just now. When I looked up chibi (A tag that I have included to be searched by) I didn't come up until the second page. What does the basic Marketplace use to sort artists? Why isn't there a way to set it to Newest open?

I come up on the first page of other tags, but some shove me back.

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$20 usd Fullbody Sketch
$ 20.00

I work at $30/hour for Commissions. My Commission Prices and Types are Located Here while my commission form is Located Here

Will Draw

  • SFW
  • Humans, Kemonomimi, Furries, Monsters, Ferals, Etc
  • ANY Species
  • Any Gender
  • Gore/Guro
  • Loli/Shota
  • Chibi
  • Babyfur

Won't Draw

  • Various art geared towards Fetishes/ R18


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    You have really cool drawings! :D

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      Thank you

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        No prob! ^-^

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    Hey thanks for adding to my tags. My mind goes blank when doing all the info and I don't end up giving as many as I should.

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    Oh wow, I have to thank you very much for adding Tags! ♥♥♥
    I will try to be more detailed with future submissions.
    But really, thank you so much!!!

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    That scared me, I thought my page was being hacked. I was not aware someone else could change the tags of a submission...I have to admit it makes me feel wary.

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      I can only add tags, I can't change yours.

      Since this site is very Dependent on the Use of Tags because it has a Blacklist feature and the search system is tag specific, there's the ability to add tags the artist might not think of. I try to tag art with keywords that answer this question "If I had no clue who this artist was, how would I be able to stumble across this art in search?" The tags I added to your work is how I would find your work if I never saw it to begin with and was looking for content like it. I usually search for "Color"+"Animal", or if I'm getting specific about Anthro vs Feral vs Kemonomimi (usually add human to this, too). So if a Feral growlithe is what I'm looking for, your art would show up. I'm super glad to see you've been including the Character names already. Most folks don't, but when someone gets to know a character better they can start searching them by name. thumbs up

      And other times I will tag art because there are folks who don't tag for the specific content that it is and I won't be able to utilize my blacklist to not see it. Example: Soft Vore (the swallowing whole and being alive thing) vs Hard Vore (basically this is just gore where something's being eaten. like normal). both are considered vore but I'm not a fan of Soft Vore, and am okay with hard vore. No one who draws Soft vore tags it as soft_vore, they only tag vore. I don't want to block all vore because it'd be detrimental to what I want to view, so I'll add the proper tag soft_vore.

      There's also a rule in place for "Do not abuse the Tag system" so if someone is adding some real bad tags that don't match, joke tags, harassing tags to your work you can report them. There's no room for jokers for the tag system.

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        Oh alright that makes sense then. In that case, thanks a bunch for the help and it's appreciated. While I'm not exactly new to the site, I admit that I don't use it very often (deviantart is my main hub but that's not the point) so there's a whole bunch of stuff I have no idea about with the differences in how they function compared to other sites. I've just had scary run-ins with accounts being taken over every once in a while usually as part of a mass attack and it was weird to see something like that happen because I didn't know you were a mod. All the mods do on DA is....flag your art if 3 four-year-olds in 20+-year-old bodies say that it's "mature" to them or don't like whatever fandom the art's part of so I'm not used to seeing /beneficial/ things done to art as much. Again thanks!