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Hi, I am Uluri (You-Ler-ee). I'm a digital artist who loves to draw cute things, and gore. I use Paint Tool SAI as my main art program, and Photoshop and GIMP for gifs and text. I use a Cintiqu 13HD tablet. If you have more specific questions about me, please check out my FAQs Page. Donating allows me room for personal projects, so if you wanna see more art of Kindling and friends, you can Donate Here..

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I am a SFW and Gore Artist. Please read my TOS(terms of service) before Commissioning me. Coms and Trades are announced through Image Announcements. Here are my Prices, my Commission Form, and my To-Do List.

Character References

Here are references of my Main OCs, Sin, Kindling, Uluri and Trace. You may draw my characters. I love seeing art of them. Please Do NOT use them as part of a Commission, or draw NSFW art of them without my permission (except for Sin. He can have NSFW). Please also check out my Full list of Characters.

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    yo can i use this character on my youtube channel,the one in my avatar

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      I have replied to you Via note. Sorry about another notifacation. Just want to let people know I have replied

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    I am glad you enjoyed the music~

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    Hey! You're cool. But anyways I'm sorry for being a jerk. I am sometimes like this, but actually I'm a very calm and kind person! So can you forgive me? :3

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      Just never do something like that again and end this conversation.