Artist Information: I am a Chibi and Gore Artist

Hi, I am Uluri (You-Ler-ee). I'm a digital artist who loves to draw cute things, and gore. I use Paint Tool SAI as my main art program, and Photoshop for gifs. I use a Cintiqu 13HD tablet. If you have more specific questions, please check out my FAQs Page or send me a note. Feel Free to Add Tags to my art.

Character Text Colors
▲ Artist known as Uluri Talking:  Orange
▲ Uluri In Character:  Dark Orange
▲ Sin:  Bleh purple
▲ Trace:  Lime Green
▲ Kindling:  Dodger Blue


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I am a SFW and Gore Artist. Please read my TOS(terms of service) before Commissioning me. Coms and Trades are announced through Image Announcements. Here are my Prices, my Commission Form, and my To-Do List.

Character References

Here are references of my Main OCs, Sin, Kindling, Uluri and Trace. You may draw my characters. I love seeing art of them. Please Do NOT use them as part of a Commission, or draw NSFW art of them without my permission (except for Sin. He can have NSFW). Please also check out my Full list of Characters.

Friends and Fav Artists

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▲🌱Supporters, Gimmie your Ref Sheets!

on 12 January 2019 at 07:08:23 MST


I Want to fill my Gallery with a bit more with my Left Hand Series right now, and am Asking any of my Art Supporters for their Character References. 

Sending Through Patreon
1. Be a Patreon
2. Send me Refs on the Link posted above

Sending through Ko-fi
1. Support Via Ko-fi (Linked above)
2. Click Discord invite Link in Ko-fi Thank You Letter
3. Say hi in chat so I can turn you into a Potato
4. Post in my Ref Drop Channel your Ref sheets!

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    Thanks for the fav!

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    Hi, please don't add tags to my work in the future. I didn't know it was a website feature, and frankly I'm not supportive of it. I do tag my work, and I added exactly what I saw fit to. I don't find other users adding to my tags helpful, to me it's an invasion of privacy.

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      Go into your Settings > Community Tagging Restrictions and You can Personally Restrict specific tags from being added. The site has a Tag Adding feature Because it has features that are Heavily reliant on Tags in artwork. The Blacklist feature and its search system are very tag Specific. The search system only uses tags to find your work on here, not titles or anything in the descriptions.

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        That is only helpful for specific words and phrases I wouldn't want added, it wouldn't prevent other users from adding tags. I don't want anyone, save for a mod, to be able to edit anything about my submissions.

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          Then why not send in a suggestion to the Site staff. Weasyl has an email at the bottom of their site. It's useless to talk to me about it as I find it very important for Art to be tagged with anything relevant for Potential watchers and viewers to be able to find my artwork. I want people to both be able to find me for content they want to see, and also be able to be comfortable with watching me with the varying types of content I make that they might not want to see. People adding Tags to my own art is very helpful to me.

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            It is also very helpful to me as a Watcher as well.

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            I have sent them an email and a message on Twitter, and while I appreciate your advice on how to block specific tags, your adding the tags bothered me for two reasons: I never asked for it and had plenty of tags already associated with the piece, and one of your tags was presumptive and possibly not true. The piece in question was for a friend of their character. You added the tag "male" to it, but I don't know 100% if he is or isn't. The creator uses "he" to describe him, but his creator is trans so he very well could be gender fluid. "Male" would not describe him, which is why as a precaution I left it out of my tags and don't tag characters with genders unless they are my own. You didn't know any of this, which is fine you were a total stranger, which is why this bothers me. I don't know you, and you never asked, or even suggested the additions. You just added them yourself.

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