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Greetings! I'm Malachyte (or Mal, Mala, w/e else). I'm a red panda, am gender fluid (he/she/they), and a full-time artist in the fandom. I'm usually ridiculously busy, but I try to get to know my watchers and comment back as often as possible. Some of the things I like to do when I'm not drawing a million things are reading fantasy novels, playing video games, knitting, and watching Let's Plays. My favourite things to space out and think about are flan, libraries, Game Grumps, and recipe ideas.

I'd like to think I'm pretty chill in general, so if you find yourself wanting to note me to talk or say hi or ask questions, but are nervous, please don't be! Also, I really like getting critique on my art, even if I don't specifically mark it as "critique wanted", so totally go for it if you want to. Just remember to be constructive, not rude. Alternately, I enjoy sharing what I know about art with others; if you've got questions or wish you could get something red-lined, hit me up!

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Goals for the Week

on 6 August 2018 at 14:51:36 MDT

Just thought I'd write a short journal to touch base and also lay out my goals both to myself and to you all. This week, I want to absolutely obliterate my backlog of art to post. I've got January through July that I want to get uploaded, but I know I can make that happen. Along with that, I want to finish off my Anthrocon take homes, since it's been about a month since AC now, which is longer than I wanted to keep people waiting on those. Once that's all settled, it's back to regular commissions and working on personal projects. Let's kick ass this week, everyone!

And as always, you can check my queue on my Trello, if you ever wonder where I'm at with something you've purchased from me.

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    Wahey! I jumped in to guard your stuff in the Zoo on Friday!

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    Just wanted to stop by and say I think you're awesome. That is all. =3

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    Just wanted to stop by and say hi, and wish you a Happy Holidays!! ~raises a mug of spiced blueberry-apple cider in a toast~ ^^

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      Thank you so much! And Happy Holidays to you as well o/

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    Hiya! I've been trying to find that sketch of a red panda in shorts you showed me at AC. Is it in any of your galleries?

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      Red panda in shorts... I think I need more details, I've drawn a number of sketches that fit the bill.

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        I think it was a sitting/reclining pose, in squarecut boyshorts or something similar... The one that inspired the sketchpage you made for me at AC. :3