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Latest Journal

I've made mistakes and caused harm to my friends.

Hi everyone. I've been quiet following my last announcement.

I'll cut right to the chase - I've fucked everything up. I seriously hurt some of my partners and closest friends with my recent actions and caused a lot of lasting harm to many of those who've been most actively supportive of me for the past several years.

Without going into specifics or over-explaining things, quite simply: I betrayed the trust and disregarded the feelings of those I love the most in an egregious way. To make matters worse, it had a knock-on effect which caused a massive rift within several groups we shared.

I've done what I can to own up to my mistakes and try to help wherever possible, but the damage has been done and there's no way for me to take it back. I'm working on myself to figure out why this happened and how to avoid it in future, and slowly salvage my friends' trust after undermining it with my actions.

I'm choosing not to name names because while I think I can trust folks not to bother them about this, I don't want to even try taking that risk. I am taking responsibility for what I've done and working on accepting the consequences, as painful as that may be.

I didn't write this to ask for pity or support. It just didn't feel right being active online again without at least addressing the situation and why I've been absent.

Don't do like I did. Communicate actively with your partners.

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    Do you take art trades or collabs or requests or ideas or something?

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    I honestly really like your art! (the non-fetish art anyways .w.)

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      Sorry there isn't as much of it, but thank you very much for the support! I hope you'll continue to enjoy it! :>

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    Course you're here too <3. I'd follow, but I've already got you on FA and IB. Still, friendo bun <333

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    Cool style - cooler banner :D

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