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Just a lil Update <3

on 6 November 2016 at 04:29:20 MST

Hey everyone!

I'm still very much in the One Punch Man hell and mostly active on tumblr right now. But I do miss this place a bit and I'm sorry I've been so quiet!
Life update:
I finally "arrived" at my new place if you will. The first few weeks after I moved out were strange. And since I didn't have desk or anything I thought I couldn't really properly draw. I still can't, I think sitting on the bed like I do now isn't very healthy xD But at leat I get to draw and it works better than I thought hehe!
Things are finally looking up financially, I get a tax return soon and I am not in the red at the end of the month anymore :3 (I reeeeeeally hate debt! So this is a huge bummer out of the way!!!)
I still am not super emotionally stable unfortunately though and the few times I still interact with my ex are very draining. Like, Thursday for example he wrote me that he desperately needed me, he was about to hurt himself and needed support. I read the message after work and told him we could talk / he could come over, but he can't stay overnight. And all of a sudden he was like "Nah, thanks for the offer though" and no message ever since. I stress myself a lot over shit like this.
Also, mega moodswings the past week and very self-destructive urges! I am fine today and was okay yesterday, but Friday I was extremely low. Agh, everyday is a different story!

WELL yeah, wanted to get the old journal out of the way and udate y'all a bit, I'm still alive and kicking x)

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    sassy rat antics here

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    I have no idea how this fucking follower shit works here.. so did i watch you now or not oo...

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      Awww! Yeh, I got the notif, you follow me now :D Thank you!!! <3

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        your welcome, no need to thanks XD!!

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        PS: immer diese Deutschen XD, hab grade n bsichen rum gestalkt und gesehen, dass du ebenfalls deutschsprachig bist :D !!
        (vergess das mit dem stalken einfach ma ganz schnell xD )

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          Oha, wer lesen kann is klar im Vorteil xD Steht aber auch viek zu offensichtlich auf unseren Seiten, also, das muss man ja übersehen xD Na Dann! Wo kommsten her? Ich bin aus der Nähe Frankfurt am Main!

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    I've rediscovered the fact that BAKING Oxbow dust smells...very good actually. I ran out of Oxbow for the girls, so I'm baking the dust to make new food while I wait for a new bag to arrive :'D They love when I bake the dust, because of the eggs in it, ha.

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    lets loose several young rats are you prepared for sassy antics?!