Just a lil Update <3 by Reisfuchs

Hey everyone!

I'm still very much in the One Punch Man hell and mostly active on tumblr right now. But I do miss this place a bit and I'm sorry I've been so quiet!
Life update:
I finally "arrived" at my new place if you will. The first few weeks after I moved out were strange. And since I didn't have desk or anything I thought I couldn't really properly draw. I still can't, I think sitting on the bed like I do now isn't very healthy xD But at leat I get to draw and it works better than I thought hehe!
Things are finally looking up financially, I get a tax return soon and I am not in the red at the end of the month anymore :3 (I reeeeeeally hate debt! So this is a huge bummer out of the way!!!)
I still am not super emotionally stable unfortunately though and the few times I still interact with my ex are very draining. Like, Thursday for example he wrote me that he desperately needed me, he was about to hurt himself and needed support. I read the message after work and told him we could talk / he could come over, but he can't stay overnight. And all of a sudden he was like "Nah, thanks for the offer though" and no message ever since. I stress myself a lot over shit like this.
Also, mega moodswings the past week and very self-destructive urges! I am fine today and was okay yesterday, but Friday I was extremely low. Agh, everyday is a different story!

WELL yeah, wanted to get the old journal out of the way and udate y'all a bit, I'm still alive and kicking x)

Just a lil Update <3


6 November 2016 at 04:29:20 MST

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    Hang in there......I'm sure it will eventually improve for you! hugs

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      Aw, thank you so much! It has to, I will work towards that :3 Thank you for your support, it means a lot <3

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        You're very welcome! hugs

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    I hope things will get better for you on the way ^^ keep going strong !!

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      Thank you!!! Yeah, I will beat this, I have to, haha! Thank you a lot for your support <3

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    Thinking of you everyday! Allthough you know how it is with contacting and stuff. Dont wanne be abother~ But just know that Im thinking of you alot <3 hope you can feel better soon~

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      I think of you as well! I hope you are doing alright! Always hit me up if you feel like it, but I know how it is and I'll never be mad, you know that :D

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    Message me some time. Skype, Telegram, Discord, Facebook - whatever. I'd love to hear you out. Many hugs and kisses, and please please please, be safe! <3