Hi, my name is Patty and I love art. I was known as "keirajo" over on Fur Affinity, but I have chosen to leave that site permanently as of April 30, 2015. About my username..."Keira-Jo" was an Echidna female I created for a Sonic the Hedgehog fan club back in 1996. When the fan club disbanded I used her in fan-fiction I wrote. She's been a big part of my life for a very long time, so I often use her name or image as my avatar when I am online anywhere.


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Weekend update 8-26-2018. :D

on 26 August 2018 at 11:11:26 MDT

So, it's back-to-school time and...........unfortunately the road construction by my apartment--where there are two schools within walking location--is nowhere near done and I watch the poor crossing guards trying to safely get kids across the broken street every morning when I go to work. Plus, back-to-school also means ungodly hot.......I expect to hear that school gets cancelled several times this coming week, since we're going to be back near the 100's. @_@

So how is everyone doing lately? Me, just kind of puttering along. I'm going to have a ridiculous amount of sketchbook art to scan once I sit down to do it. But I've been really random with my weekly sketchbook stuff. Most will be characters you all recognize...........some may be characters only a few of you recognize (especially if you had known me back on Fur Affinity), or partially recognize. I've literally been opening random themed folders on my computer and choosing characters to draw at random for that week. Some pages, I think, are also better than others. chuckle

So, recently I've been writing more than drawing. Writing's something I've done forever and is really my true talent. I rotate through fandoms, even as I write original stuff. In the late 80's and early 90's it was "Transformers" the late 90's early 2000's it was "Sonic" (based on the comic, mostly)........before 2010 it was "Pokemon", really though, my "Adventures of Lance and Steven"--two Champions travelling through the regions battling evil together. XD I had original works peppered throughout those years, too.........."Shin Unmei Sentai Juuranger", "Crescent: The Story of Marin Reed" (which was part of a universe I created through short stories during my high school years) and even the stuff my friend and I started and didn't complete ("Res Mira") to last year's starting comic "Lemonade" (which I will get back to, eventually). I love world developing............I'm like James Patterson--except I'm not rich enough to have people do my writing for me! laughs

The past couple years, it came back around to "Transformers"..........and it's been nice to find people willing to read my stuff. I completed a series of stories set around the IDW comics--and thanks to them, pairings are HUGE in the fandom, even more than ever before--and began an original series (Star Voyager), but the one that gained the most popularity was a series of 4 stories set in the G1S3 universe (The Emperor and the Prime), centered around a strange and unusual relationship between Galvatron and Rodimus Prime (which is actually a pairing with a really devoted fanbase I learned). I even received "kudos" (favorites) and comments on these stories from a really well-known author of this pairing on Archive of Our Own..........and my jaw dropped when I got those kudos and comments, from a popular author no less! :o

Even though I just posted the final story last night..........I already got four comments on it and eight kudos--my mind has been blown at how popular this particular short series has been with people...........since it always seemed to me that the fandom stories were so focused on the live-action movies/Prime universe or the IDW comics. And here I was focusing all my effort on "Star Voyager", which has some popularity--but nothing like what this short series has.

4 short stories, total word count=41,388
total comments=28
total kudos=73
total bookmarks=13
total hits=723

.........I think, regardless of whether it's art or writing, too--there's a reason they show you a hit count on your works. I told a friend, never disregard a hit count.............because some of that could be strangers (not users) to a site, who are unable to comment or leave favorites/kudos on your work. There's a reason someone clicked on your work, whether they left you anything besides the hit count number--and I think you should always comfort yourself with the fact that probably at least half of your hit count would've left you a comment or fave/kudo if they could (or if they're too lazy to press a button). So when you look at your art--you should comfort yourself, even if the comments and favorites are low, look at that hit count and assume that your work was liked in some way enough that they came to look at it. :D

My short series here was so popular, I got comments from a FRENCH-speaking person.......thank you Google translate in my Gmail. I think the fact that someone speaking a language not English, took the time to read my stuff.......probably through a translator program.........and still enjoyed it, even if it may've gotten some skews in meanings via the translation--that just made me extremely happy and confident in my skill of writing. There are so many I could share, but I'll just share these two comments I got, the first from a popular author on the site, the second via Google translate on one of my French-speaker comments (oh, by the way MechPreg and sparklings are hugely popular in the fandom, thus why she comments that--and the translator's not perfect as you can see!):

As an old fan of the Rodimus Prime/Galvatron pairing I was ecstatic to see this. Most fans seem to forget the sheer magnitude of stress and self doubt Rodimus faces as Optimus Prime's successor. You make it so easy to see the lengths he will go to in hopes of fulfilling everyone's expectations of him, but at his core he is still a young soldier struggling with his new responsibilities and past mistakes.
I look forward to seeing where this series will lead.

This is a chapter very, very awesome !!!! I love her so much!!!! Congratulations, your story is fine, you got a good frame where the complex relationship between Galvatron and Rodimus (can be love or OWNED) is described and you can watch as it changes. And, yes, I liked your idea about the spark-bonding and the interface, but, in the same way, Are you going to write this couple with a small baby at the end of your story? It's a simple question, I'm waiting for your answer, and especially the third chapter. See you soon!

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