Hi, my name is Patty and I love art. I was known as "keirajo" over on Fur Affinity, but I have chosen to leave that site permanently as of April 30, 2015. About my username..."Keira-Jo" was an Echidna female I created for a Sonic the Hedgehog fan club back in 1996. When the fan club disbanded I used her in fan-fiction I wrote. She's been a big part of my life for a very long time, so I often use her name or image as my avatar when I am online anywhere.


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Thanks to all. :)

on 18 January 2018 at 15:22:10 MST

It's been a rough slog the past year, hasn't it? I spent all of last year trying to catch up and "get back to normal" after my mom's death in 2016 (and all the stupidity that also happened in that year). We're here in 2018 now, hoping for a normal year at this point.

My workplace has been undergoing changes..........and it's dumped a bit of stress on us all. So many other things in life to try and finally catch up on! I hope that 2018 will be that year that things get accomplished. :)

I wanted to take a few moments tonight to thank everyone who follows me...........who looks at my art........who favorites my art.............who reads my journals and talks with me. I THANK YOU ALL, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

I know I haven't seemed as chatty.............haven't commented as much as I used to.............I think sometimes it depends on where I'm actually looking at things. If I'm at home or at the laundromat, I have more time to look at things and comment..............if I'm at work, it may depend on if I'm on my coffee break or lunch break and how much stuff is in my submissions inbox at the time, but I'll probably be less likely to comment. But things will get better and I can get back to efficiency someday. :)

I've managed to keep up on two of my new year's resolutions...........trying to eat healthier (so far, so good) and doing one completed drawing per week in my sketchbook. I think once I have a good handful (by February?), I'll scan that stuff and slowly upload it.

How are you all doing? Keeping up with the new year? Your resolutions? Your hopes and dreams? :)

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    Happy new year!

    Also thanks for the fave on my character Isaac. Just out of curiosity, what aspects did you like about him?

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      I like the color scheme! :)

      Happy new year to you, too!

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        Oh the colors! See, I had a car in a racing game with the same color scheme, and I’d thought that I’d make a character to go along with it. Personally, I think if a character has the same color as their vehicle, it ties in with their personality more. Even his eye color came from the rims of the car.

        Here’s a link to a version of the ref sheet with the car and his LBP costume/

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          Very neat! :)

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    And also a Happy New Year! <3

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      Happy new year to you, as well! :D

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    Thank ya for the favorites. :3

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      You're very welcome! :D