Hi, my name is Patty and I love art. I was known as "keirajo" over on Fur Affinity, but I have chosen to leave that site permanently as of April 30, 2015. About my username..."Keira-Jo" was an Echidna female I created for a Sonic the Hedgehog fan club back in 1996. When the fan club disbanded I used her in fan-fiction I wrote. She's been a big part of my life for a very long time, so I often use her name or image as my avatar when I am online anywhere.


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Do you have a MLP OC? Want a free piece of art? Read this! :D

on 4 March 2021 at 09:37:03 MST

Do you have a My Little Pony OC/PonySona?

Well, there is a small opportunity here for you to get a free piece of art from me of your OC/PonySona. In 2019, I did a rundown of my own OCs and the OCs belonging to a couple of friends in a thing I called “Pony Parade”. It’s a simple-style illustration with my usual hand-drawn lines and digital coloring. Here is an example of one of my Pony Parade 2019 pieces:

So, I’ve decided to do a Pony Parade 2021 for the entire month of April. There are 30-days in April, so 30 days of ‘Pony OCs/PonySonas. I only have 12 of my own OCs, so I’m going to open the slots for days 13-30 to draw other people’s OCs/PonySonas.

If I don’t get enough, I’ll be forced to fill in slots with classic MLP characters instead. XD

I will be posting this journal at both Weasyl and at my account—so, if you have both a Weasyl and a, you have an opportunity to get TWO slots. :D But if you want those two slots, make sure they are two different ‘Ponies at each site’s journal post. chuckle

There are only very minimal rules that I hope you will understand and respect. In the interest of free art, please follow and respect the rules and the artist.

Rule #1—Art will only be posted/uploaded on Weasyl. I do not have a dropbox or any other sort of account that would allow me to give art to you in any other way. If I can e-mail you, then I can e-mail that to you. PM me on—or if you are labelled a “friend” on Weasyl, you are welcome to PM me here on Weasyl (I have my settings to “friends only” because of bullying I suffered back on FA) and we’ll talk about e-mails.

Rule #2—Please try to give me ‘Ponies only. I might be able to do Changelings………..because they’re ‘Pony-like, but…………don’t give me gryphons or other odd/complex ‘Pony-hybrids at this moment, they would be too complicated and I’m trying to do freebies for a “post a day”.

Rule #3—For anyone who knows me, I do not have home internet. On the weekends where I’m not at work, days off or holidays—I will attempt to post the day(s) before or the day(s) after, when I have internet once again. If your OC is scheduled for like………a Saturday or Sunday date and I am off of work because I work Friday that weekend, it may be posted on Friday or it may be posted on Monday, when I’m back at work. The number your slot is—that SHOULD be the day in April when your OC/PonySona is posted, or close to it. I will update the journal as I can with the slot numbers on both sites.

Rule #4—Pretty important! Give me your ‘Pony(s) name and a reference link to it. If it has a symbol, brand, cutie mark or whatever you want to call the emblem on it’s hindquarters—make sure it’s legible and visible so that I know what it is. If not, your ‘Pony will be brandless!!! XD

1. Maraschino Cherry (personal)
2. Neapolitan Scoop (personal)
3. Full-Court Serve (personal)
4. Vanilla Chai (personal)
5. Azure Limone (personal)
6. Spring Cherish (personal)
7. Frosted Mint (personal)
8. Cherry Blizzard (personal)
9. Snowdust Sundae (personal)
10. Little No-Name (personal)
11. Stellar Orbit (personal)
12. Cherry Nightingale (personal)
13. Starshower--freebie/follower
14. Stormyclouds--freebie/follower
15. ???????
16. ???????
17. ???????
18. ???????
19. ???????
20. ???????
21. ???????
22. ???????
23. ???????
24. ???????
25. ???????
26. ???????
27. ???????
28. ???????
29. ???????
30. ???????

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    thank you for the fave hun! ♥

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      You’re welcome! :D

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    Sending a shout in response to your comment on my streaming notification since i generally delete those after a time.

    I've been to FC irl once but it was quite a fun time. :) Also thank you! So far it's been pretty nice. ^_^

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      No prob! :D

      I met great artists and people there. It was some people I met in the creator’s lounge that encouraged me to get an FA account in 2012! I think 2013 or 2014 was the last year I went to it. But I’d gone since 2010. :)

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        That's awesome! :D

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    i'm thankful for the fave, it means alot ^w^ feel free to check out my other works too! :D

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      I will do so when I can! :D

      You’re most welcome! :)