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Hi, nice to meet yous! Hopefully I can feel loved and welcomed here as I had too much hate on the site I used before... '^';
I came here to share my art creations and hopefully be noticed for my hard work. I really hope you'll enjoy what I post. ^-^ ( I sure hope I don't have to put up with rant posts anymore... ;w; )
I hope to make some friends here as I am a very lonely person. :< If you wanna be friends, just say! But don't bother if you're the type to betray, I've been through so many betrayals to the point I find it very hard to trust and forgive. So I sure hope that's understandable! ;w;

Main OCs! ヽ(´∇`)ノヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノヽ(ÓvÒ)ノ

Likes! (≧◡≦)/) ~☆
♡ Making friends
♡ Friendly chatty peeps
♡ My children (AKA my OCs)
♡ Script style roleplay
♡ Sewing plushies
♡ Comedy cartoons/anime
♡ Funny comics/mangas
♡ Kawaii stuff
♡ Sweet food

Hates! (ʘ∇ʘ)ク彡 ┻━┻
✘ Ranters
✘ Traitors
✘ Heterophobes
✘ Fights/drama
✘ Being blamed
✘ Rock 'n' Roll
✘ Offensive "jokes"
✘ Gore
✘ Paragraph roleplay
✘ Books

Please don't steal my art and OCs, it can be really heartbreaking to me.. ;^; Fanart of my OCs is perfectly alright though. I'm always very thankful and I appreciate every fanart I receive, even up to this day I love to stop by and admire it all. ^w^

Anyways, I think I talk too much..sorry... I'm always on the search for friends as to me, enough friends is never enough. I get so easily lonely so I hope that's understandable! ^-^;
Thanks for reading :>

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My introduction + Good news! + Curious question

on 14 September 2018 at 05:41:24 MDT

Hi I'm new here! It's nice to meet you all. ^w^
I hope to make lots of friends and possibly roleplay buddies too! I think my birthday is soon! I'll be 19 on the 29th October! :D I can't wait! ^-^

Oh and I'll hopefully plan on getting a house soon. I finally wont have to follow anymore house rules! This means I can blast out EDM whenever I like! >:3 I rather not have roommates cos it means following even more rules and I'm rather protective over my belongings as I worry that they'll break or get stolen. ^-^;
So that's good news for me! :D Sorry if I sounded greedy or anything, didn't mean to.. :<

I got a question.. I'd like to start art commissions sometime. But I'm not sure how... :< I've got artblock for now but I'd still love to know, it would mean alot! ^-^ One day I'd also like to do plushie commissions just for friends only if I could only figure out how... ;w;
So the question is.. How do I start commissions and uh.. How much money in UK pounds do you think it's worth? I work really hard on my drawings but I do have fun at the same time! :D I also take my time as it's never good to rush art! I have a cartoonime artstyle I'd say. Cartoon + anime = cartoonime! So if anyone knows how, I'd love to know, it'll mean alot! :3
I gotta save up lots of money to get a house so if I ever start commissions, I would truly appreciate the help!

Please be nice when commenting! And remember.. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for looking, meep! ^-^

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Animated Gif

Character Gif Animation
£ 10.00


Fullbody Character
£ 7.00


Halfbody Character
£ 5.00


Character Headshot
£ 3.00


Uncoloured Character Lineart
£ 4.00

What I can draw: humans, kemonomimis, furries, animals, fantasy creatures
What I can't draw: too much detail, vehicles, houses, weapons, robots, muscular characters, anything uncute
What I refuse to draw: gore, nudity, anything naughty, fetishes, anything offensive

Other stuff you gotta know:
Be nice! I will refuse if you're mean and picky!
Please pay me first. Sorry but I don't wanna risk being scammed.. :< This isn't a request remember! Don't worry, you'll be refunded if I'm unable to.
Please send a picture of your character! The best picture that describes them most.
Once I've already started on the drawing, you can't just suddenly change your mind and say you don't want to. Once I've started, I've started! So no timewasters please!
Be patient! I'm super new to commissioning and I don't like hurrying. Let me take my time or the work may come out worse than expected!
Feel free to suggest a pose and expression! And please explain clearly as I'm easily confused... ^-^;
I have a cartoonime artstyle so expect all results to be super kawaii! ^w^
If you've noticed any mistakes, please lemme know! I'll fix em up! :3
If you don't like your result, I'm sorry but I simply cannot refund you! D: If it's already been drawn then you just gotta accept it. I'm sorry if you don't like, I've tried my very best okay.. ;^;

If ya have any questions, just sayyy! If you know somebody that wants to commission for something cute, I'll be just perfect! :> I've never started commissions before but hopefully this'll help me save up for a house and my hopes and dreams! ^w^
Thanks for reading! :D


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    Really cute art!!! I'm adding you to my friends list!! Be on the lookout for art bc I'll do some for you anytime!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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      Aww thanks! ^w^ It means so much! :D And sure we can be pals! :3

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    You're welcome. Keep up the good work my dude!

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      Sure thing! I'll do my very best! ^-^