hello i am MK0987 also Known As Roninhunt0987 on FA and some of the locations i am at... O.o i am 28 years old going on age 29 in a month or so cuz my b-day is on may 2nd..

O.o i am also author of M.E.G.A Chronicles 3 and RH0987 in real life.. and also author of the finished M.E.G.A Chronicles 1 and 2 storylines hence i am working on M.E.G.A Chronicles 3...

RH0987 in real life is based and inspired from SMG4's Smg4 in real life videos of my every day life living under my roof with a bunch of characters who of course seriously came out of my PC so they are part of my everyday lives..

O.o also do specials for m.e.g.a chronicles 3 and one shot stories as most of the majority of the fics are from by via Roleplays turned into fanfics and such...

=3 grew up with sonic the hedgehog and other various franchises as i was born on may 2nd 1990 means i got to see sonic the hedgehog come into the fray along other franchises like pokemon and Digimon and other franchises like starcraft, Half-life, Half life 2 and other things...

O.o i am also a big time PC gamer as well through the program called Steam... O.o only way i play on consoles if i am at my cousin aiden's house which i do spend time with him during the summer time and such...

i also sometimes do fanfic one short story requests... which is for friends only btw because in basically go on ahead and enforced it early...

O.o i also roleplay mostly with comedy and slapstick comedy as my bread and butter and sometimes on a rare basis i do NSFW fanfics and also other Rare Basis i tend to do serious stories.. O.o like the one ya saw i posted just today... Seiki's side of her story when she lost her husband Juro and hooked up with tomtodd774's Darian... X3 so yea...

O.o anyways i do hope ya enjoy the content here as i am now officially now getting active here as of today so i will make sure to maintain and be active here... anyways enjoy folks...

oh one more thing.. =3 pics ya may see here were posted here by via permission from friends and such mkay... O.o so yea.. X3 laters

Bad users Blacklist(this is for bad and mean and etc FA users only to be barred from Story Requests and Art trade story Requests(suggested by takaneru of IB) and for Those who are REALLY on my bad side(suggested by MaverickhunterDboy of FA )


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3 weeks until my 30th birthday

on 5 April 2020 at 10:09:49 MDT

^~^ 3 weeks left until my 30th b-day on may 2nd folks as its getting closer and closer each day hehe

PS: listening to this tune from GBA's Golden sun of the elemental stars:

X3 its really pretty so yea.. =3 anyways back to my activities folks hehe


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      =3 yes i would like to be buddies with ya... X3 you're art style there is very cute and adorable.. X3 i have a weakness for Cute and adorable stuff and also Characters who are extremely floofy.. O.o that means fluffy btw