hello i am MK0987 also Known As Roninhunt0987 on FA and some of the locations i am at... O.o i am 28 years old going on age 29 in a month or so cuz my b-day is on may 2nd..

O.o i am also author of M.E.G.A Chronicles 3 and RH0987 in real life.. and also author of the finished M.E.G.A Chronicles 1 and 2 storylines hence i am working on M.E.G.A Chronicles 3...

RH0987 in real life is based and inspired from SMG4's Smg4 in real life videos of my every day life living under my roof with a bunch of characters who of course seriously came out of my PC so they are part of my everyday lives..

O.o also do specials for m.e.g.a chronicles 3 and one shot stories as most of the majority of the fics are from by via Roleplays turned into fanfics and such...

=3 grew up with sonic the hedgehog and other various franchises as i was born on may 2nd 1990 means i got to see sonic the hedgehog come into the fray along other franchises like pokemon and Digimon and other franchises like starcraft, Half-life, Half life 2 and other things...

O.o i am also a big time PC gamer as well through the program called Steam... O.o only way i play on consoles if i am at my cousin aiden's house which i do spend time with him during the summer time and such...

i also sometimes do fanfic one short story requests... which is for friends only btw because in basically go on ahead and enforced it early...

O.o i also roleplay mostly with comedy and slapstick comedy as my bread and butter and sometimes on a rare basis i do NSFW fanfics and also other Rare Basis i tend to do serious stories.. O.o like the one ya saw i posted just today... Seiki's side of her story when she lost her husband Juro and hooked up with tomtodd774's Darian... X3 so yea...

O.o anyways i do hope ya enjoy the content here as i am now officially now getting active here as of today so i will make sure to maintain and be active here... anyways enjoy folks...

oh one more thing.. =3 pics ya may see here were posted here by via permission from friends and such mkay... O.o so yea.. X3 laters


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        oh, okay hi ! right now not active here due to lack of interests in what i have posted but still thanks again !

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