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I am a traditional artist who draws just for fun. I usually draw humans and humanoid figures, but I'm willing to try my hand at drawing animals and anthro characters. Besides drawing, I also like to build model cars when the weather permits. I should warn you, though, of very important fact about me: I may be a male, but I like doing cute and colorful artworks. I'll be uploading some of my artworks soon, so stay tuned.

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Going on Artfight for the next month!

Starting tomorrow (July 1) I'll be participating in the annual Artfight event. In this event everyone will be "attacking" each other by way of making artworks of each other's characters. My account there is and the chosen theme for the fight this year is "Wither vs. Bloom". I'll be on Team Bloom, and anyone here who also has an account there is welcome to visit my character lineup. I'm looking forward to seeing who's character I want to draw in the event. I'll also be uploading the artworks here and my other accounts, but primarily I'll be concentrating on the event. Wish me and my team victory in the fight.

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    Hi and may I have a request I just curious and sorry

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      You can leave a request if you wish, but it'll be a while before I get to it.

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        Can you make Marshall from paw patrol and Perdita from 101 dalmtians as Ben 10 aliens or tf

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    just out of curiosity, do you have a toyhouse? ^w^

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      Nope, sorry.

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        that's okay, I featured your fanart there and I was just curious to see if I can credit you on there if you had one :3 When you credit a fanartist on toyhouse, it also adds to their art gallery you see, but you can still credit offsite artists like I recently did :3
        toyhouse in general can be really handy for giving each character their own decoratable profile with their very own galleries and literatures, you can also comment, post, and message as your character if you wanted, as the site supports roleplaying since it was made for original characters and their creators ^w^
        the site does have an invite system, so if you ever did want to join I think you'd need an invite code. but a fellow toyhouse member can easily help with that :3 you don't have to tho! I was just saying that's if you're interested ofcourse
        sorry if I sounded rude, I didn't mean to or anything hhhhhofguiohgiofuh just thought I'd share some info of the site incase you were interested

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    Block Jasmine in Pixiv because Being Immature and Being Disrespectful
    I Blocked Jasmine in Pixiv for Being Mean to You