I am a traditional artist who draws just for fun. I usually draw humans and humanoid figures, but I'm willing to try my hand at drawing animals and anthro characters. Besides drawing, I also like to build model cars when the weather permits. I should warn you, though, of very important fact about me: I may be a male, but I like doing cute and colorful artworks. I'll be uploading some of my artworks soon, so stay tuned.

EDIT: Due to technical difficulties, I cannot upload my artworks here. If you want to see any new works I made, you'll have to go to the other accounts listed below. You can still request artworks from me here, though.

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How are you holding up during this crisis?

on 5 April 2020 at 16:56:42 MDT

As you know, this coronavirus crisis has caused a lot of businesses - mostly non-essential - to either completely shut down or reduce their business hours. Despite the stimulus checks, applications for unemployment benefits, and furloughs imposed by the business owners, employess and their families are feeling the financial and emotional pinch associated with this virus. With all the event cancellations - and lockdowns in some cities - practically everyone is trying their best to avoid "cabin fever" by finding something to occupy their time at home.
So how are you holding out during this crisis? And how long do you think you can hold out before you start to get "cabin fever"?

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    I appreciate the favorites! :D

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    Hiya, thanks for the fave, how'd ya stumble upon my art? Are you a Hamtaro fan? :D

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      You're very welcome!

      I stumbled upon your art while browsing the gallery...and I haven't seen Hamtaro in a long time, though I did like it.

      And sorry about the late reply.

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    thanks for the fave :3