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otterwatt / qberts / he/him / in the forest

icon by SpiritualW0lf @ dA
Commissions: Closed
Trades: Sometimes



Feral Fullbodies
from $ 15.00
to $ 21.00


Anthro/Feral Headshots
from $ 9.00
to $ 15.00

Ko-fi Doodle

Anthro/Feral/Pokemon doodles
$ 3.00

Please Read My TOS Before Commissioning Me!


⦁ How long will my commission take?
-For ko-fi doodles, expect them to be done in about a day! Other art may have a 1-2 week turnaround at the latest, keeping in mind that I have school and other responsibilities to tend to throughout the week. I thank you for your patience if it's taking me a little longer to get your commission done! Please feel free to contact me at any time to ask about progress!
I send updates at each step of the process; confirming the sketch, then lines, and colors, before finishing!

⦁ How do I pay you?
-I take payment through ko-fi! It's basically a middle man between users and paypal, that helps me keep track of commissions easier! Here is my ko-fi link:

⦁ Do you do art trades?
-only if I specifically say so! I will make another post about trades if I am looking for any.

I draw animals! This also includes fantasy creatures such as dragons, as well as Pokemon. I am most comfortable with feral characters, but I can also do anthro. I can not draw clothes or mech-type designs well, so please keep that in mind if your character's design contains those things! Accessories such as hats/scarfs are okay, and wings are okay too!

I will NOT draw humans, mech/vehicles, or very humanoid or robotic designs. Complex designs and wings are no problem, but I am a furry artist so please don't request I draw something that isn't an animal! I will NOT draw kink/fetish, I keep my pages SFW and minor-friendly!

I will NOT draw fandom-related ship art! I will only draw romantic art between oc's. That being said, if you would like to commission art of your character with someone else's, please have their consent first!

Art Offered
⦁ Ko-fi doodles - $3
A quick and cute doodle of your fursona, oc, or any pokemon! 1 coffee = 1 character. Feral and anthro welcome!
Please fill out this form and include it with your kofi donation!
-Username(s): [ex: @ q-berts on dA, @ otterwatt on twitter]
-Subject: [name of your character or a Pokemon]
-Reference: [link the ref sheets to your sona/oc]
--> Here is the link to my ko-fi:

⦁ Headshots - $9
A bust shot of any feral or anthro character!
-Will have minimal shading; +$3 for detailed shading
-Optional transparency or solid color block background; +$3 for a small scene background

⦁ Fullbodies - $15
Feral characters only!
-Will have minimal shading; +$3 for detailed shading
-Optional transparency or solid color block background; +$3 for a small scene background

Please fill out the form below when requesting a commission! Please send me a message with this form filled out, or if you have any questions!

Style of Art:
-Headshot or Fullbody?
-Detailed Shading?
-Background type: transparent, solid color (please name a color), or scene (please specify what)

What would you like me to draw? Give me a mood/expression/general vibe! The more detailed your description the better!
example: "my fursona running happily through a flower field as the sun sets!"

link the ref sheets for your character, and anything else you may need to show me as examples!
example: "link to fursona ref sheet i would like her to be wearing this accessory: link to accessory reference and the field with flowers like this: link to image of flower"

Total Price:
Calculate correctly so you are aware of how much you are paying!


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