Hey; it's me. I am PrivateDoomsday, and I came to this site, from Fur Affinity, to look for opportunities, on this site.

First of all, I've seen DIRTY content, that is not quite as bad, as mere bullying itself. But don't get me wrong; I keep my art strictly clean, because I don't like dirty content, either; especially if it's photo pornographic content.

Second, I have been harassed enough, and if you're going to bully me too, I might as well block you.

Third, I wanna show you how talented I am, proving that you don't need to be dirty, in order to appeal towards others.

Finally, I have NOT been bullied, on FurAffinity; it's been on DEVIANTART.. Plus, at least this site seems fairly nice, for a new opportunity, so I checked it out.

That's it; I hope you like it!

Also, here is the list of art types, that I DON'T draw!

= Diapers / Baby furs
= Watersports
= YAOI / YURI (But I never said ANYTHING about "gender-swapping" being on this list!)
= Gore (Not my style; I prefer cartoon violence, when it comes to severed heads in my art, anyway.)
= ANYTHING "dirty", in general (This ESPECIALLY includes "explicit" content!)

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A Few Digimon Questions...

on 18 March 2017 at 18:13:32 MDT

1: Which digimon is your most favorite?

2: Which digimon do you find the most ADORABLE? (Perhaps by level, as an example?)

3: (OPTIONAL) If you had to have a crush on any kind of digimon, (at least if you WERE one) which would it be? (Example: Guilmon, Renamon, Gatomon, Veemon, Ranamon, etc.)

P.S.; keep it clean and SFW, or otherwise, I'll block you. Nothing personal, here, except that I wanna keep this SFW. (Keep your comments NOWHERE beyond the PG rating, and NOTHING DIRTY!)

Here are some answers from myself, as an example.

1: Veemon (By far; AT LEAST up there! Not only is he ADORABLE, but he looks AWESOME! He's also got a charm, that I liked ab out his appearance, since I first saw him!)

2: That depends. Among Digimon, with NO identified level, I would OBVIOUSLY have to say, Calumon. (Hey; he's so adorable, that you just wanna HUG this little guy!)

3: I dunno exactly. Though among these "spirit digimon", I can imagine being charmed, by a Ranamon, or something! (One that ISN'T evil, of course! XD)

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