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Action Team Playsets - Toy Review by PrivateDoomsday

Action Team Playsets - Toy Review


These things are actually NOT BADLY MADE, among little dollar store playsets! Besides bewing useful for "Gaslands"? Here are my critiques.

Granted, the playset bits (the toy buildings) are a bit cheaply made, but are durable, as well as the use of tge stickers being a mediocre, overrated idea...but hey; what do you expect, from dollar store toys? (But they can be rebuilt with the right bits and such, into decent looking background pieces, for tabletop "Gaslands" boards!

As for the die-cast cars? They have rather cheaply made paintjobs, (and I feel that the use of stickers was once again, a MEDIOCRE idea) and not to mention that there is no coloring done on the siren bits, on the emergency vehicles...but hey; it's a dollar store toy! But regardless? They're actually well made, despite this! (With part of it being made out of die-cast metal? It's like they're actually TRYING to be like Lego & Matchbox! And for that? It deserves credit!)

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My overall rating: 7.5/10

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    I can find some really great stuff at the Dollar Store like this. It can be good for kids when you find a semi-quality toy like this and if they break it—at least it didn’t break your wallet doing it! chuckle