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My name is Aoi and I'm a Dutch Angel Dragon! I'm a huge fan of Yandere Simulator characters and Resident Evil! I enjoy creating fursonas for my favorite characters and creating furry AUs for Yan Sim and Resident Evil Village. I'm the creator of my own furry Yandere Simulator AU called Furdere Simulator and the school is called Kegawa Akademi. For Furdere Sim content, please feel free to check out my DeviantArt or Instagram.

My full name is Aoi Ryugoku and I'm the Enforcer of the Student Council at Kegawa Akademi! I'm Fanon Aoi, a fanmade version of the real Aoi Ryugoku from Yandere Simulator! Ah, yes. I'm capable of seeing beyond the fourth wall! Heh heh. Due to an experiment gone wrong, your pal Aoi is able to transform into a dragon! I have both a dragon form and a human form. How cool is that? Anyways, the real Aoi aka Canon Aoi Ryugoku is my hero and precious dragon bean! I look up to her! Thanks to Kegawa's mad lab rat Kaga, I can switch between the Yandere Simulator and Resident Evil Village universes using warps whenever I want to!

My main focus is fursuiting media, but sometimes I will also post other things such as furry art and drawings of one of my favorite video game characters Aoi Ryugoku and other art stuff I've worked on that I really like and am proud of.

I have multiple characters but Aoi the Dutchie will always be my main.

I don't support YandereDev.

Latest Journal

I Don't Support YandereDev

I also would like to make it known that I do not support YandereDev any longer. I stopped supporting him about a year ago and I'm very glad I made that decision. I just never spoke about it publicly that I no longer support him because I was too terrified to say anything since I used to be one of his biggest supporters and fans but after what happened recently, I'm beating this fear and I'm putting my foot down and making it known that I no longer support him. I recommend you check out this link to read for yourself what's been going on lately if you're a fan of YandereDev or Yandere Simulator. I will continue to focus on my furry content since I love creating and uploading furry photos and videos. If I lose people because of my decision/cancelling support for YandereDev, so be it. I cannot support someone like that and refuse to do so. Like I said, I stopped supporting Dev about a year ago and at that time, I also heavily lost interest in the game itself as well. But what I could never let go of were the characters, who were the reason why I fell in love with the game in the first place. A lot of these characters always had a special place in my heart and continue to have that special place and that's the only reason why I created Furdere Simulator, my furry Yan Sim AU because I wanted to rewrite the characters to my own liking and to get them as far away from the official version as possible, to protect them in a way. Fur Sim is mostly story and art based anyway, not actually a mod for the game or anything to do with the actual game. However, that's also why I still played the game sometimes because I love the characters too much but from this day forward, I don't think I'm gonna play it anymore. It's left such a disgusting taste in my mouth, especially now but a lot of these characters have helped me through a lot of my struggles so I couldn't just let them go and wanted to create my own versions of them. If you look at my Yan Sim fursonas and you're not all too familiar with the game, you probably couldn't even tell that they're supposed to be Yan Sim fursonas due to that fanmade aspect, so that does give me a lot of comfort since my furry Yan Sim characters are so different from the official ones. Animal versions of them don't exist officially, for example. But the thing is, they're still based on Yan Sim characters and are named after them, meaning they're based on a project from someone I can't support any longer so there's that. What are your thoughts on that? This probably also means no more Yan Sim Pose Mod(e) images either and ngl, it's not like I really miss making those anyway. All my financial support goes to fursuit makers and individual artists so YandereDev doesn't get any funds from my furry Yan Sim characters. With that said, if my characters are still a form of supporting Dev in a way, then not all hope is lost because something cool has been on my mind for quite a long while. I've always considered what it would be like for these characters to attend Raccoon University (Resident Evil universe), or just some new university or academic building somewhere in the Resident Evil universe and my Yan Sim furry characters would be dropped there, but they'll keep their looks and get some sort of name change, perhaps! Furdere Simulator could also be renamed to something else so that ain't a problem either! But for the time being, I'm just gonna enjoy posting my stuff from the Alfurnative furry convention that I attended recently and then I'll think about what to do next regarding my furry Yan Sim AU. :)

Feel free to let me know as well if you think creating fanmade furry characters based on the official Yan Sim characters is still a way of supporting YandereDev! I'd appreciate any feedback on that especially.

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