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"You fought well my friend..!" [TW: Blood (not gory)] by Hazel3

"You fought well my friend..!" [TW: Blood (not gory)]


In the Crystalness Magic School, the mages were practicing their magic spells. During the practice, Alfie noticed that one of his students Hazel was needing more practice on specific types of spells, so he took her on an adventure for some special training. They explored and fought monsters and took a short break. During the break, Alfie got distracted and wandered off. Witch Hazel did not notice either, as she was also distracted and was too busy resting from all that adventuring. It was a cold day and snow had been, Hazel was loafing and using her soft floofy tail as a blanket. Desert foxes do not like the cold very much, so she did her best to keep herself as warm as possible.

Suddenly, monsters came in and attacked, angry at the fact that earlier, she stood up to one of their minions. A fierce battle happened, and Witch Hazel did everything she could to protect and defend herself. Despite being badly injured by their attacks, she still managed to stay strong and never give up. It was then that Alfie realised he had gotten way too distracted and wandered away from her by mistake, he quickly goes to return back to her. Eventually, Hazel managed to scare away some of the monsters aswell as defeat some of them with her strong lightning magic aswell as her sharp claws and fangs.

When Alfie returned, he saw her defeat some of the monsters while other monsters gave up and ran away like cowards, he also noticed that Hazel was still here and still standing despite it all. There was blood all over the ground, caused by injuries of Hazel and the monsters. Her shooting star wand was still sparking hints of electricity from the lightning attacks she used her wand for. Alfie walked up to her and petted her on the head. "You fought well my friend..!" he said, as Hazel grinned with a slight tail wag. "But you do not look too well..." said Alfie feeling bad, due to not being able to save her in time and hoping he could make it up to her. Then he had an idea, he showed Hazel the path that they came from to get here. "Come.." He said. "Let us return to the school of magic and we can have our break there.." so he walked back with Hazel, making sure they avoid other monsters, as monsters like to attack.

As they returned to the Crystalness Magic School, Hazel was looking forward to having a well deserved break. Alfie was having a talk with Splitsune, then Splitsune went off to the kitchen. Hazel's friends came up to her and was worried about her, but she was happy to see them despite being injured. Splitsune then came over and gave her some food that she likes, it had a mysterious sparkle to it. "Here, enjoy! I cooked this using a magic potion so it should have some healing qualities!" he said, wagging his two tails. "Thanks!" said Hazel with a smile as she had the meal and was feeling alot better. She had a well earned break then soon went back to joining her friends on practicing magic. The end!

This story is on Wattpad too!

Thought I'd include a short story with this pic, I hope you like! ^-^ I plan on practicing more art like this, as my upcoming comic will sometimes have violence like this. It wont be gory tho, don't like gross gore. Aanyway, I thought this art would be perfect for the end of the year, as it has had plenty ups and downs, but I still made it either way! :3 Life is tough, but so am I! >:3 I'm still surviving and going strong! ÙwÚ /pr And I will survive many more years to come! Bring it on 2024, I have made it through all these years and will survive this one too! >=D Anywho I hope you like my art and literature, I based it off of real life kinda :3 I'll see you guys next year! ^-^

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And please do not criticise! I refuse to be criticised so please accept that.
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Feel free to check out my other works too! I work so hard but it's always fun :3

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    OH MY GOD... I hope she's okay... I'm gonna read it soon

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      don't worry she is :3