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Good night/day! ,'3
My name is MooNique and my fursona is called LunaMoon!

I like drawing cute animals and make heavy music
I listen to STARSET 24/7

  • Information about me

My artist name in music is Lontra Mark, you can listen to it on Spotify, my YouTube channel and on my own Weasyl profile here.

Weasyl and DeviantArt are my main places to post drawings, music and journals. Also be aware that English isn't my main language, It's Brazilian Portuguese.


  • Things I like:

I really like Pirate/Sailing ships themed stuff and electronic RPG games, I love otters and the space too :3

=- Thank you for coming here UwU -=

Latest Journal

TES Oblivion thoughts

Been playing Oblivion a lot again and I completed the main quest, thieves guild, mages guild, fighters guild and some other side quests (which I think 2 are broken), I'm doing the Dark Brotherhood quest line now, I wanted to make this one the last because I'll probably end up ending some characters of the other guilds. And I'm almost completing the Daedra worship quests, there's only 2 left.

I don't remember if I said anything about my character in the last Elder Scrolls journal, but I'm playing with a Breton woman, very broken in combat because I'm using heavy armor and 108% of spell absorption with the atronach birthsign, basically I'm imune to magic and also dangerous in close combat using the Umbra sword at level 100 blade. This is my first run so I just picked everything good I found and used it 'til I found something better, didn't really cared about the build I was doing with this race if I could eliminate any enemy easily in the end... I also could beat up Mehrunes like that since I had the Umbra and he used magic against me but it would take too long...

I pretend to do many quests I can... Aaand yes, as someone who was a fan of Skyrim, I can totally see why people who played Oblivion first says that Skyrim is bad. Personally, I'll say that, I found Oblivion funnier to play than Skyrim... After playing Oblivion I realized that in Skyrim, looks like the races lost their essences and personality, Oblivion has much more of it, and of course the RPG elements. The magic in Oblivion is much more usable than in Skyrim, and also the environment feels more ''explorable''... And Oblivion is harder than Skyrim, not only in enemies but also leveling up your character. I know Skyrim is more of a Action game, that's why I really hope TES 6 brings back the ''RPG game with action elements'' and not the inverse of it.

Well, basically, Oblivion is my favorite TES game now and in my opinion was the perfect balance between RPG and action elements. I don't know if I pretend to play Morrowind though (Arena and Daggerfall are already discarded, sorry xD), i'm still thinking on that, if I play it, my run will be more focusing on knowing the story than enjoying the gameplay which looks bad... Well that's it I guess!! Good night/day. C:

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    ohh! :o seeing from your interests that you like pirates, do you like One Piece? :D it's an anime about pirates who set sail on an adventure! ^w^ i've only seen about like 30 ish episodes but so far i'm liking it :3 that anime has like the funniest expressions XD i do love all their funny moments X3 i gotta thank my sister tho, she sorta introduced me to it and even shared me a site where you can watch it online :3

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      Yeah I watched like 160 eps of it I guess and I loved it :D I really like pirates and sailing ships, I even have an universe just about it (Lerot & Zerot), I think One Piece is my favorite anime with Aggretsuko and JoJo, I'm not much into these for now because I'm waiting
      for netflix make the rest of them cause I'm the type of person who watch it voiced with my language >_<

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        that's so cool! oh and i also love Little Witch Academia, i think my favourite character is Professor Ursula, she's super sweet and wholesome ^-^ she also reminds me of them really kind, motherly teachers that you get at school :3 those kinds of teachers were the best ^w^ they're alot nicer than the meaner, stricter kind that you often get. but yeah my character's universe had a little inspiration from LWA with the mages and the magic school 'n' all X3 except boys can be mages too! but there's still alotta girls in the school :3 the guys be known as wizards and the gals be known as witches. and if genderless or if the gender seems complicated, then they'll just be known as mages UwU

        i do love all things magical and i really love rpg style things, though i'm not very keen on the dark satanic kind of magic, that's kind of a no no for me as i kinda believe in god 'n' all.. but yeah i also really like rpg themed stuff, i dunno if it's considered medieval or not since they often include alot of fantasy like dragons, unicorns, and magic. but i still like it anyway :3 just not the gore.. shiver blood and bones is fine, but no insides yuck! {{ (>﹏<) }} i probably wont go into talking about that tho, since i have a huge fear of it. but i do think there needs to be a name for gorephobia or somethin'.. i think there's only one for blood tho, but yeahh i have quite a few phobias.. ^-^; i'm a very timid person

        Miitopia is a fun game i recommend if you have a switch or 3ds ^w^ it has like magic and rpg/medieval theme to it which i think you might like, plus you can create a whole team of your ocs! :D i love how you can give em personalities that affect the game's stories X3 i became a mage foxgirl on the game with a timid/cautious personality and i team up with my ocs Cody, Max, Izzy and others :D Miitopia's good if you're a multitasker also :3 there are some parts of the game where you can take your time and don't have to do too much control, which is good if you like multitasking, like i love to snack and sew while i watch stuff ^-^ battles ofcourse, you gotta act fast if you wanna try and save a teammate from being defeated by a monster

        i'm looking forward to the next season of Aggretsuko! i hear it's not long now as it'll arrive in a month :D i'm gonna watch it all over again! ^w^ y'know, just so i can catch up, as it's been a while 'n' all. my memory's not that great you see.. ^-^; i'm not sure about in your language sorryy, but in english definitely ^w^ speaking of languages, i only know english but i'm tryna learn spanish though lately i've been Miss Lazy Hazey and not doing my spanish lessons lol XD
        really sorry for the long talk! i hope you don't mind :o i tend to get very talkative, even without meaning to so if i seem annoying then i'm really sorry, i don't mean to be QwQ

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          I watched LWA and It's great too, I might watch it again since it has been a long time, I love Studio Trigger's projects. I have a phobia of my own blood or blood of my characters which is called hematophobia, I have anxiety and nausea when I see it, even if It's just a little bit, so I'll never draw gore or something like that, phew... I like RPG too, I play some rpg games, but I always choose to be a knight, I'm not very good with magic... I prefer to bonk the enemies heheeg.

          Sadly I don't have any consoles at the moment and my PC is not very good, so I can't play much good games, I'm often playing Skyrim, pirate games and Minecraft... and Aggretsuko will be out here in the next month too, now that you said it, I might watch it all again too, I remember nothing of the first season tbh ;w;... My language (portuguese) looks a bit like Spanish, I can understand some things because of it, but I never learned it... I had some spanish lessons before but it never got my attention, I was more focused on english, I still have a lot to learn, my english isn't that good... And don't worry, I don't care about the long talk, I don't talk or interact that much with other people because I'm timid too, so It's really nice to chat like this, thanks!

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            ohh, i'm really sorry you experience that <:o i love shows like Spongebob and Bob's Burgers but i don't like when there's gore "jokes", i tend to look away and can't watch as i get really scared :< i also have a very bad trypanophobia which is fear of needles and sometimes they have to be done, they're really sore and painful and i get so scared that i can't even watch >.<; i also jump in fright by even the slightest touch and i'm scared of the pain too and i think i have a bit of algophobia too which is fear of pain...why do i have so many phobias..? ÓvÒ;
            i did get my vaccinations done tho, i was very scared but thankfully they were alot less painful but i was still terrified. i think the numbing cream helped so there's a tip for ya, always use that an hour before the needles and it should make things alot less painful. i'm not sure what it's called but i think they'll know what you mean if you say numbing cream

            i think you might relate to Bob from Bob's Burgers a little, whenever he gets a cut or injury that contains blood, he gets so scared he faints from it. though my personality seems more like Tina or Gene, i think Tina's my favourite character lol she's really funny and she's also really nice too X3 i love how she's like uuuuuuhhhhh
            also i notice me and Gene both have something in common, we both wanna be musicians aaand we both like fart jokes XDD i don't like the grossness tho, like the smell and the skunk spray sorta look, blegh nope! i just think the sounds are hilarious XDD but uh.. someone once told me if i had a fart fetish but i was like no because it's not my thing. i just like the jokes, kinda like how kids like to joke about it, i'm a child at heart

            cool, rpg is awesome :D i think i got a little inspired by Miitopia and decided to make Max a warrior outside of the Miitopia universe X3 cos he is a stubborn warrior in the game too ofcourse but i also thought.. if Hazel/i'm a mage, then Max should be a warrior XD besides i think he suits being a warrior/knight more than a mage i think :3
            ohh i see! i need to play Pirate101, i've played Wizard101 and that was good ^w^ Toontown Rewritten is also fun too! :D they're all pc games ^w^ i also use to play Transformice but the community is mean so i don't use the chat and avoid being the shaman. it's a multiplayer platform game where you're a cute little mouse and you've got to try and get the cheese and return home. you can even change the mouse's look and i love when games have character customisation ^w^

            yeah i recognised that some of the words in portuguese look a little similar to spanish, same with italian, some of the words are similar or the same :3 i hear that the spanish word señor is also an italian word too :3 señor means sir or mister/mr. there's also señora and señorita for the ladies, i think i'm a señorita since i'm a young adult that's not married or anything. i've never actually been in a relationship though i tend to reject everyone since alot of people are only here because i'm cute and i rather have someone who likes me for who i am and not how i look :< i'm the same, i focus more on personality than looks. but i mostly just see everyone as friends, i think it's my aro/ace side that makes it hard to love anyone. not that i don't love ofcourse! i still love everyone as friends ^w^

            you should totally try Duolingo! it's how i learnt my spanish ^w^ also sometimes it helps to listen to audio that teaches you the language you want to learn, something that doesn't require you to check the screen often will be useful if you're a multitasker like me :3 i draw while i listen to edm or jpop though sometimes spanish teaching audio is good while i draw too! i need to play those videos on repeat as i tend to forget the words easily.. ^-^;
            i'm glad you don't mind long convos :3 sorry if some of the subjects i talked about bother you, if they do then i'm really sorry :< i'll try not to talk about anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, though i get distracted very easily and my bad memory can be a bother sometimes so i gotta remind myself lots

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              Sponge Bob is part of my childhood, I used to watch it a lot, the gore in it is ok for me since It's very cartoonish... I never watched Bob Burger's but it looks fun, i'm scared of needles too, maybe I have phobia of it too because I get really nervous when I know I'll be taking one and I can't watch too... I don't like much fart jokes, but the fart sound with reverb always catch me... And yeah I almost fainted one day because of blood, I was really bad because my dog bit me with no intention and it was very strong, it was not painful but there was blood and all >_<

              I want to be a musician too, I make some songs that I post here, most of them are my character's theme. I think I saw Pirate101 one day, when I was seeing the list with all the pirates games available on PC, but I didn't like the majority of them, I just like the ones that are more RPG, open world with a lot of different ships that you can have your own, so the one I play is The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt which was the best pirate game I found, It's for PC and mobile. I used to play Transformice a lot too for like 5 years, and yeah I left it because of the community too, people are really bad there and the moderation doesn't make anything better.

              I prefer people personalities than the appearance too, that's the right thing to do... I never been in a relationship before too, I pretend not to be now, maybe in the future. I tried duolingo to learn more of english but I'm too lazy to continue it ;w; I like russian too but I'll never learn that because It's too different and it have different symbols and words... It's really hard. I like listening to metal songs as I draw something, it give me inspiration, even if I'm drawing a cute character, I think that's one of the reasons I like Aggretsuko hehege, I also listen to some pop songs too, but yeah, I just like these two kind of music, rock and pop and sometimes I listen to just one song all day on repeat... and It's ok, I'm very tranquil, nothing bothered me, I'm liking the conversation because as I said, It's rare for me to talk with other people

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                ohh you see, even cartoonish gore scares me.. QwQ and even the "candy" gore i really don't like, it just looks nothing like candy to me.. however the only "gore" i don't mind is when a character gets cut in half, but it's nothing scary inside, it's just filled with cake or ice cream or the inside of an orange or a lemon. or like filled with nothing but candy like a piñata, or like something that looks so real but is actually cake. i don't know what that kind of "gore" is called but it's like the only kind that doesn't bother me, though you do often get those prank kind of videos where they look like they're gonna cut up a phone or a dog's paw but it's actually just cake lol, i always fall for it at the start being like "oh noo" and then being like "oh phew" in the end XDD

                yeah i don't like the grossness like the smell and stuff, the sound's the only thing i like about farts, it sounds really funny lol sometimes i ask Alexa to burp and fart for jokes and laughs X3 i can also make a really good raspberry that sounds very realistic and it's really funny lol
                ima still be learning the new music making program i recently got. the old is good but the choices on there are very limited, i sorta needed something more advanced which is why i bought one that has more options to make music in :3 so far i'm working on a few songs, plus i also find it useful to make video game themed voices for character animations, which i was inspired by an animator i like ^w^ they even gave me some really nice artwork and i gave them some too ^w^ btw i make very good use of the artwork i'm given :D don't worry tho, i always credit when i use the art given to me, and i still love and appreciate every gift up to this day :3 kinda like the birthday gift you gave me also became a background on my toyhouse profile ^w^

                yeah it seems people on transformice only really care about winning when i only really go on there just for fun :< same goes with any other game, i only play them just for fun, i mean trying to win is good 'n' all but as long as you enjoy the game and it's not making you fed up in any way, then that's what's most important :3

                i get that, i was hoping to learn japanese though it seems way more advanced as not only you gotta learn new words but you also gotta learn new letters too, so i think i'll learn japanese once i know enough spanish to understand everything in a regular convo. but if there's any english words you don't understand, just say and i'll see if i can find an image or describe it to you ^w^

                i find death metal hilarious lol i love death metal jokes XDD this one especially lol XD oh and the attacking idog lol you can literally hear the lyrics go "KILL EM AALLLL" lol XDDDD that's one of the reasons why i love Aggretsuko lol, the death metal jokes are just the best XDD i loved the scene where the imagined herself driving and crashing into Anai's car while they both have a road rage at each other and the lyrics were literally just "DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!" lol XDD

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                  Yeaah I've seem those prank videos, it scares me a little bit too hehg... Also It's really nice that you set your Toyhouse background with my gift ^w^. I rarely animate something, and when I animate, It's just a gif like my profile picture or something that I'll never finish... I wanted to be an animator some years ago and started an animated project but I was too lazy to finish it, and I still ;w;...

                  Japanese is cool but same as russian for me, It's too hard for me to learn... I like the metal jokes too, like this one hehege xD

                  I use FL Studio 20 for making music, It's easy to use when you know the basics... but for me, making an actual song nowdays is hard because I'm having artblock with music ;w; I just can't really do something that sounds cool or finish a project... but in time my creativity will come back for this...