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Hi :D
My name is MooNique or LunaMoon

I like drawing cute animals and make heavy music
I really like listening to STARSET and BreakingBenjamin

  • Information My artist name in music is Lontra Mark, you can listen to it on Spotify and on my own Weasyl profile here. Weasyl is my main website to post drawings, music and journals. Also be aware that English isn't my main language, it's Brazilian Portuguese.

My Discord is 'moononehive' if you want to chat
I like cute things, animals, cartoons, pirates, space and heavy music

=- Thank you for coming here ;D -=

Latest Journal

The Cube of Time track list

This is the track list for The Cube of Time album.
Some songs have changed as well hehege

1- Following Beyond
2- From the Depths
3- The Deep Dive
4- Poseidon
5- The Cube of Time
6- Bliss
7- Vengeance
8- Together We Stand
9- Enter the End

Release date: Aug 18, 2023

It took almost a year to complete this album. I was going to post it on my birthday in June but I couldn't 'cause I was very busy with some irl stuff

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    Thank you so much for the fave! :D

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    Awwwww…..thank you so much for the favorite and the follow! :D

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    sorry if i brother you but I really like your art : ) I was wondering if request are open at the moment?

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      I already got some requests on my list, so for now they are closed until I finish all of them, then I might open again. I'll post a journal when that happens

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    ohh! :o seeing from your interests that you like pirates, do you like One Piece? :D it's an anime about pirates who set sail on an adventure! ^w^ i've only seen about like 30 ish episodes but so far i'm liking it :3 that anime has like the funniest expressions XD i do love all their funny moments X3 i gotta thank my sister tho, she sorta introduced me to it and even shared me a site where you can watch it online :3

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      Yeah I watched like 160 eps of it I guess and I loved it :D I really like pirates and sailing ships, I even have an universe just about it (Lerot & Zerot), I think One Piece is my favorite anime with Aggretsuko and JoJo, I'm not much into these for now because I'm waiting
      for netflix make the rest of them cause I'm the type of person who watch it voiced with my language >_<