Welcome to my PROFiLE hehege :3

My name is Luna and I'm a digital artist, I like to draw Furries and characters I like :3
I also use Greev Mehier/GreevTale as nicknames in other sites
-Sorry for my bad english sometimes, I'm still learning it

If you like my art... thanks :D
I have my original universes that I'm working on
dreamPerception(2017) and Moonone(2019)

dreamPerception >>>

dP is my main universe with my main OCs, everything in this universe is what I've dreamed for now
Everything is from my dreams and nightmares, not exactly like the dream, but yeah

The mains are
Greev Mehier (My main human OC)
Iris Monique

Moonone >>>

Moonone is my second universe and also the name of the main species that live in this universe
There's no humans here, just creatures. Moonones are feral creatures based on four legged animals

  • There are 3 types of Moonones: Magic, Neutral and Natural Magic Moonones have different powers and magic for sure (omnivores) Natural Moonones can control plants, trees and natural things in general (herbivores) Neutral Moonones doesn't have any kind of power, they are like normal creatures (carnivores)

I'm also writing a story with them and planing to do a comic :3

More info about me >>>

My main OCs in general
Greev Mehier (dreamPerception)
Iris Monique (dreamPerception)
Yesterday (Moonone)
Cottofy (Moonone)
Unisy (Moonone)

My name is Gabryel Luna, but you can all me Luna or Moon if you want
My native language is Portuguese but I know English.

I started drawing FNAF in 2015 on paper, one year later I started doing digital Undertale drawings
I did so much Undertale drawings from 2016 to 2020 but I'll not post them here, you can see them in my DeviantArt (GreevTale)
I'm no more in the UT fandom though. I'm just in the Furry fandom for now


I like RPG, fps war, racing and pirate themed games

  • My favorite games are Undertale(and Deltarune), FNAF, Metro(all games), Battlefield, Midnight Club 3, AC: Black Flag, The Pirate Caribbean Hunt, Castle Cats(and Dungeon Dogs) and Transformice

My two favorite music types are Heavy metal and Electronic pop

  • Musicians and bands I like: DAGames(IRIS, Onyx Colony), Within Temptation, NyxTheShield, Slipknot, NateWantsToBattle, Skillet, Toby Fox, PsychoticFoxProductions, Whyvxnom, Set it Off, Fall out Boy and Panic! at the Disco

For animals I like dogs and jumping spiders
I like small creatures in general

My favorite artists are
Jael Peñaloza

That's all I guess... If you want to talk to me you can, I just don't know where :D

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