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IRL Shit ~
Male / 24 / Gay As Fuck~Homo-Flexible / Sub / 5’4’’ / Queens, NYC / College Student & Aspiring Sissy Pet Looking For A Caring Master Or Couple

Sup' , Nice To Meet Ya' !

The Name’s Christian, But You Can Call Me Chris, Cam, Kitty, Or Whatever Floats Your Boat.

Just Some Short Curly Haired Latino Kitty Boy From NYC, Proficient In CQC And Questionable Humor ...

I’m Much More Active On FA, But Do Like This Site Too And Am Trying To Tend To Both (Check Me Out There For More Stuff That’ll Make Ya’ Pecker Hard)

I Do Draw, But Rarely, And When I Do It’s Usually Only For Close Friends !

Other Than My Occasional Chicken Scratch, I Have Art I’ve Commissioned From Some Awesome People !

Hope Ya’ Enjoy, And Feel More Than Free To PM Me.

I’m Totally Down To Split A Commission !

If You Wanna Chat And Get To Know Me, I’m Down For That As Well !

Always Cool To Meet New Friends !

Just Please, No “hi” And “do u rp” Messages.


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Latest Journal

The Chronicles Of An Openly Gay High School Student ... #1

So I'll be finally starting college soon after a tsunami of setbacks due to my depression and illness (and accidentally forgetting about the Financial Aid deadline for the latest semester ^^; ). And I stopped to think about the highlights of my high school years.

"But Chris, isn't wasn't even that long ago in the first place, you graduated in 2013 ! "

I know, so shut the fuck up ! o-o

But any who. High school was the time in my life when I decided to come out of the closet. And although you all know me as overly flamboyant and out there, I was very shy letting that side of me out during High School (due to personal issues surrounding my youth). And long story short, when my classmates found out I liked boys ... Oh fucking lord my shy nerdy boy self was in for a treat. Aside from the usual shenanigans they always caused on the daily basis !

So I thought, when ever I remember a funny or unusual story from those times ... Why don't I share it with you guys ? (It won't all be stories about regarding my sexuality, I also have a ton of stupid stories about friends, classes and general stupidity)

And speaking of which I guess I'll start with the first one .....

The Chronicles Of An Openly Gay High School Student ... #1 - "Stereotypes"

So when I came out it was just me not denying it anymore when my friends asked or talked about it (Yes, it was that noticeable >.< ) and nothing more. Just me accepting it casually and acting no different. But as always people starting spreading the news around. And next thing I knew, all the girls wanted me to be they're new friend and be their GBF. And well, I really didn't care. So in a matter of time I found myself hanging out with a group of girls during any free time. I became their gay little brother, often trying on new clothes with them and letting them do my face with makeup (Then scrambling to wash it off and putting my regular clothes back on before the boys and my sister noticed). It was pretty nice since I felt comfortable letting out my feminine and femboy side I always kept hidden. But sometimes, they assumed just cause I was a homosexual, that I fit every gay stereotype. "But Chris, I've never seen you act gay before"."Hey Chris, why don't you have a lisp ?"."Hey Chris, why don't you limp your wrist while talking like other gay guys" .... and the most annoying one, the "Gay-dar". When it came to gossip and rumors about another boy in the school possibly being gay or bisexual, they always came to me thinking that I could confirm it cause I apparently have a gay-dar in me. Cause you know, that's a thing ....

Meanwhile in the school cafeteria, I'm sitting with the gals sipping on a carton of milk ~ June 2012

The Girls - "OMG you guys, I heard (For privacy sakes I'll change the guys name to ummm .... milkdud. Yea that'll do) milkdud is totally bisexual. Just look at the way he acts and stuff."

"Yea, I thought I was the only one that noticed. He totally acts gay"

"Wait, I got an idea ...."


Me - sip ...... o-o

"W-what's the problem ?"

The Girls - "Hey you know Milkdud right ?"

Me - "Well yea who doesn't know him ?"

The Girls - "Ever notice anything ... different about him ?"

"Aren't you guys friends ?"

Me - "What ummm.... what are ya guys aiming at ?"

The Girls - "IS HE GAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????"

Me - "How the hell am I supposed to know !?"

The Girls - "Well, don't you have a gaydar ?"

"All gay guys have one. It's how you can tell who is gay and who isn't"

"So tell us !!!"

"OMG I bet you're gonna say he is !!!!"

Me - ......

"You know what .. fuck this. I'm tired of stereotypes ! No I don't have a god damn lisp. No I don't freaking limp my wrist when I talk.

And I sure as hell can't telepathically tell if someone fucking loves dick !

Stereotypes are the reason why alot of closeted homosexuals are afraid to come out. And the reason why I'm afraid to be who I am in public !!!. If the world is gonna become a better place, we need to stop clinging to stupid stereotypes and move forward !!!!" :U

The Girls - .....

"Geez ..."

"Sorry Chris ..."

"We didn't mean to stereotype you or anything. We just never had a gay friend before you."

"Yea, we sometimes just say silly stuff we hear about on TV and shit"


Me - "I guess. I just hate stereotypes"

........ sips some milk

But yea, to answer your question he is. I gave him a BJ in the boys room like a month ago. Just keep it a secret, he swore me to secrecy."


goes back to drawing and sipping milk

The Girls - ....


"So what was the point of the rant"

"You made us feel bad for nothing !!!"

"I still think he totally has a gaydar"


~~ I wanna hear your guys reactions and shit. Feel free to post them. Especially if this made you chuckle or anything. Got a story you wanna share yourself ? Please do !!!! :D~~

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    Thanks for the fave! :D

  • Link

    Thanks for the fave! :D

    Oh, by the way..............the MMPR comic...................they killed Tommy. I'm.............not happy. :<

    • Link

      I Knew You'd Have Something To Say About That :P


      Hasbro Now Owns The Power Rangers Toy Rights

      Your Thoughts Big Sis ? :v

      • Link

        Erg. Hasbro. It could be good or bad. But with their sudden desire for all complete creative control.....I’m already worried for the existing franchises. With them forcing IDW to reboot the universe and getting rid of most of their great writers (James Roberts and Maigread Scott)........I just feel like we’re going back to the rehashed war. I’m not interested in their G1 “reboot” cartoon that barely has any G1 characters in it. So. Hasbro. Hmmm........ undecided

        And the explanation of Tommy’s death now a fixed point of history—being a Doctor Who fan. I know. Fixed points can’t be changed. ;_;

        • Link

          I mean, I don't really consider the Boom Comics canon :v

          And, Hasbro can't do any worse than what Bandai has been pumping out the last 4 years. And with Go-Busters, they have familiar territory (Go-Busters Mechs = Unicron Trilogy TFer's)

          Also found out my favorite headmaster/second favorite transformer in general is gay QAQ <3

          Read the issues where they unveil him and Rewinds feelings for each other

          Wept a bit I won't lie ;w; <3

          • Link

            Then you'll be happy to know Brainstorm is, too. Except the one he loved died a long, LONG time ago. Go and read the story-arc "Days of Deception"......I promise you won't regret that. You'll also probably feel a lot differently about Megatron after that one, too..........I think after that is when I'm like--Megatron/Rodimus is my pairing now and forever. :)

            I am............currently not sold on their upcoming "Cyberverse" toyline. I understand it's somewhere between Generations and their younger age toys, but.....meh, we'll have to see what Hasbro will unveil for Transformers in 2018. And we'll have to see what they do for the Power Rangers line............though with Toys 'R' Us closing down, any kind of figure is going to be really hard to find around here in the near future. Our Target and Wal-Mart stores barely carry much beyond "Star Wars". :/

            It's really too bad that the Power Rangers toys couldn't graduate to something more like the FiguARTS figures--I honestly love those so much. I was ever so happy to get the Dragon Ranger from Dairanger! :)

            • Link

              Well, just checked TFWiki and alot of them are either bisexual or gay, the idea of a gay transformer is not so unique anymore. I mean in hindsight, on a planet of over 500+ beefy male transformers and like 3 girls (not counting Victorion), I guess it's just a huge intergalactic sausage fest. Like prison romance or Ouran HS Host Club fan fics :v

              And I actually think the Cyberverse line looks pretty neat. G1-Generations esque, but simple enough for a kid to pick up and play. The whole line seems pretty cool, except for the Bumblebee figures. RiD was good in concept but the toys were riddles with QC issues, horribly cheap plastic, and little to no accesories. Only thing I ever picked up from that line was Gold Armor Grimlock, cause I like me some G1 style Grimlocks. And only payed 5 bucks for him cause I price matched him, no way I was paying 16 smacks for a RiD fig.

              And yea, Toysrus was really the only place to get Power Rangers stuff here too. Target and Wallyworld really only have marvel stuff and Star Wars. Though honestly I'm not really suprised that toysrus is dead, they jacked up prices even more just to milk the "closing sale". Normally they price legend class figs at 7 bucks (6 at other places), went to go see if I can pick some up cause of the closing sale. 10% off, except they racked up the price of legend class figs to 11 bucks. They did the same to alot more stuff like Pokemon toys too, kind of sad that they're trying to make a quick buck on people that don't know better :L

              • Link

                If you really want mind-blowing should probably check out the adult side of the fandom--been reading a lot of fan-fiction (mostly good, a few not-so-much), because it sounds like, technically, to the fandom they're all.............hermaphrodites (got both sets of equipment). So gender tags are just............affectations of knowing organic species with genders? I've been happy with the Megatron/Rodimus 'fics I've been reading, because I was scared they'd all be dark and maybe violent.......but probably the majority of the ones I'm finding are sweet and bittersweet.

                I think the Cyberverse Shockwave scarred my eyes beyond repair. The glaring colors made me blind. laughs I only picked up one RID figure, as of the many versions of Strongarm--just to say I have one more "female" TF figure in my collection. chuckle Nemesis Prime/Nemesis Pax is going to be an exclusive-to-Amazon I think that finally we'll see a PotP Leader Class figure that's at RETAIL price and not ridiculously overpriced. XD

                I hear you...............I was rather infuriated to see they "raised the price" in order to "sale price" things. I was going to get a secondary Starscream PotP figure to have one on my desk at work and saw it was the full retail of $29.99--so that 15% off pretty much just brought it to the standard retail price ($24.99) Target and Wal-Mart were charging for the figures. rolls eyes Well, I do hope that eventually we'll hit like 80% off and I'll buy the Titan Class Primus (TLK version).........which I want to paint silver and leave in planet mode (since I already own a Cybertron Primus from a previous line). heh

                It's my desire to find a Hot Rod/Rodimus I don't already own when I go to TFCon in October.........and a Star Saber figure. :)