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Sharing Is Caring ! 「ABDL/DIAPER WARNING」 by ConfusedKitty

Sharing Is Caring ! 「ABDL/DIAPER WARNING」


~ Poofy Friends Share Everything !

Their Favorite Blanket, Their Snacks, Their Plushies ...

But There's One Thing That Can Only Be Shared When They Reach A Certain Level Of Trust ...

Their Single Most Favorite Toy !

Cam Is Having So Much Fun With His Friend Tsukonko On A Nice Play Date, Much Needed After A Long Day Of Class And Work

Laughing, Waving Their Enormously Soft Plushy Butts And Hips To Some Tunes, Playing The Day Away In Some Hella Stylish Outfits And Skirts

Cam Has Known Him For What Seems Like Forever, And He Feels It's Time To Show Tsukonko How Much He Trusts Him

Tsukonko's Eyes Suddenly Widen In Happiness And Honor When He Sees What Cam Is Holding Out For Him

Cam's Favorite Toy !

He Has So Many, But This One Is Special,

An Optimus Prime Doll That He Takes Everywhere, A Toy That Always Puts A Smile On His Face No Matter How Sad He May Be

Cam - "You Mean Alot To Me Sweetie !

Today, You Can Play With Optimus !

I Know You Won't Let Anything Bad Happen To Him,

And He'll Protect You From All The Bad Guys !"

Cam Watches His Friend Take The Doll And Hug It Tight As He Once Did When He First Got It ...

Happiness And Big Soft Padded Tushies Are Always Meant To Be Shared ! <3 ~[/i]


Welp, It Took A While But It's Finally Here !

And Honestly, Nothing Could Be More Special.

A Special Gift For My Good Friend Otakutsukonko(FA) Who Got Me A Sweet Birthday Gift Not Too Long Ago

I Owe Him Alot, And I'm Glad I Could Put A Smile On His Face !

And KingCrazy(FA) Was Certainly Worth The Wait !

Just Look At How Round Our Rears Are, Ready To Burst Out Of Those Outfits !

Even Went Out Of His Way To Design A Cool Little Detailed Optimus Prime Figure ! QuQ

Glad I Was Able To Support Them And Have An Amazing Pic Made By Them !

Now If You'll Excuse Me, This Poofy Little Princess Needs To Keep Waving That Junk To Some More Tunes ! =u= <3

Art By The Fun And Talented KingCrazy(FA)

Come On, Do I Even Need To Explain How Awesome This Guy Is ?

Check Out There Page If You Want More Cuties, Hella Cute Outfits, And Soft Butt Pillows !

They Were A Pleasure To Work With, And Worth Every Cent !

Tsukonko, Cam's Cute And Silly Green Raccoon Friend & Fellow Poofy Boy Belongs To Otakutsukonko(FA)

Like I Said, He's Been An Amazing Friend Who's Been There Through Thick And Thin

He's Done Alot For Me, This Can't Possibly Pay Back His Kindness

If You're Reading This Bro, Thanks For Sticking By Me When Not Alot Of Others Did.

Even Though We've Drifted Apart Recently, I'm Always With You Even In Spirit

Cam, The Orange Kitty With A Butt So Padded It Can Deflect Bullets Belongs To Me, ConfusedKitty