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Walking Through The Tall Grass ... ~ABDL/DIAPER WARNING ! by ConfusedKitty

Walking Through The Tall Grass ... ~ABDL/DIAPER WARNING !


Kim, A Brash & Bold Trainer And The Talk Of Her Town ...

Known For Always Winning Battles, And Being A Gal With Dozens Of Boys At Her Dominant Command At The Local Gym !

It's About Time She Took Her First Steps On Her Journey !

The Life Of A Pokemon Day Care Lady Like Her Folks Just Wasn't Her Speed ...

Sporting Her Favorite Cap, A Bag Full Of The Essentials For Any Trainer, And A Sporty Daisy Duke Look To Make Sure Other Trainers Know She Means Business;

She Takes Her First Steps Outside Of Her Small, Quiet, And Rural Unova Town; With Confidence Even A Champion Couldn't Shake !

Ignoring Her Professor's Warning, She Strolls Along Following The Gentle Spring Breeze Hitting The Tall Grass To The Next Town ...

Suddenly, She's Attacked By Two Wild Pokemon(?) !

They "Intimidate" Her And Corner Her With Some Really Soft And Bulky Rears, Angering Her Assertive Demeanor ...

She's Got Not Time To KO Some Weak Little Monsters ... Yet,

She Realizes They Aren't Trying To Hurt Her At All, They're Just Trying To Find A New Home,

And A Beautiful Gal To Call Them Theirs And Care For Them ...

She Warms Up To The Wild Sylveon(?) And Yamper(?), Secretly Enjoying The Teasing;

Maybe It's Her Maternal Instincts ?

Maybe It's Two Cute Little Obedient Poke'Boys She Wouldn't Mind Flaunting As Her Pets Like The Boys Back Home ?

"Why Do They Look Like Those Boys I Had A Crush On Back Home ?"

"Are All Wild Pokemon In This Field Padded Up Like This ?"


"Maybe Being A Caretaker Isn't Such A Bad Life ..."


HOLY FUCK This Is Amazing !

The Amount Of Love That BabySteps Put Into This Is Insane !

So Adorable And Cute, Makes Me Feel All Warm And Fuzzy When I See It ;w;

And Look At Those Poofy Rears !

So Big And Soft, Perfect For A Queen Like Kim To Command In Battle QuQ <3

Thank You So Much For Making This Gift For Two Of My Closest Friends Here Something Spectacular !

Aside From Being Able To Support Ya' And Have The Honor Of Commissioning You !

And Kim & Lui, Thank You For Being Amazing Friends ...

It's People Like You Three That Made Me So Comfortable With This Side Of Me, Helped Me Embrace It, And Feel So Happy About Myself ;w;

I'm Sure You're Also A Role Model For Others On Here !

Art By The Incredible BabySteps Over On FA !

If This Is Your Thing, Or Are A Fan Of Art With Poofy Boys & Girls And Never Ending Fun, Please Check Her Out !

She's An Amazing Person To Work With, And Her Art Is INCREDIBLY Affordable As Well; Especially For The Quality And Love She Puts Into It (If This Isn't Proof Enough !)

She's Also A Hard Working Student (A Role Model To Someone Like Me Trying To Get Into Her Field Of Study), So Supporting Her Goes To A Good Cause !

Please Check Her Out And Watch Her If You Aren't Already !

Kim, The Beautiful Yet Bold Pink Fox, Belongs To One Of My Close Friends And Big Sister Gamer2 From FA !

I Know "Friend" Is Used Alot On Here, But She Goes Beyond That. She's Like The Older Sister I Never Had Growing Up,

She's Hella' Fun To Talk To, Always Supportive And Willing To Lend And Ear When You're Down

One Of The Most Honest People I've Met On Here, And Someone I'm Proud To Have Met And Be Friends With

She's Been Through ALOT, And Yet Still Picks Herself Off And Wipes Her Face

She's As Strong And Inspirational As She Is A Nerd ;w;

Incredibly Open About What She Likes, Made Me More Comfortable With This Side Of Me ;w;

Also An Awesome Artist ! If You Like This Sort Of Stuff, Her Fox Gal Making People Bend To Her, And Very Stylistic Anime-like Art, PLEASE Check Her Out !

She's Also Not Afraid Of Getting Some Sissy Boys And Making Them Her Own Personal Foot Stool >//w//>

Never Change Kim, You're An Example Of What We Should All Strive For uwu

Lui, The Vaporeon And My Poofy "Pokemon" In Crime (Those Trainers Won't Tease Themselves) Belongs To My Big Brother Luigi-Vaporeon (Also On FA !)

I've Talked About Him Before, He's As Amazing Person As Kim Is !

Long Time Friend Who Also Showed Me This Side Of Me Isn't Weird Or Something To Be Ashamed Of

Been A Huge Pillar Of Emotional Support For Me When I've Needed Someone To Talk To

Fun And Silly Nerd To Talk To And Send Memes At 3 AM XD

We Can All Use Friend Like Him, And All Poofy Boys Can Use A Big Brother Like Him ;w;

Besides, Where'd You Think I Learned It From ?

He's Also A Master At Drawing Cute Boys And Gravity Defying Poof Butts, If You Like That Stuff And Wanna Score Some Really Affordable Art Please Check Them Out !

Thank You Two, I Hope This Gift Can Show You How Much You Mean To Me ...

Cam, The Curly Haired Kitty With Too Much Disposable Income To Spend On Onesies And Poofs Belongs To Me ConfusedKitty

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