Big Ol' Bro Hug ~ by ConfusedKitty

Big Ol' Bro Hug ~


4 May 2018 at 15:10:35 MDT

So Cam & Azi Decide To Hang Out With Cam's Good Friend Shadow And Grab Some Lunch.

Long Time Friend, Loyal To The End.

They Get To The Meet Up Spot, In Front Of The Red Robin.

Those Tasty Burgers Await.

One Problem Though.

Shadow Is A HUGE Fitness Buff, Literally.

And He LOVES To Hug.

Which Isn't A Problem To Other Muscle Jocks At His Gym.

But Cam & Azi Are Average Gay Boi's

A Hug From Him Is Like They're Tubes Of Toothpaste. And He's Trying To The Last Of It Before Opening A New One.

At Least He Cares About His Dental Health :v

Long Time Close Friend Shadow Surprised Me With This.

Needless To Say I Was Touched.

He Went All Out, And Included My Boyfriend In It Too. The More The Merrier When It Comes To Bro Hugs.

It Means ALOT, He's Done Nothing But Support Us After All We've Been Through.

Hope To Pay Him Back Someday, Least I Can Do For Being An Awesome Friend Since I First Joined FA.

Shadow Belongs To

Guys, He's Like A Brother To Me. And He Gives WAY Too Much. He Got Me A Freaking Autographed Seatbelts Soundtrack For My Birthday. Honestly, I Can Probably Never Repay How Much Love He's Given Me. Real Friends Like Him Don't Come Around Often. I'll Be Right There To Support Him During His Rough Times As Well.

He Gives And Gives, Even Though He's Going Through His Own Issues. Selfless.

Please Check Him Out And Give Him Some Love, He's An Amazing Person And Could Use Some More Love And People To Talk Too !

Also Check Him Out If You Like Big Beefy Guys, You Won't Be Disappointed

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Check Him Out If You Even MORE Beefy Guy Action. I Know I Do >u>

Azi The Fox Belongs To A Friend That I’ll Keep Anonymous

Cam, The Gay Nerd Who Got WAY Too Dressed Up For Lunch At Red Robin's Belongs To Me ConfusedKitty


Obama Only Ran For President So He Could Promote His Mix Tape oHo

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    It is definitely a hug to end all hugs. :)

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      The MEGA Hug

      Enough Power And Love As 20 Sticks Of Dynamite :v