~ I Can Act Like A Boy Too You Know !!! ~ by ConfusedKitty

~ I Can Act Like A Boy Too You Know !!! ~


14 March 2017 at 17:52:31 MDT

~~~ So Cam Has Been A Bit Tired Of Constantly Playing The Femboy/Girly Boy. And Sometimes, Change Is Good. So He's Embraced His Shota/Boyish Side And Is Now Practically Radiating His Inner Kid. Now Sporting His New Favorite Custom Made Undies, He Indulges In His Love For Toys, Candy, Video Games, And Just Being A Little Goof Ball When He Can. Now If Only He Had Some Cute Guys Or A Gorgeous Mistress To "Play" With Him ... ~~~

Cam - "These Undies Are Adorable, Worth Every Penny. Nothing Wrong With Showing Of Your Inner Kid. Gotta Say, Being A Bit More Boyish Ain't So Bad. Not That I Mind The Attention I Get Now, Guess DILF's Love Having A Little Kitty Boy In Their Arms <3 ..."

goes back to playing with his Transformers, and sucking on his favorite cherry lollipop


Welp, Those Who Read My Latest Journals On FA ( http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8073402/ & http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8052987/ ) Pretty Much Saw This Coming ! Long Story Short, I've Grown A Little Bored Of The Whole Femboy Thing And Decided To Embrace My Inner Boy. Not That I'm Complaining, I'm Actually Liking It. Needless To Say, Cam Has Also Done The Same. You Know What They Say, "Shota Boys Get All The Cuties". Plus, I'm A Small Guy IRL. So I Can Pull It Off =u= <3

And Yes, I May Or May Not Have A Same Exact Pair Of The Undies Cam Is Wearing In The Pic
You Should Totally NOT Check Out This Journal For More Info On Snagging A Pair Just Like Them http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8073402/

So Here, Just Have This Small Doodle I've Been Working On o^o;

And Expect To See More Of "Shota" Cam !

Small Notice To Anyone Who Doesn't Know By Know, Cam Is Of Age. He's Just A Very Short 21 Year Old And Likes Pretending He's A Kid

Cam/"Shota Cam" Belongs To Me - ConfusedKitty

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    Hola Confused, veo que también tiene galería aca, soy Aldo5307 en FA, saludos :-)

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    I really love how your art style has developed over the years I've known you--it's so unique now! :D

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      T-thanks ! QAQ <3

      That means alot Kei-Senpai ! QuQ7

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        You're most welcome! :D