Best Friends Work Together .... by ConfusedKitty

Best Friends Work Together ....


29 June 2016 at 19:50:05 MDT

~~~ ".... On What Exactly ? That's For Us To Know, And You To Find Out !" ~~~

Nothing Too See Here, Cam Is Just Hanging Out With A Close Friend Of His.

Dylan, The Awesome Red Shark Is Said Friend.

Now Shoo ~ !

The Boys Are Playing ! ;3

Cam - [Internal Thought] " I Wonder How He Would Taste In Shark Fin Soup o3o "[Internal Thought]


So one of my really good friends xxnickh49xx from FA decided to get me a gift recently, and I couldn't be more grateful. And that gift being an adorable pic of both our sona's being girly ..... So simple, but so complex. :v

Bonus points for the fact the pic portrays Cam with the straight hair I used to have IRL as of recently (Had to get it all cut due to the dress code at the new place I work at ;w; )

Nothing more I can say about it, besides the fact that I'm really grateful for it, and even more grateful to be a friend of his.

Thanks bro, it means alot. Never change, and I'll always continue to support you through hard times.

Art By The Awesome

Dylan, The Fab Red Shark Belongs To My Dear Friend

As I've said before, he means alot to me. He's been a good friend since day one and a gentle guy who's been through alot. To This day he still faces alot of negativity, and the least I can do to help is talk to him and give him some support. He didn't have to get me this as a way to say thanks. To me, the thought of a gift is more important than the gift itself. But yet he still went out of his way to get this with his hard earned money, and for that I can never truly repay him. The least I can do is spread the word about him.

He's a sweet guy that could use more love. It'd mean alot if you could drop by his page and throw him a +Watch. He has alot of adorable art that deserves more love. And it'd mean even more if you could take a minute or two to get to know him. He's an amazing friend, and I'm sure you'd all get along well. He could use some more people in his life, and I'll be damn sure I try my best to make it happen.

And to those who will or have taken the time to do so, I thank you dearly.

Cam, Le Orange Gay Fluffball Belongs To Me ConfusedKitty


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    Very adorable! :)

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      Danke Senpai ;w; <3

      Though the question still stands ... how would he taste in a bowl of shark fin soup e-e

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        You're welcome! :D

        Probably tastes like chicken! XD

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          Had a teacher in High school who traveled alot and tastes lots of differents foods. And he said he actually tasted and loved frog when he was in china, he said it tasted like day old chicken XD

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            See...those things REALLY DO taste like chicken! XD