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I am Gato303, a blue cat with black ears, paws, and tip of tail and light gray belly. I am Latino, from Colombia in South America. I like anthropomorphic animals a lot, I have drewn and seen anthro animals all my life (many Disney, Warner, Nelvana cartoons).

I enjoy a lot drawing anthro characters on paper and on balloons with markers, specially bigger ones (bigger than 16" common party balloons).

I am very keen of big balloons -up to 24" ~ 60cms is big enough for me- and anthropomorphic animals with nice, big, round squishy balloon bellies, like 80s Disney's chubby cartoons (and also Care Bears and Cousins) :-)

You may look my main gallery at:

I also like classic FPS games like Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, (Monolith's) Blood. And kinda recently, I have been messing around with Doom modding, specially for GZDoom.

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Open for Commissions

on 11 September 2018 at 21:39:09 MDT

Hello people!

I would like to tell you that I am open for commissions, it would be nice to draw your OC, fursona, etc, in my style or the style you would like.

Nice quality commissions at affordable prices, if you're interested, drop me a comment or a note here, or in Telegram Gato303co


I can also do balloon art, if you would like to see your character on a latex balloon, and sending it to your place so you can enjoy it!

Just some thoughts on what I am OK with drawing:

  • Regular furs, slim furs, toned furs, fatfurs, balloon/inflated furs, My Little Poney (any generation), tall furs, chibi furs, Care Bears and cousins, mystic animals like dragons, sergals, etc. a bit of sexual (non-explicit) stuff.

Things I'm not OK with drawing:

  • Sexually explicit stuff or porn or too kinky fetishes, explicitly violent scenes with blood and gore, transformation, furries or people being abused (bullied) or discriminated by sexual orientation, religion or beliefs.

Let me know what you would like, I will waiting for you

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