Hello everyone! Some of you may know me from DeviantArt, where I've been active for the past couple years. I wanted to branch out a bit, so here I am!

Feel free to leave a chat! Leave a comment, send a note... I'd love to get to know people better!

I left this site rather abruptly in mid-2014, but I've recently decided to give it a second shot. Expect a lot of posts as I try to catch this gallery up. Five years is a long time--and a lot of art.

Currently Posting: 2018 Art

In short, I consider myself a hobbyist cartoonist.
I like to draw anthros I have quite the cast of characters at my disposal. As for subject matter... I tend to jump from subject to subject, from serious to silly to all points in between. Everything might not work for everyone, but you can't please all of the people all of the time!

Expect plenty of:

  • Pear-shaped cartoon animals!
  • Cartoon animals with long, messy hair!
  • Cartoon animals making questionable fashion choices!
  • Cartoon animals making NO fashion choices and just hanging out in their underwear!
  • Cartoon BABY animals!
  • And the occasional, totally out-of-place serious art that has nothing to do with pear-shaped cartoon animals with long hair and colorful underpants!

For real though, I just draw for fun. I take art seriously, but not that seriously.

Check out my gallery on DeviantArt to see what I've been up to the past few years and what sort of art I like to draw.

All my characters, unless otherwise noted, are my own creations.
As for the name Lord Dominic? Long story. Started in high school. that was one of my characters... Just rolled with it ever since.

Latest Journal

Hey Weasyl, Recommend Me Some Artists to Follow!

on 26 March 2019 at 17:50:40 MDT

Just what the title says--Weasyl community, recommend me some artists to follow!

I've been working on catching my gallery on this site up over the past couple weeks, but one thing I'm lacking is art in my own inbox! I was away for a few years, and a lot of the artists I was watching back in mid-2014 just aren't active anymore... and while browsing around has found me a few to watch, I feel like I might be missing out on seeing artists who post less frequently if I just keep browsing "newest".

So this is where you come in!

Drop me a couple suggestions. I'd prefer active artists/accounts (but if it's an inactive account with cool stuff, that's fine too--I need more favorites to browse too), and I'm not really interested in NSFW/porn/fetish art (but if someone draws that but has other good stuff, I might still be interested).
I like pretty much anything with animals (anthro or feral) and I tend to favor cartoon styles, cute styles, and photography, and also love pixel art, but my tastes vary quite a bit so link whoever you want to shout out!

All I ask is that everyone here acts in good faith, recommends artists they actually like, keeps commentary polite, and doesn't get upset if people have different tastes--some of my suggestions might not be for everybody, and some of your suggestions might not be for me. It happens.

While I'm at it, I'm gonna shout out a couple of my friends from DA who are on here and active: Fun cartoon art, drawn in a simple yet fun style. He seems to have been here a little while, too. Just joined recently and hasn't posted much at the moment, but does lots of pixel art. Another one that's been here a while, who draws really high-quality cartoon art. Another newcomer that does amazing paintings that look like they should be the posters for monster/horror movies.

Also if you just wanna chat or whatev, that's cool too. I'm actually pretty introverted and struggle to start conversations, but once I get going...

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    Okay, here's the artwork I promised to make for you:

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    Seeing your uploads over the time from you starting from the beggining, its been neat seeing your older to newer art.

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      Hey, thanks! It's been a journey so far. Thanks for putting up with me!

      There's plenty more to come. Hopefully I'm not too spammy with my cross-posting! I'm finding it a bit easier to be more selective with the newer art--one discovery I've made is, a lot of my 2016 and later art seems to be more "content for content's sake". Good for practice, sure, but not always work I'm super proud of.

      I'm also finding more artists to follow and work to fave lately too! The approach I use on DA, see who faves my stuff, then check out their faves to see what else they like, works pretty well here too. Definitely a lot of stuff I wouldn't normally see on DA, that's for sure (and I mean that in a good way).

      So how have you been?

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        Doin' alright. A good bit stressed from work, but trying my best. Slowly getting projects done. :D Which that is good.

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          Yeah, work sucks. Glad to hear you're doing alright tho. Good to hear from you again!

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    You're welcome!