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Hello everyone! Some of you may know me from DeviantArt, where I've been active for the past couple years, and more recently, Fur Affinity. I wanted to branch out a bit, so here I am!

In short, I consider myself a hobbyist cartoonist.
I like to draw anthros I have quite the cast of characters at my disposal. As for subject matter... I tend to jump from subject to subject, from serious to silly to all points in between. Everything might not work for everyone, but you can't please all of the people all of the time!

Expect plenty of:

  • Pear-shaped cartoon animals!
  • Cartoon animals with long, messy hair!
  • Cartoon animals making questionable fashion choices!
  • Cartoon animals making NO fashion choices and just hanging out in their underwear!
  • Cartoon BABY animals!
  • And the occasional, totally out-of-place serious art that has nothing to do with pear-shaped cartoon animals with long hair and colorful underpants!

For real though, I just draw for fun. I take art seriously, but not that seriously.

All my characters, unless otherwise noted, are my own creations.
As for the name Lord Dominic? Long story. Started in high school. that was one of my characters... Just rolled with it ever since.

Latest Journal

Addressing My Absence

Long time no post... I know nobody reads journals (or even really cares in general), but I guess I should explain why I went silent for the past month or so.

Simply put, things haven't gotten any better, in the world in general or in my life in particular, and I just stopped giving a shit about the internet, about art, about a lot of things.

Also Minecraft had a cool update, and it's been way more engaging and satisfying than art or doom-scrolling the internet.

Anyways, I've got some art from May and June that's been collecting digital dust on my hard drive (well it's an SSD but whatever) to queue up.

Still gonna be posting cringe on main on Mondays, and a lot of what I have is repetitive head/tail swaps of the same couple poses (but when popular artists do that and sell it as "YCH" it's acceptable, so why not for my own personal content?), but some of it's actually worth sharing.
I just wish queueing stuff up to post wasn't so tedious and part of why I just stopped posting was for that very reason. Just didn't feel worth it to go through that much effort just to post yet another Skunk Boy in a Diaper or One-Off Portrait of Critter I'll Never Draw Again.

Also, on the Fur Affinity side of things, I've got like 200 submission comments to reply to. I don't know if I'm expected to reply to them and I see popular artists ignore the comments all the time, and 99% of the time when I reply to something and ask for the person's thoughts or suggestions or input they don't bother to reply back, and even when I stopped replying back in April the comments still came, but I think it's important to at least try to respond.
I think I left off on the comments on the portrait of Taro.

I guess we'll see what happens. Not sure how much longer I'll be posting or when (or even if) I'll get around to replying to comments again, but for now, might as well get these Fat Animal in Underwear (and sometimes diapers) pictures uploaded for the 6 people that want to see them.

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