Hello everyone! Some of you may know me from DeviantArt, where I've been active for the past couple years. I wanted to branch out a bit, so here I am!

Feel free to start a chat! Leave a comment, send a note... I'd love to get to know people better!

I left this site rather abruptly in mid-2014, but I've recently decided to give it a second shot. Expect a lot of posts as I try to catch this gallery up. Five years is a long time--and a lot of art.

Currently Posting: 2019 Art

In short, I consider myself a hobbyist cartoonist.
I like to draw anthros I have quite the cast of characters at my disposal. As for subject matter... I tend to jump from subject to subject, from serious to silly to all points in between. Everything might not work for everyone, but you can't please all of the people all of the time!

Expect plenty of:

  • Pear-shaped cartoon animals!
  • Cartoon animals with long, messy hair!
  • Cartoon animals making questionable fashion choices!
  • Cartoon animals making NO fashion choices and just hanging out in their underwear!
  • Cartoon BABY animals!
  • And the occasional, totally out-of-place serious art that has nothing to do with pear-shaped cartoon animals with long hair and colorful underpants!

For real though, I just draw for fun. I take art seriously, but not that seriously.

Check out my gallery on DeviantArt to see what I've been up to the past few years and what sort of art I like to draw.

All my characters, unless otherwise noted, are my own creations.
As for the name Lord Dominic? Long story. Started in high school. that was one of my characters... Just rolled with it ever since.

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Now on Fur Affinity Too!

on 18 June 2020 at 08:09:06 MDT

Just a quick little update... after flirting with the idea for, like, 8 or so years, some of my friends finally talked me into joining Fur Affinity about a week ago!

If you'd like to watch me there as well, it would be greatly appreciated!

I haven't forgotten about Weasyl, and Wesley is baby, but I'll probably be focusing on FA a bit more in the short term as I get settled in and do exactly to FA what I did to Weasyl--migrate over old content from DA that I don't want to lose as the dumpster fire that is DeviantArt Eclipse continues to burn.

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