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Besito ! <3<3<3 by ConfusedKitty

Besito ! <3<3<3


~ Dos Chico's Se Encuentran En El Clubo, Los Dos Llenos De MUCHO Amor Y Vida ... Se Topan De Forma Ironica, A La Alegria De Los Otros Mirando ~


Angelo - "Oye, Ten Cuidado !

No Sos El Unico Cargando Una Panza !"

Cam - "Pero Mira Como Se Besan !

Se Aman Nuestros Panzitas !"


Bleok - OwO <3


Finished A Little Gift For My Good Friend Angelo-XD Over On FA !

Really Proud Of How This Came Out, Finally Getting In The Groove Of Drawing Again ;w;

And We Both Have A Love For Boys And Big, Heavy, And Cute Pregnant Bellies !

Gotta Show Off Our Bellies Ya Know, The Very Symbol Of Love ! =u= <3

Angelo, The Very Handsome & Guapo Puma (Who Just Wants To Enjoy A Night In The Club With His Adorable Baby Bump) Belongs To My Good Friend And Role Model Angelo-XD

This Guy's Art Is One Of The Things That Pulled Me Into This Fandom, And Helped Me Be More Comfortable With My Love For Preg/Inflation !

Recently Got The Courage To Reach Out To Him And It Should Be No Surprise That He's An Awesome Fella' And Fun Guy To Talk To !

Wholesome, Down To Earth, And Reliable. Even Helped Me Out With The Proportions/Anatomy Of The Bellies For This ! ;w;

PLEASE Check Him Out, Especially If You Love Handsome Boys And Big Love Filled Bellies !

You Won't Be Dissapointed <3

Cam, The Orange Kitty (Who's Doesn't Know How To Respect Boundaries) Belongs To Me ConfusedKitty ConfusedKitty

Bleok, The VERY Excited Spectator Belongs To WastedTime
Remember Kids, That's Your Brain On MPreg !

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