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No Poof, No Service ! ~ (ABDL/DIAPER WARNING) by ConfusedKitty

No Poof, No Service ! ~ (ABDL/DIAPER WARNING)


~ Cam & One Of His Closest Friends Lui Decide To Have A Nice Night After A Long Day

Cam Suggests His Favorite Comedy Club, Lui Always Loves A Good Laugh !

They Poof Themselves Up For The Night Life, And Some Saucy Latex They've Been Wanting To Wear

As They Laugh And Enjoy A Nice Meal While Laughing Along Tonight's Performance

Standing As Their Big Poofy Rears Don't Exactly Fit In The Establishment's Chairs; Laughing, Blushing, And Waving Their Big Soft Padded Hips To The Gut Busting Jokes ...

A Couple Of Guys Keep Staring At The Sissy Duo .... ~

Lui - "Cam, I Think They're Staring At Us ...."

Cam - "Well, We're Padded Up With A 1 Foot Thick Nappy, These Darling Latex Gloves, And Your Big Soft Butt's Got The Cutest Little Design On It !

Don't Tell Me You're Surprised We Got Some Eyes ... Or Is This Not What You Wanted Silly ?"

Lui - "Of Course Little Brother, Just Really Embarrassed; Think Some Other Guys At The Other Table Are Taking Pics, Even Tonight's Comedian Keeps Glancing At Your Butt !"

Cam - "Well, There's A Cool Night Club Down The Street !

Let's Go Talk To Those Guys Who Can't Get Their Eyes Off Us, Maybe They'll Take Us Dancing For The Night ?

It'd Be A Shame If Tonight Ends And We Don't Get To Dance And Wave These Poofy Butts For Some Cute Boys !"

Lui - "Well, I Do Wanna Shake All This Poof To Some Nice Tunes !

Hey Handsome, Stop Staring And Just Come Over Here !"



A Sweet Gift From My Close Friend And Big Brother Like Luigi-Vaporeon Over On FA

Especially With What Happened Recently, It Meant Alot That He Went Out Of His Way To Surprise Me With This

Grateful To Have A Friends Like Him, One Of The Reasons I Fought To Hold On ;w;

And I Learned How To Be The Poofiest Boy From The Best ! =u= <3

He Only Teaches Those He Deems Worthy Of Being His Little Brother ! >u>

Loved His Art For Years Now, And Was One Of The Artists That Made Me More Comfortable With This Side Of Me That Enjoys This !

Open And Unapologetic About Drawing Big Poofy Butt Boys And Cute Sissy Outfits, And A Great Guy To Chat And Just Be Friends With !

I'm Grateful To Have Gotten To Know Him, And Hope He Can Make Others Who Are Also Ashamed Of Coming Out The "Poofy" Closet More Comfortable With What They Like As Well !

The World Needs More Poofy Big Brothers Like Him ! <3

Art, And Luigi The Poofy Vaporeon By/Belongs To My Good Friend Luigi-Vaporeon Over On FA !

Please Check Them Out And Give Em' A Watch When You Can, Especially If You Love Sissy Boys And Butts So Big And Bulky They Can Double As Portable Bean Bag Chairs !

They Do Some Adorable Work, Cute Boys, All The Poof, And Even Some Saucy (owo) Stuff !

They Could Use Your Support, And Are Also Open For Affordable Commissions !

Also A Fun Person And Silly Nerd To Talk To, An Amazing Friend I'm Sure You'd Enjoy ~

Cam, The Short Orange Kitty Who Dreams Of One Day Having The World's Poofiest Butt Belongs To Me ConfusedKitty

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