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“ Due To The Massive Neurological Damage Resulting From Prolonged Hypothermia, I No Longer Feel Anything On The Left Side Of My Penis !” - Ghandi
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The Chronicles Of An Openly Gay High School Student ... #1

So I'll be finally starting college soon after a tsunami of setbacks due to my depression and illness (and accidentally forgetting about the Financial Aid deadline for the latest semester ^^; ). And I stopped to think about the highlights of my high school years. "But Chris, isn't wasn't even that…

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ConfusedKitty's Family Vacation 2 : Electric Boogaloo

So I finally got back today from visiting a family member and short family vacation. And in a nutshell, it was fantastic ! Our horribly huge mexican family reunion didn't end in disaster for once. And we visited lots of fun tourists sites along the way there. Here are the highlights of them .... 1)…

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Happy New Years, What Are Your Resolutions ? .....

Just want to wish all my watchers and friends a Happy New Year and hope life blesses them in every aspect of their life ! You all deserve it for being such amazing people I look up to and respect !!!!! Now go out and watch some balls drop ..... the one in Time Square I mean.... not ball balls.... .…

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Just Arrived Here From FurAffinity !!!!

Like it says on my profile, I'm kind of new to this site (Just started using this site aside from good ol' FA) and just wanted to let anyone who might be reading this know that I would love making new friends here just as I did and do on FA ! And I apologize in advance if I get some things wrong he…